New Music – The Dynamic Trio

CZARFACE is the adaptation of every comic book lovers dream, from the Silver Age Supermen to the Golden Age Captains of Industry, CZARFACE is a wonderful addition into the music fanatics collection, and a beautiful idea that brings nerds everywhere together. Similar in storytelling style of MF DOOM, The Triple-headed Hydra of 7L, Esoteric, and…… Continue reading New Music – The Dynamic Trio

New Music – The Mutants of Jersey

To entrap the sound of pure aggression is never an easy task, it takes years of meditational anger and incredible pain to break through the rough outer shell of a human psyche and to then tap into the unending folds of despair is a task almost unachievable. Ho99o9 or more formally pronounced Horror, is a…… Continue reading New Music – The Mutants of Jersey

New Music – My Graduation

In Honor of me graduating high school today… I am not writing anything serious and I am just going to throw out a list of bands that I have been listening to on repeat for the last few weeks… Most of these bands have already been mentioned on this site and have been reviewed/showcased… Well…… Continue reading New Music – My Graduation

New Music – Wall of Sound

Full Of Hell is the equivalent to stepping onto thirty booby traps at once, walking in a room filled with a thousand crashing cymbals, or jumping headfirst into an ocean made of amplifiers. They are loud, they are noisy, and they will literally crush everything in their wake that stands in their path. Nothing can…… Continue reading New Music – Wall of Sound


This is a new collaborative effort from Drew The Architect and Grayera… I like it and you might too. I don’t feel like doing anything fantastic today so this is what my friday will consist of. Come to my showcase on May 26th and it’ll be cracking. Mostly, it is a short distraction from this…… Continue reading New Music – DREW AND GRAY

New Music – Nothing In Return

RAGANA is the deadly duo of femme fatales that bring a crushing wave of sound, but also make use of beautiful chord progressions and incredibly daunting transitional pieces to create one of the more subtle, but punishing assaults on metal music this year. RAGANA is not a new band to the scene and both members,…… Continue reading New Music – Nothing In Return

New Music – KeyboardLord

Bones has managed to build an empire through music, clothing, art, and now even shoes; The jack of all trades now only continues to improve with his newest musical release, Unrendered. An 18-track, 40-minute masterpiece of ethereal styled music, stomach-churning production, and Bones’ ghastly, but gentle voice are going to be the substantial elements of…… Continue reading New Music – KeyboardLord