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Classic Day – Two Stooges

While the record has Iggy Pop’s name on the cover, The Idiot is his first solo record since the creation and disbandment of The Stooges where David Bowie worked to sculpt a foundation for Pop to follow. This record, while in many ways is… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Two Stooges”

STREAMING // (Album) David Bowie – “Is It Any Wonder?”

Listen Here – Spotify/Amazon/iTunes

Classic Day – Endorsed By Marble

Devo might have been at the time, a real band of the future that captured a carefree performance in the cusp of 1978. Their debut record Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! creates from the illustratively bright cover with mismatched sequence… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Endorsed By Marble”

Classic Day – Touch Down in the States

Back from the grave in what seemed to be the death of character, David Bowie walked out of dreams and into reality with his 10th studio record, Station To Station. Directly before his career spanning trilogy known as the Berlin Trilogy, Bowie was shelving… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Touch Down in the States”

Classic Day – Wild Horses

Often the epicenter of creativity, the 1970’s were an age of strange and developmental times. This was when punk rock would develop, the age of disco would become a dead and deceased breed, and the age of experimentation would take new forms. Country Life… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Wild Horses”

Classic Day – Train Ride For Disaster

It is the back-bending, spine-tingling, disaster artist that rose from the ashes of near death and endless obscurity that makes Iggy Pop a necessary evil in the music world. The way that his wild, animalistic performance mixed in such a deliberate and charismatic sense… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Train Ride For Disaster”

Classic Day – Always Crashing

The man of many faces and personas makes a third trip to Matt’s Music Mine with his 11thstudio record, Low.With a standing ovation from critics and music fans alike, David Bowie was able to truly manipulate a sound to become his own. Changing directions… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Always Crashing”

Classic Day – Transformed

“Lou Reed is the real thing”, a 1972 radio advert read as Lou Reed was going to soon be propelled into international stardom from his David Bowie and Mick Ronson produced and arranged masterpiece, Transformer. From the cult favorites of New York’s seedy underbelly,… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Transformed”

Classic Day – Young Americans

David Bowie is a performer that has tapped into the styling of glam rock, jazz, soul, and theatre; the jack-of-all-trades that can write himself into hundreds of different personas that faze in and out of the physical world. From the “Thin White Duke”, “Ziggy… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Young Americans”

Misc. Day – The Stars Ablaze

What could be said that hasn’t already been said about David Bowie; the man was a singer, songwriter, actor, dancer, producer, poet, and a larger than life musician. His newest album Black Star just recently hit the shelves last week, and actually released on… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – The Stars Ablaze”

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