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Classic Day – Anaglyphic Fuzz

It may come as a compilation from space, but the 15-track rack of ribs from The Cramps entitled Off The Bone combines all their best work into one nearly 45-minute package. Holding Lux Interior as the dynamic vocalist with more growls than words, more… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Anaglyphic Fuzz”

Classic Day – Money Is God

1981 was an especially predominant year for the Dead Kennedys as it gave them a new percussionist, D.H. Peligro, and was a step into a more hardcore direction from their debut, Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables. The EP, In God We Trust, Inc. was… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Money Is God”

Classic Day – Marble Floored Chariot

10 years, it’s been 10 years since Watch The Throne first appeared and was the end of career plateau for both Jay-Z and Kanye West. The Roc-A-Fella duo that seemed untouchable by rap parallels, the two giants who stand at every ‘best of’ list… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Marble Floored Chariot”

Classic Day – My Hands, The Bars

With the simple four-piece line-up, it would be difficult to imagine that a band could play on average two-hundred shows a year, but Black Flag continues to be the inspiration for always feeling like you never work hard enough. In the midst of their… Continue Reading “Classic Day – My Hands, The Bars”

Classic Day – Another Kind Of Blue

From the depraved souls of smooth jazz icons to the bop fashion of Cannonball Adderley, the 1957 release, Sophisticated Swing from the alto saxophonist sees 36 minutes of digestible frequency at a forefront. Memoirs of a shine through the jazz clubs of the hard… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Another Kind Of Blue”

Classic Day – Pale Melt

The unique splatter pattern of a parlor’s carpeted floors gives a stage to the lowering of the casket, known as Mark Lanegan’s performance on Blues Funeral. For a record built around the mystery of falling into the marsh with hands from the nether dragging… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Pale Melt”

Classic Day – Longing For Touch

In the discussion for what is truly the best Radiohead record in substance, tone, and overall delivery, the conversation always personally led straight back to OK Computer. The way that record could make something as serious as a suicide feel as if it was… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Longing For Touch”

Classic Day – In The Doorway

In the wee hours of the desperate night, feeling hopeless and lost, a sound can be heard that exemplifies and is able to separate itself from the cityscape that surrounds the madness. Somewhere buried between pots of black coffee and enough cigarettes to choke… Continue Reading “Classic Day – In The Doorway”

Classic Day – The Wall Falls            

In one of the orchestrated times that falls from the incredibly under-loved artist Lou Reed, Berlin is the third solo record and for good reason belongs cemented like fragments of the wall. Revolving around drug addiction and depression-like many of Reed’s records, Berlin is… Continue Reading “Classic Day – The Wall Falls            “

Classic Day – Sangoma

Originally released in 1969 but recorded in 61, The Witch Doctor by Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers is an upbeat revival of honing in onto specific characters of the band as soloists of the center stage. Starting with the self-titled track, “The Witch… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Sangoma”

Classic Day – White Moth

Always seeming to be nearby in the cesspit of the internet’s realm of music, Ty Segall’s third studio record Melted is nearly the perfect lunch break of sound. Through 30 minutes over 11 tracks, Melted has Segall bouncing from being the manipulative czar that… Continue Reading “Classic Day – White Moth”

Classic Day – Legacy Of Brutality

Hard to believe that 10 years ago Nails was able to insert oppressive blast beats and floods of instrumental hell into the feeble frame of only 13 minutes. Marching down the funeral line like a wrecking crew, Unsilent Death is a burial at sea.… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Legacy Of Brutality”

Classic Day – Three’s Company

It’s rare for a supergroup that combines the likes of Dave Grohl from Nirvana and Foo Fighters, Josh Homme from Kyuss and Queens Of The Stone Age, and John Paul Jones from Led Zeppelin to continue to age so gracefully like Them Crooked Vultures… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Three’s Company”

Classic Day – Funeral March

While most of the memories of Chet Baker come from his ability to protrude excellence and dominance from his trumpet, on his 1969 composition Albert’s House, however, is more fitting for a funeral than a summer of life. Coming off a horrific beating after… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Funeral March”

Classic Day – Band Of Gypsys

“I should have quit you,” describes Jimi Hendrix over the enthusiastic and almost chaotic howls of guitar strings and percussive crashes on “Killing Floor.” While the record Live At Monterey might be a release that comes far after Hendrix’s death in 1970, the recording… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Band Of Gypsys”

Classic Day – 253 W 125th

Coming from the now nearly 60 years after the original performance of Live At The Apollo, 1962. James Brown & The Famous Flames were able to tie in one of the more explosive live records in 11 tracks. Opening with the introduction heard round… Continue Reading “Classic Day – 253 W 125th”

Misc. Day – Three-Ring Circus

In the internet’s age of absurdity that can also reflect almost otherworldly talent through genre-blending. Who knew that comedy and electronic jazz fusions with power violence could be such a digestible meal of 17 minutes. Clown Core, also now known as one of the… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Three-Ring Circus”

Classic Day – 25TaLyfe

Who could have known that 25 years later, serving a capital offense for lyrical murder, comes GZA The Genius with Liquid Swords and blades lined with opponent’s blood. Through thin, paper-esque slices, GZA is encapsulating of both murderous undertones and the honor of a… Continue Reading “Classic Day – 25TaLyfe”

Classic Day – Betray

As history seems to continue to repeat, the teachings and relations that come from Minor Threat illustrate to stop dead in the tracks, pointing to the past as a reference. Especially on the sole record from Out Of Step which is only nine tracks… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Betray”

Classic Day – Second Time Around

The Underground Kings or just simply UGK might have had only two lyricists working together, but the sound that exemplified from their vocals and backing production is like jumping into a time machine. Especially on their second studio record, Super Tight which is slowed… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Second Time Around”

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