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STREAMING (Album) NVSV – “Who Are You Seeing?”

Listen Here – BandCamp Featuring: FRH Golden, Nigel Frank, Bad Brown Production By: PVKVSV, JVGGY HENDRIX, SEXAFTERCHURCH, + Iron Feather Track List: I SEE, FAUX FRIENDS, NO PRESSURE, MIRROR MAKER, DESIGNER, I SAW, AS GOOD AS IT GETS, AND1, SMILE, GRABBA, INVISIBLE MAN, HE IS… Continue Reading “STREAMING (Album) NVSV – “Who Are You Seeing?””

New Music – Homecooked Meal

Since the dawn of time and sound, it seems that Pink Siifu has had this underground smooth legacy that was almost an urban legend hidden behind the guise of the internet. Now, after seeing him live what seems like every week, hearing him discuss… Continue Reading “New Music – Homecooked Meal”

Misc. Day – Split Ends

Maxo might come from a place bearing consistent sunshine like Los Angeles, but the LA native on his  2018 project SMILE is anything but the bright and forecasting poet with a promising future. Instead, SMILE is often confused and found in that in-between space… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Split Ends”

STREAMING // (Album) Rapid Decline – “Less Power, More Violence”

Listen Here – BandCamp Recorded By: Greg Wilkinson Track List: SMILE, WEAK, NO, REACTION, AWKWARD, SLAVE, VENGEFUL, LPMW, WALL, ARGUMENT, NARC

STREAMING // (Album) Ljiggy – “Pittsburgh Best Of 2018”

Listen Here – Ljggy’s Website  

New Music – Seen It All

From the Trap Illustrated mantra that formed around the Pittsburgh rapper Hardo, or to the brutal and battered history of his past; there is something undoubtedly tough about him. There is something that put Hardo on the map for his rugged power, standing ovation… Continue Reading “New Music – Seen It All”

STREAMING // (Album) Chris Travis – “Water World”

Listen Here – Soundcloud/Spotify/iTunes  

Classic Day – Food For The Ears

To remake a classic sound through modern instrumentation takes time, vigilance, and a stance on working to create a mosaic-esque fashion. It takes the pieces of yesterday, repurposes them, and shifts them to fit a modern mold. This mold can be shown on Beauty… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Food For The Ears”

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