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New Music – Everything The Keys Touch

DJ HARRISON is a moving multi-instrumentalist that captures soundscapes of time through his music. The raw flow that he taps into and displays through his newest release, LightPower is immaculate. It is a constant shift of artistic vision that propels his music into unknown…

Classic Day – A Sun is Born

Tommy is an international sensation that would propel the British rock band, The Who into unknown ages of fame where their music would become a household name. The story that would grip audiences without their knowledge was the story of Tommy, a loose adaptation on a deaf, dumb, and blind boy who would become the catalyst for The Who’s strange, but prolific journey. Tommy was a record that stood out for its ability to take on the serious topics of molestation, drug abuse, and religion in a subtle manner that is entertaining, but also taps into an emotional chord as well…

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