STREAMING // (Video) MIKE – “No, No!”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube Produced By: DJ Blackpower Production+ Edit: Devlin Claro-Resetar Executive Producer: Naavin Karim/Bux Production Support: Abraham El Makawy + Daniel Luis Ennab Director Of Photography: Godfred Sedano

STREAMING // (Track) MIKE – “turncoats”

Listen Here – Soundcloud Produced By: DJ Blackpower

STREAMING // (Album) MIKE – “Weight Of The World”

Listen/Watch Here –  BandCamp/Spotify/Amazon/iTunes Featuring: Jadasea + Earl Sweatshirt Produced By: DJ Blackpower, Darryl Johnson, KeiyaA, rbchmbrs, red-lee Track List: Love Supremacy, Alert*, Coat Of Many Colors, Never Thought (Tribute), 222, More Gifts, What’s Home 1/2,  Delicate, No No, Plans, Get Rich Quick Scheme, Trail… Continue Reading “STREAMING // (Album) MIKE – “Weight Of The World””

STREAMING // (Video) MIKE – “What’s Home ?”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube Produced By: rbchmbrs Directed + Shot By: Ryosuke Tanzawa

STREAMING // (Video) MIKE – “nothin2say (Never Forget)”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube Song Produced By: DJ Blackpower Video Produced By: Matter Research Shot By: Reel + Fake Edited By: Patrick Newell Art By: Abraham El Makawy


Listen/Watch Here – Youtube Produced By: RBCHMBRS Shot + Edited By: MATTER RESEARCH


Listen Here – Adult Swim Singles

STREAMING // (Video) MIKE – “*Storm & The Calm”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube Produced By: dj blackpower Shot By: matter research


Listen/Watch Here – Youtube Shot & Directed By: conor prunty Produced By: adé hakim

STREAMING // (Album) MIKE – “tears of joy”

Listen Here – BandCamp/Spotify Featuring: duendita Produced By: bluezy, michul kuun, ohbliv, rbchmbrs, dj blackpower, laron, sporting life, ted kamal, adé hakim, redlee, omari lyseight, ntvrme, navy blue

STREAMING // (Video) Mike – “its like basketball”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube Produced By: dj blackpower & sporting life Shot By: dey visuals Color Graded By: Andy Frenchtoast

New Music – New York Prophet

Rarely does an original sound orchestrate an on-going tidal wave of raw, emotional madness through lyrical and digital ink. MIKE is a true New York balancer that transcends the simplicity of 16’s and a hook; his newest work War in My Pen is as… Continue Reading “New Music – New York Prophet”

STREAMING // (Video) MIKE – “Prayers”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube Raps By: MIKE & MEDHANE Production By dj blackpower Produced/Edited/Directed & Shot By: Matter Research LTD

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