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Violence in sound, Vein.FM formally known as Vein had a chokehold on metallic sounds with their 2018 record Errorzone and from the intense use of 90’s deep squat strings and some electronic Drum’N’Bass notions; the bar set itself fairly high for the future of Vein.FM.

Luckily, after coming out of a shitshow of reality for 2020-2021, Vein.FM’s aggression and delivery feel more like retribution than ever before. In 2022, This World Is Going To Ruin You strikes almost immediately into being one of the main courses for an album not just worth revisiting, but dissecting as if it was put upon an operating table.

This World Is Going To Ruin You runs just over 30 minutes and spends a majority of the 12 tracks in this consistent fight within itself. Where Errorzone was easily one of the personal favorites for that year, This World Is Going To Ruin You takes a similar stance even as early into the year for 2022.

The first introductory track “Welcome Home” is diabolical in the first seconds, finding a way to make lacerations before an entire spin kick. This World Is Going To Ruin You is Vein.FM’s well-orchestrated and contemplated attack on their audience and that becomes incredibly clear as the momentous marches of percussion and swinging strings form to create a sonic hell.

“Welcome Home” transitions straight into the single of “The Killing Womb” where percussion and feedback rule the airwaves. “The Killing Womb” is one of the first instances where This World Is Going To Ruin You sends hardened and metalcore foundations directly into the brick walls.

The audience here is continually going to be dragged through a swamp of performance and unrelenting chaos. Especially highlighted on “Versus Wyoming” where piano infiltrates the instrumental and appears to be thrown mercilessly down the stairs. Lyrically, Vein.FM is harsh and foreboding to match the onslaught of instrumentation.

Describing, “We’re on reality, loathing days sacrificed. God’s on narcotics, neglecting afterlife. Rinsed under ice and napalm, yearn our ugliness.” As if the walls of physicality bend beyond recognition, Vein.FM continues on illustrating, “Here it comes, hit the brakes. Heaven’s here, by mistake.”

Quickly tracks like “Magazine Beach” flashback to the early 2000s with choruses of clean vocals overlaid alongside the conquering shouts where Vein.FM shows a direct diversity within This World Is Going To Ruin You. “Magazine Beach” is somehow one of the most approachable tracks on the record. Coming in at one of the fastest pieces on This World Is Going To Ruin You, the minute-and-a-half run time gives a sprinting attitude spent in charisma and beauty.

And still, as the doomsday clock continues to countdown, Vein.FM reaches “Funeral Sound” where somber has a new personality. Drained and almost impossible to rise from the ashes, “Funeral Sound” becomes the personal favorite from This World Is Going To Ruin You. Just long enough to be eternal, just pulverizing enough to staple Vein.FM in domination.

“Funeral Sound” is the perfect ending to an otherwise deadly combination of ecstasy and an overpour of painful drowning. This World Is Going To Ruin You ties the hands and feet but creates a false glimmer of hope to trap the audience with each movement.

Listen To This World Is Going To Ruin You Here!!! – BandCamp/Spotify/iTunes

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