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Classic Day – Miss MC

Even within the vast world of music sampling, production, and now the mass quantities of records that are both created and pressed in 2022. There was once a record stemming from the Kingston dance halls in Jamaica that captured a feminine breakout vocalist who… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Miss MC”

Classic Day – We All Learn

As George Harrison once stated profusely, “All things must pass,” and this is true also in the case of the good times. With Minor Threat’s final project, Salad Days is a fantastic send-off into the nether with a skeletal hand to shake. The three-track… Continue Reading “Classic Day – We All Learn”

Classic Day – Take A Chunk

Awakening from an intermediate slumber, Willie “Little Beaver” Hale is this recognizable but not always instantly namesake for easy-listening and funk sounds to appear in the mind. With his popularity and most recognizable work most likely being the sampling from Jay-Z on “Party Life,”… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Take A Chunk”

Classic Day – Prepare For Your Death

A culmination of the more grimy sounds from the internet age before there was that era of BandCamp and continuous floods of new sonic information, Atari Teenage Riot was the first to make what is popularized now as breakcore with electronic elements cemented into… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Prepare For Your Death”

Classic Day – Static Age

While in 2022 sampled music and vocals come as no surprise to a mix for a record, My Life in the Bush of Ghosts Becomes one of the first “masterpieces” in progressive sound circles between both David Byrne and Brian Eno. The two eccentric… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Static Age”

Classic Day – Revisit Remission

Originally discussed in 2017, All Things Must Pass by George Harrison was dissected in around 500 words, and for a triple album; it was nearly impossible to cover the monumental legacy the album would create. For being Harrison’s third studio, but reclaimed as his… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Revisit Remission”

Classic Day – Letters From France

Sometimes you are only able to catch the latest train possible, and personally; I missed the train on Daft Punk for the last 20 years of my life. Their debut record coming out only a year before I was born, Homework in many ways… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Letters From France”

Classic Day – Lessons In Disintegration

Watching eras of post-punk and styles of early experimental electronic music forming in waves of Minimal Man’s extended skeletal hands, their 1984 record Safari is exciting through the guise of progression and formations. Released nearly 40 years ago at the time of writing, Safari… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Lessons In Disintegration”

Classic Day – Lord Only Knows

While the spirit of Jesus Christ might be one of the most recognizable entities in human history, the strength lies where his followers hold in specifically euphoric gospel where choirs seem to melt the words of the good book into the soul. Pastor T.L.… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Lord Only Knows”

Classic Day – Staten Island Labels

“The game got real,” describes Ghostface Killah in a mock press interview taking on hundreds of cameras and reporters all within the grasp of two-and-a-half minutes. Before the sunshine and glory of Wu-Tang Clan, The Pretty Toney Album is a mix of tough street… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Staten Island Labels”

Classic Day – Sound Application

Cemented in music history, the Talking Heads explored comical writing mixed with sprinkles of paranoia, emotional transgressions, and the confusion of an incoming age of digital performance. Their 1979 record Fear Of Music is 11 tracks displayed over 40 minutes where the audience plays… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Sound Application”

Classic Day – Chicago’s Own

Vocalists have this tendency to often lose the audience within the realm of approachability and being able to hold a listener’s attention. While not a commercial success in its own right, Come To My Garden from Minnie Riperton becomes a metamorphosis for a debut… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Chicago’s Own”

New Music – Back On The Grid

Almost like the sound of butter melting in the pan, bedroom recordings always have this intimate nature behind them even when those same records are mixed and mastered in mansion-esque recording studios. A band that works around this notion is Melbourne’s own EXEK on… Continue Reading “New Music – Back On The Grid”

Classic Day – Liver And Onions

While appearing mostly as a mystery to anyone under 50, Artie Shaw specifically creates a rambunctious mixing of sounds between the compiled work on Begin The Beguine. Named after his 1938 track of the same name which helped rocket the artist into international fame,… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Liver And Onions”

New Music – Acoustic Rollercoaster

Immanuel Wilkins is one of the brightest young minds in jazz right now standing at 24-years-old, the alto-saxophonist is able to create a worthwhile follow-up to his 2020 debut record, Omega. While youth may be at his side, Wilkins plays and creates tonality as… Continue Reading “New Music – Acoustic Rollercoaster”

Classic Day – Starman Aggresso

This undying fatal attraction to David Bowie’s early career works as the main staples for sound become unhinged once the electronic eras of intrigue introduce themselves. Particularly with Earthling, the 90s quickly give way to some of Bowie’s most layered and expansive works. While… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Starman Aggresso”

Classic Day – The Pale Mausoleum

The enteral slumber, the burning question of the afterlife, pushing daisies toward some unseemly and unreachable answer; all questions that Nico begins to ponder with her second soloist exhibition, The Marble Index. Where her initial debut Chelsea Girl was a pop and more uplifting… Continue Reading “Classic Day – The Pale Mausoleum”

Classic Day – Cemetery Villain

Memphis at one time was the epicenter of hip-hop sounds, from Three 6 Mafia to modern hits like Young Dolph, Memphis set the culture at one point. Among the ranks comes Gangsta Pat who combines the fast lyricism of Triple 6 and the relaxed… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Cemetery Villain”

Classic Day – Bleak Forecast

To collect the names of some of the biggest influences in music coming from a gothic standpoint, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds deserve to be at the peak of that last. Rundown through emotionally draining instrumentation and physically draining lyrical ability, Your Funeral…… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Bleak Forecast”

Classic Day – Do You Have To Ask?

Once a year this fondness and endearment spawns particularly for Bob Dylan, and more specifically the half-electric, half-acoustic playstyles of his mid-60s records. From Blonde On Blonde, Highway 61 Revisited, or more importantly, the first of the electric beginnings, Bringing It All Back Home.… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Do You Have To Ask?”

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