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Classic Day – Aren’t You Hungry?

It is often easy to write off Fugazi as a stepping stone for Ian MacKaye after the disbandment of Minor Threat into a more tame, modern sound for straight-forward rock music. But immediately, that would be a disservice as Fugazi is an intricate beast…

Classic Day – The Kids Will Will Have Their Say

Innovation at its peak always requires a change in the atmosphere. Music and art as a generalization is very similar to a pair of clothes, they cannot be the same day after day and must be changed. Through Minor Threat’s youthful title of Salad…

Classic Day – Seeing Red

The legacy of punk music is a vast and extensive list of aggression, community-based organizations, and a focus on originality and identification. Minor Threat is not just another addition to the vast majority, they are one of the corner marks of music and there…

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