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Classic Day – A Bitch To Contain

Live records are not usually featured as the results from most artists do not obtain major changes in the production or reproduction from the original records to the live settings. With Rock ‘n’ Roll Animal by Lou Reed, he is this phantasmic caricature of… Continue Reading “Classic Day – A Bitch To Contain”

Classic Day – Life Is Laughing

It seems like Los Angeles has been the birthplace for some of the better known and underground scenes for every genre even now in 2020. From the hippie subculture to the punk scene of the early 80s, Wasted Youth was right there from the… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Life Is Laughing”

Classic Day – Kaleidoscopic Death

Bordering somewhere on the acid runs of experimentalism and the intricacies of jazz, there is also a touch of the vein into orchestral music that comes from David Axelrod on his debut 1968 release Song Of Innocence. While the following record Songs Of Experience was already featured here, the… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Kaleidoscopic Death”


Hey Joe Act II of Joe’s Garage is perhaps the most eccentric of the trilogy as Frank Zappa becomes entirely captured by the idea of sex with machines and prison rape. Where Joe’s Garage Act I was more about the dangers of music and… Continue Reading “🅩 WEEK OF FRANK ZAPPA – DAY TWO 🅩”

Classic Day – Flowers Bloom

Where the Zamrock phase that struck Africa in the 1970s, combining both the authenticity of traditional African sound and stirring the melting ability of psychedelic concept orchestrated something engaging and unique. In 1978, Hailu Mergia was able to construct forces with Dahlak Band to… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Flowers Bloom”

Classic Day – Peel Slowly And See

It may have never attracted the public’s attention in the original 1967 release, but The Velvet Underground & Nico’s self-titled debut record is the album to be played at your burial. It perfectly wraps the essence and danger of life’s turns while conquering this… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Peel Slowly And See”

Classic Day – Not My Homie

Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ was the first hip-hop record I ever saw in a store and could remember the cover for. The shattered glass fixated on 50 Cent’s rosary piece, to the intimation factor that came from the bold letters shouting “50 CENT”… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Not My Homie”

Classic Day – Goodfellow Falls

For a grindcore record that can immediately shatter the speakers is not a feat of misunderstanding, but to strike a nerve of utter fear through instrumentation and lyrical narration is something The Secret can thrive under. Their 2008 record Disintoxication is the sacrificial lamb that peels back… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Goodfellow Falls”

Classic Day – No Skips

  Crafting a record that spans 17 tracks and has no skips is not only nearly impossible but to be a record that essentially can still slap against any modern hit today is a work of art. Waka Flocka Flame’s Flockaveli continues to spark that ingenuity… Continue Reading “Classic Day – No Skips”

Classic Day – Bathetic Droning

It took a long time, but when first sluggishly sliding up to Angel Olsen’s now 10-year-old debut, Strange Cacti continues to impress for its complete and utter subtly. Similar to what Nico was trying to do with her first record Chelsea Girl, Olsen is… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Bathetic Droning”

Classic Day – Planet Of The Apes

The echo of the low-tuned, almost villainous sample of “Sean P” that continues to replay even far after his debut record, Monkey Barz falls out of frame becomes almost an inside joke within the listener and the artist. Sean Price is an underground king,… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Planet Of The Apes”

Classic Day – Use Some

By 1980, the third studio record by British born punk band Magazine was able to spawn a conversation with their faster, more agitated riffs and percussion that was able to both control and also crack through the pavement. The movement that ensues from The… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Use Some”

Classic Day – Fantastic Voyage

Lyrically dense and nearly impossible to digest on a single spin, Fantastic Damage by the New York MC El-P is enough to push backpack hip-hop into a mantlepiece. The fire burns brightly, but through the 16 tracks and over an hour of content, this… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Fantastic Voyage”

Classic Day – Mother’s Milk

If the rambunctious styling of Trout Mask Replica was too much to digest in a single setting, perhaps the mystic metamorphosis of their debut record, Safe As Milk by Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band would be more soothing. Still a fairly packed instrumental… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Mother’s Milk”

Classic Day – Let Them Eat Cake

1977 in London, England, before group called the Sex Pistols were able to emancipate a group of youth forever with a new style of dress and music that would go on to change how society operated. This influence stemmed from another group, The Damned… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Let Them Eat Cake”

Classic Day – Old Man’s Tune

2020 may have been an absolute shitshow, but people around the world were forced to grow and mold their shells to find comfort in some of the abnormalities of daily life. As quarantine begins, and the days grow longer with less to look forward… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Old Man’s Tune”

Classic Day – Plan 9 From New Jersey

While the third official grouping of recordings from the Lodi, New Jersey Martians, the Misfits were able to push a label debut with Walk Among Us. Spanning 13 tracks over 24 minutes. The songwriting is a refined call to the B-horror movies with the… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Plan 9 From New Jersey”

Classic Day – Chelsea Girls

Isolation is never a term that comes with the idea of pop music, but when dissecting the minor intricacies of Nico’s debut solo record, Chelsea Girl is a striking representation of grace in a three-season room. She is able to place frankly artful instrumentals… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Chelsea Girls”

Classic Day – Serenity’s Death

Death is part of the predetermined portions of life that is both unavoidable and while seemingly dreadful, can be a thing of great mysterious charm. Somehow when lost in the guise of an everlasting end, Opeth can shift their third studio record to fit… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Serenity’s Death”

Classic Day – Horror Drama

It is easy to become lost in the tidal waves of sound that increasingly shift by the day now that the internet has made music such an accessible and often-times, disposable medium of communication. But it is vital to focus on those who without… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Horror Drama”

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