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Classic Day – Betray

As history seems to continue to repeat, the teachings and relations that come from Minor Threat illustrate to stop dead in the tracks, pointing to the past as a reference. Especially on the sole record from Out Of Step which is only nine tracks… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Betray”

Classic Day – Aren’t You Hungry?

It is often easy to write off Fugazi as a stepping stone for Ian MacKaye after the disbandment of Minor Threat into a more tame, modern sound for straight-forward rock music. But immediately, that would be a disservice as Fugazi is an intricate beast… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Aren’t You Hungry?”

Classic Day – Get Up and Go

Minor Disturbance is a near ten-minute fireball that uses raw percussion, shouting vocals and an emphasis on anger to produce one of the shortest, but most memorable sounds of hardcore of the 1980’s. With the combined efforts of Nathan Strejcek on vocals, guitarist Geordie… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Get Up and Go”

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