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Misc. Day – Weight Of Da World

Lessons falling back to the original Emerald Tablet, MIKE envisions the world as this encapsulated space where both the history of beauty and the fragments of pain can exist within the same plane. Levels to the performance, Disco! is immediately a glance into both… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Weight Of Da World”

Classic Day – The Hanging Tree

After a quick run-through, the fairgrounds scattered with popcorn, amusement rides, and a bright, shining clown face; The Adicts reach the end of the fun with their second studio-record, Sound of Music. Originally released in November of 1982, it depicted the iconic jester logo… Continue Reading “Classic Day – The Hanging Tree”

New Music – Time Traveling

Hardcore takes an incredibly exhausting amount of forms that branch out into everything from power violence to black metal. There is the punk, the rock, the hard rock, the comedy, but there is a real sense of a new leaf that switches with Turnstile.… Continue Reading “New Music – Time Traveling”

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