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Misc. Day – The Iron Lung

Remember how terrifying the synthesizer work of the 80s was in horror films? Remember that creeping but subtle blast off of sound where tensions were high and almost unstable. Now imagine if GAG, a band from Olympia, Washington that instead of subtle creeping are… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – The Iron Lung”

Misc. Day – Mental Panopticon

While in most normal circumstances, getting shouted at for nearly 30 minutes might seem like an ultimately unpleasant experience; unless it is spent with Deli Girls on their 2019 release, I Don’t Know How To Be Happy. Duo of Danny Orlowski and Tommi Kelly… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Mental Panopticon”

Misc. Day – Just Walk Away

Living in a melted dreamworld may seem like it can be just a fantasy, but when embarking on SUNDUR’s debut project Somewhere There’s Music, this dream not only becomes a reality but is a fascinating blur between reality and dream. In a timid, but… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Just Walk Away”

Misc. Day – Synthpunk God

It only feels fitting after nearly getting firebombed last night to cover one of the artists from the Dead City show. N8NOFACE has been in the rotation of artists but I never dived headfirst into the blood-caked disco with a magnifying lens until now.… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Synthpunk God”

Misc. Day – Cast Away

Much like the snow that hits in the sunken winters of December, the New Year’s Eve release date for PUZZLE’s 2016 project Laying In The Sand gives moments of awe and vibrance without ever leaving the frozen tundra. Glimmering through the waves of light… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Cast Away”

Misc. Day – Split Ends

Maxo might come from a place bearing consistent sunshine like Los Angeles, but the LA native on his  2018 project SMILE is anything but the bright and forecasting poet with a promising future. Instead, SMILE is often confused and found in that in-between space… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Split Ends”

Misc. Day – Lords Of Wax

It’s been a long time coming since the Alabaman native Pink Siifu and the Richmond destroyer, Fly Anakin could collaborate once again on their 2021 production, $mokebreak. The congruent effort from both parties is immediate to spark a spliff and create a cloud of… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Lords Of Wax”

Misc. Day – Sonic Youth

In awe of the communication that comes from the body as percussion and low-tuned guitar riffs flood the ears, Nekra quickly makes a punk rock stance of sound and leadership. Forming in the basements of London’s DIY shows where sweat and perspiration flood the… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Sonic Youth”

Misc. Day – Shattered Idols

In the spirit of celebrating some of the better artists this side of the century, Young Thug has definitely not spent enough time in the writing section of the site. And frankly, I apologize that it took this long for me to really focus… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Shattered Idols”

Misc. Day – Absent In The Brain

As if time wasn’t confusing enough, POW! orchestrates a sound that can be placed in the style of the early 60s of experimental flower power but also stranded in a future where machinery becomes the new sonic ability. On their 2017 release Crack An… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Absent In The Brain”

Misc. Day – When Machines Collide

One of the first real introductory handshakes that came from Uniform was their work with the detrimental and crushing duo, The Body. The collaboration tied in some engaging style clashes, but I wanted to go further back. Taking a look into their 2015 debut,… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – When Machines Collide”

Misc. Day – Accepting Relapse

Oftentimes, a four-track EP has the difficult task of sticking a landing that can both keep the audience’s attention and spawn an aspect of interest to return again and again. With White Flowers, they perfectly capture that element of a rainy relapse into an… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Accepting Relapse”

Classic Day – A Bleak Existence

Filth by Swans takes time to love, the first moments spent with the record are watched in pure horror and disgust as the muddy production and underlying hardcore elements feel more related to something present day than originally released in 1983. From the crooked… Continue Reading “Classic Day – A Bleak Existence”

Misc. Day – Lest We Forget

By the decade mark of albums, 10 in any form means more than just a small milestone. For Xiu Xiu’s (Shoo Shoo) tenth studio record, FORGET is a step into the slippery slope of approachable for the experimental sound that still borders on the… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Lest We Forget”

Misc. Day – The Marble Gates

Pearly gates just don’t cut it for Lukah, rather than climbing up to some clouds in the sky, When The Black Hand Touches You creates a temple on planet Earth. Opening the 16 track cypher through mystifying sounds, When The Black Hand Touches You… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – The Marble Gates”

Misc. Day – Meat Pie With Vegemite

Cold Meat quickly earned a spot on the record rotation for being this immaculately emotional monster with their 2020 album, Hot And Flustered. That 10 track introduction was the first real meeting with the Australian punk rockers and it was love at first scream.… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Meat Pie With Vegemite”

Misc. Day – Global Gale

Who knew that annihilation could be so much fun! In 2013, Texas’s big beat, Power Trip combines the call back to an iconic thrash sound with a new age wonder of crushing oppression with each thunderous axe kick. Their debut record with Southern Lord… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Global Gale”

Misc. Day – Golden Rule Of Thirds

Based almost entirely in a dream, Swain is a cornucopia of artistic loves through sunken lyrics and instrumentals based through nothing but pure emotional drain. On their 2019 project, Negative Space gives breathing room to the effect of closed eyes swinging through a basement… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Golden Rule Of Thirds”

Misc. Day – Masked Muzzle

Not much is known to the average joe about Tallahassee, but lately, with Armor and PROTOCOL, there is a message coming to get the hell outta Dodge before they ride into town. PROTOCOL especially captures the ears with their 2019 release, Bloodsport that includes… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Masked Muzzle”

Misc. Day – In The Pigments

Shattering like the valves within the heart, the blood pumps through Black Marble’s 2012 record, A Different Arrangement which gives feeling of both constriction and immense space within the same dish. Almost like two separate hands that hold two pills, one reveals a world… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – In The Pigments”

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