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Misc. Day – Grapes Of Wrath

The power of two minds that collaborate to become better than a singular is often a common idea in hip-hop, some of the most outstanding records come from a joint collection of two heavyweights. In terms of conscious and acid styles, Danger Mouse and… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Grapes Of Wrath”

Misc. Day – A Quick One

In this beautiful exploration of revival through Drum-N-Bass, Jungle, and especially the use of the Amen Break in this subculture of internet sound; Dr Bastardo is a breakcore heavyweight through just the use of four tracks. Death To All False Rave !!! is a… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – A Quick One”


The name Death By Sheep should mean something to you, especially after having one of the most glorious displays of electronic performance with GOLDEN BOY’s I NEVER MEANT FOR THIS TO HAPPEN. While Death By Sheep is the label that brought GOLDEN BOY’s attention… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – WHAT A SWEET TIME”

Misc. Day – No Defense Lines

There is a certain element of campiness that is attractive in soundscapes, and while 2014 seems to be a lifetime ago, King Babies from The Death Set is a fun genre cross of electronic components with rambunctious playstyles. Where 2014 was seeing releases from… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – No Defense Lines”

Misc. Day – Inhalation Crystals

A record that seemed to be created for the internet, a glitchy and vaporwave-esque description of sound follows through death’s dynamic shroud in their 2015 release, I’ll Try Living Like This. Formation which occurs in the ethereal realm, death’s dynamic shroud occupies the early… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Inhalation Crystals”

Misc. Day – Jungle Lounge

With the deep fasciation of Drum and Bass, the patterns that Coco Bryce establishes on their 2019 record Night On Earth continues to intertwine the areas of lounge acts and smoke-filled ballrooms. Opening with “Irian Jaya,” there becomes this eerie opening of low-tuned splashes… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Jungle Lounge”

Misc. Day – Project Façade

Ambiance and atmospheric building becomes the foundation for bedroom pop and quickly takes over on True Blue’s 2018 EP, Edge Of. A five-track record that while spanning just around 15 minutes, gives moments of existential prowess through gleeful instrumentation and progression. Based in New… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Project Façade”

Misc. Day – Lamented In Technicality

In general terms, metal as a genre can spawn and span from the most simplistic rhythms and atmospheres all the way to packing mathematical level thinking and planning into syncopated and intermixed styles. Liturgy becomes one of the golden children to watch in the… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Lamented In Technicality”

Misc. Day – Weight Of Da World

Lessons falling back to the original Emerald Tablet, MIKE envisions the world as this encapsulated space where both the history of beauty and the fragments of pain can exist within the same plane. Levels to the performance, Disco! is immediately a glance into both… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Weight Of Da World”

Misc. Day – Hollywood Cemetery

Melting over fine leather draped between the heat of a blistering engine and the dim lights of a boarded-up nightclub, the remnants of deserts are sprinkled within Foie Gras’ work. Specifically in the Bladerunner opening that they paint with “Psychic Sobriety” on Holy Hell.… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Hollywood Cemetery”

Misc. Day – Blues Funeral

Melting away into this ether while sound drapes over the audience like a looming presence becomes the main draw of Midwife. Focusing entirely on being this nearly unapproachable mistress to sound, Madeline Johnston is ethereal behind the six tracks that crush the audience with… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Blues Funeral”

Misc. Day – Burial At Sea

Synonymous with Atlantis and the coastal remnants of the brink of an aquatic burial, Clams Casino quickly makes a wave through production and ethereal atmosphere creation. On the 2021 record Winter Flower, this abstraction approach to sound shows sunshine and also a creep through… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Burial At Sea”

Misc. Day – Sounds Of A Martyr

Easily one of my favorite records from 2021, You Heat Me Up, You Cool Me Down coming from King Krule is a collection of live works compiled into over an hour of digestible misery and emotional aptitude. Archy Marshall, known by both his own… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Sounds Of A Martyr”

Misc. Day – Fendi Ski Masks

Since the inception of Westside Gunn’s discovery, he has been a fascinating component to the culture of hip-hop, fashion, and even art direction with his overseeing of other artist’s projects. In 2018, there seemed to be this feeling of being on the break of… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Fendi Ski Masks”

Misc. Day – Social Club Suicide

Boy Harsher is brilliant in their atmospheric building and world sculpting where areas of cyberpunk and darkened synths interact with the underbellies of a fantasy city. While drenched in cloaks and gloom, 2016’s Yr Body Is Nothing becomes 40 minutes of enticing and almost… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Social Club Suicide”

Misc. Day – Harsh Rarity

It is astoundingly rare for an EP to catch such attention as much to warrant a full write-up, but HERIOT from the UK has quickly become a rising star to watch. With only three tracks as an appetizer to the full-length that drops in… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Harsh Rarity”

Misc. Day – Rapid Declining

Sometimes the best approach can be the one that requires the least amount of planning. Skull Cult is a band that rushes into the audience with a full force and belligerent attitude with some areas of New Wave improvement on a Punk sound. Braindead… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Rapid Declining”

MISC. DAY – Happy Dead Year

The first review of the new year, 2022 marks an age where Bones still reigns to be a dead captain of industry. Taking a stroll through memory lane, 2014 saw DeadBoy dropping. The 13 track project that just barely misses the 30-minute mark holds… Continue Reading “MISC. DAY – Happy Dead Year”

Misc. Day – Burial Tones

Somewhat bordering on tones of black metal, the other hand which balances on droning and noise like two sides of a scale. Together, Chaos Echœs culminate and obsess over misdirection through their sound. They take transfers of power, mostly through Ecstasy With The Nonexistents… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Burial Tones”

MISC. DAY – Alice In Neverland

Chicago has been a birthplace for an immense level of expertise and prowess toward music, especially in jazz and hip-hop. From the city’s champions like Kanye or Chief Keef, LUCKI deserves a spot on the Mount Rushmore of sound. His newest project WAKE UP… Continue Reading “MISC. DAY – Alice In Neverland”

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