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New Music – Balancing Act

Black Milk has been producing and illustrating a sense of abstract style since he stepped from the shadows of Detroit in 1983. He has worked with various producers and rhymers from both his Motor City home, to the international with collaborative efforts. Just as… Continue Reading “New Music – Balancing Act”

New Music – Nine Fingered Hand

Sacred Bones is a label mostly derived of different styles of near-droning, but engaged artists that range anywhere from new and genre defining, to the familiar but substantial. The Soft Moon is a band that flies under a relatively similar style of being familiar,… Continue Reading “New Music – Nine Fingered Hand”

Classic Day – Red Suffering

Madness, Honor, and a thrill for the kill; Death was a band from Orlando, commonly known as the backbone of tourism that gave home to a different breed of tourist in the mid 1980’s. Ranging hard off the soles of punk music, Death came… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Red Suffering”

Classic Day – New York Stomping

New York has a rich history of hardcore and punk music that reflected directly through the foundation of music history. There are countless bands to choose from that incorporated that rough cut, hard-hitting power of New York’s busy streets with the consistent aggression of… Continue Reading “Classic Day – New York Stomping”

Misc. Day – Deeply Rooted

The darkness fading in, the light drowning out, Opeth creeps swiftly like a specter through a large, but filling gap in their sound. Heritage is one of their first steps into the prog-ridden waters, clean vocalism, more refined instruments, and a more grand focus… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Deeply Rooted”

New Music – Olympia’s Vixens

The gravitation toward punk music was always something that struck a personal chord. It captured the isolation and anguish, while maintaining an energetic and productive sound behind the rampaging string mixes and the percussive crashes that would rattle the foundation of music. Stiff Love… Continue Reading “New Music – Olympia’s Vixens”

Classic Day – Speaking Internally

Sixteen-recorded albums later, Stevie Wonder was a gold miner for his musical talents and knew nothing but strength and emotional attachment for describing just how beautiful the world can be inside his mind. His critically acclaimed masterpiece, Innervisions speaks directly to the listener as… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Speaking Internally”

Misc. Day – Breaking Up The Magic

David Bowie once said, “breaking up is hard, but keeping dark is hateful,” La Sera combines both the darkness and the breaking up into one, pop fused lullaby. It is a subtle crawl to the ocean breeze, then to the fast lanes of highways… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Breaking Up The Magic”

New Music – Everything The Keys Touch

DJ HARRISON is a moving multi-instrumentalist that captures soundscapes of time through his music. The raw flow that he taps into and displays through his newest release, LightPower is immaculate. It is a constant shift of artistic vision that propels his music into unknown… Continue Reading “New Music – Everything The Keys Touch”

Classic Day – While They Are Hot

Frank Zappa is a man of many sounds and iterations of musical talent; on one hand, he is able to construct these other worlds through music and create near full-motion films through just sound. On the other, Zappa is a creative mind that is… Continue Reading “Classic Day – While They Are Hot”

New Music – Missing Hardware

If Da$H is not a name that sounds familiar with A$AP Mob, $UICIDEBOY$, Mac Miller, Earl Sweatshirt, Vince Staples, or the hundreds of other artists that Da$H has worked with or collaborated with in the past, then underground hip-hop is a new wide door… Continue Reading “New Music – Missing Hardware”

Classic Day – Transformed

“Lou Reed is the real thing”, a 1972 radio advert read as Lou Reed was going to soon be propelled into international stardom from his David Bowie and Mick Ronson produced and arranged masterpiece, Transformer. From the cult favorites of New York’s seedy underbelly,… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Transformed”



New Music – Picklesburgh

With a name as putrid as Lumpy And The Dumpers, the sudden destruction to hesitation and abrasiveness comes naturally. With past records having names like Huff My Sack, Music To Hump A Trashcan To, and Cruise Horny or Die, a name like Those Pickled… Continue Reading “New Music – Picklesburgh”

New Music – Black Passion

Black metal is an overarching term that engulfs many different artists in a shadowed black cloud. Taake formed in 1993 under the moniker, Thule; eventually the band would see multiple line-up shifts while one remaining member persevered. In a stance of thunder, HOEST is the main creative process behind Taake and their newest 2017 release, Kong Vinter is another outflow of consciousness into the deep resources of the mind…

New Music – Systematic Chaos

Both The Body and Full Of Hell have been featured for their ability to create these obliterating masterpieces of sound that build upon the layering of bone destroying noise. From Chip King’s shrilled voice that while rough to the ears, is an essential tool for The Body’s style. Or to Full Of Hell’s Dave Bland who smashes away with the firing percussion; the two groups move well together and create not only a wall of sound, but a punch through sound itself…

New Music – From The Shadows

Soul in music is as essential as a tempo, and Jackie Shane has more than enough soul to go around for the massive, twenty-five track re-issue of her cult classic Any Other Way. The woman was a visionary in music for her immaculate vocal… Continue Reading “New Music – From The Shadows”

New Music – Step Back In Time

There is a certain essence about capturing an attributing sound of the past, the flair of the gentle and smooth sounds of Funk’s Golden Era, the glimmering potential of thousands of sounds coming from a single time frame. Curtis Harding in certain moments stands… Continue Reading “New Music – Step Back In Time”

New Music – Rainy Days Ahead

The dreamy, almost shattered perspective that King Krule paints in his now third studio record, The OOZ takes on an almost timeless sound that morphs the line between dystopia and real-life. The record is beautifully produced, featuring some of Archy Marshall’s finest work to… Continue Reading “New Music – Rainy Days Ahead”


The Future of Hell Marilyn Manson has been in the musical spotlight since the 1990’s with his cutting-edge antics and catchy tracks that were both socially conscious, and incredibly produced. He influenced pop culture and managed to shift genres at an incredible rate with… Continue Reading “☨ WEEK OF MANSON ☨ – DAY THREE”

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