Classic Day – Brothers

Beauty and grace are always common subjects in music, but none do it so significantly or as extraordinary as the prodigious Allman Brothers Band. With Duane and Gregg Allman as the front runners of The Allman Brothers Band; the rest of the company followed directly behind as each member featured on their self-titled, debut record,…… Continue reading Classic Day – Brothers

Classic Day – Wade In The Water

Slowdive is a band that can be described in a single word: stimulating; the English band made their debut with Just For A Day and created a wave within the independent community. The record’s floating methods of creation and accessibility did wonders for Slowdive’s sound, landing them on the number three spot on the UK…… Continue reading Classic Day – Wade In The Water

Classic Day – Bathory Motives

A revolution has been coming for a long while, everything has a life cycle and this extends into the foregrounds of music where even the most experimental of albums have a lifeline. A place where geniuses are forgotten about, a place where a sound can be replicated a million times and never be remembered, a…… Continue reading Classic Day – Bathory Motives

Classic Day – Seeing Red

The legacy of punk music is a vast and extensive list of aggression, community-based organizations, and a focus on originality and identification. Minor Threat is not just another addition to the vast majority, they are one of the corner marks of music and there can not be a conversation about punk music without bringing up…… Continue reading Classic Day – Seeing Red

Classic Day – Japanese Jazz

Ryo Fukui is a prolific jazz pianist from Japan based out of Sapporo where he made his way playing at the Slowboat Club and while his career spanned only four total records, they are all fantastic looks into the beauty and grasp of a national recording artist. Fukui makes an effort to capitalize on his…… Continue reading Classic Day – Japanese Jazz

Classic Day – Long Drive Home

Somewhere in the barren recesses, there lays a diamond amongst the sand. A true jewel of musical sound that laid buried deep, and almost in plain sight. This diamond was the strange, wonderful, and occult compilations known as The Desert Sessions; a love-child of Joshua Homme, Chris Goss, Samantha Maloney, Mark Lanegan, and the numerous…… Continue reading Classic Day – Long Drive Home

Classic Day – Lay In The Waters

Jamaica is known for traditional values, beautiful waters, famous artists and poets, and of course, Reggae music. While Bob Marley and the Wailers do hail from the “The Rock,” another artist that should be on the radar when discussing reggae music should also be Lennie Hibbert with his 1970 release, Creation. A Substantial release of…… Continue reading Classic Day – Lay In The Waters