Classic Day – Like You Used To

Surprise drops for records and tracks are a trend of most modern-day artists who have the willpower and fanbase to use the internet to their advantage, Alice In Chains with their 1992 EP Sap did something similar, but instead used little to no marketing as the driving force for the EP.

It would become certified gold eventually, but it was due to the songwriting and obtuse pushes that Alice In Chains would take to make the journey that much sweeter. Striking to use Jerry Cantrell as the lead vocalist on the opening track, “Brother,” the personal choice makes for one of Sap’s more simple, but engaging standouts.

The differences in style would come forward too, Sap is incredibly produced, recruiting the likes of Ann Wilson, Chris Cornell on the track “Right Turn,” and even Mark Arm from Mudhoney on “Right Turn” as well for vocals. Changing the vocal structure on “Brother” moves usual frontman Layne Staley as the backing vocalist who delivers the split verse progression where the instrumentation can thrive and become this somber bridge of paths to diverge upon.

Cantrell orchestrates, “Frozen in the place I hide, not afraid to paint my sky with, some who say I’ve lost my mind. Brother, try and hope to find.” As the music grows into this grand operation, percussion from Sean Kinney and the bass from Michael Starr slowly morphs into this conglomerate of mud and mire where Cantrell finishes by illustrating, “You were always so far away. I know that pain, I won’t run away like I used to do.”

Even while coming from a space of misery, Alice In Chains moves the pace onto “Got Me Wrong” which quickly brings the tears into the forefront. While Staley takes the microphone back for main vocals, the instrumentation is more upbeat and amped than their MTV Unplugged performance that drew much of the spotlight onto the track. Hearing the original version which is much more layered and a real sense of revival, Staley’s vocals here after his passing are touching and feel more like an unfortunate misstep.

Describing, “Strong, I haven’t felt like this in so long, wrong, in a sense too far gone from love. Strong, I haven’t felt like this in so long, wrong, in a sense too far gone from love.” While the metaphorical sunshine hits the audience’s face, Cantrell’s style on the strings becomes gorgeous and as graceful as angels carrying harps and lutes. The percussion from Kinney is powerful but does not over-encumber the listener or drown out the more alluring techniques from the rest of Alice In Chains.

Matching less on the sorrow that drew Alice In Chains as a staple of sound, Sap is a perfect introduction to the band without getting too deep into the sludge. They work to compile four tracks, five including the secret track on physical pressings and give redemption where it is entirely necessary.

Listen To Sap Here!!! – Spotify/Amazon/iTunes

SUNDAY SAMPLER // (Playlist) “06/13/2021″

Listen Here – Spotify

“A playlist of tracks that were featured on from the week of June 7th – 13th. From Reviews to Streams, never miss a track with these playlists that are uploaded every single Sunday till I drop dead.”

Featuring: Uniform, The Linda Lindas, Yautja, Your Old Droog, Militarie Gun, The Smashing Pumpkins, Take Vibe E.P., Mach-Hommy, Westside Gunn, Keisha Plum, Fulci, The Garden, Young Flexico, Las Hierdras, Deafheaven, DMX, Conway The Machine, Benny The Butcher, A Better Tomorrow, Wiki, NAH

Track List: Footnote, Learning To Forget, No Clue, Wired Depths, So High, Don’t Pick Up The Phone, Soma, Mayonaise, Golden Brown, Folie Á Deux, Glass, Thy Mission, Duh Hottest, Sin Tu Amor, Vampirx, Great Mass Of Color, Hood Blues, Blow By Blow, SHIT BLOOD

STREAMING // (Album) International Badboys Inc. – “Enjoy Your Stay”

Listen Here – BandCamp

Track List: Interview Skill, Cherry Moulding, Habitual Residence, DCP, Intern Expert, Lizard Lease, Failed, Carole King – So Far Away

STREAMING // (Album) Blu Anxxiety – “Plaay Dead”

Listen Here – BandCamp

Track List: Intro, Internet Terrorist, Personal Hell, Skeleton Farm, I Haunt Myself, Uninvited To The Funeral Home, Cat’s Eye And Corpse, Black Mass Romance, Send Me An Angel

STREAMING // (Video) NPR Tiny Desk – Karol G

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube

Vocals: Karol G

Guitar: Sus Vasquez

Bass: Anastasiia Zaichenko

Drums: Guilliana Merello

Keyboard: Bryn Bliska

Vocals: Camilo

Guitar: Danny Felix

STREAMING // (Track) Cerebral Rot – “Vile Yolk Of Contagion”

Listen Here – BandCamp

Full Release On: June 25th, 2021

STREAMING // (Album) Skee Mask – “Pool”

Listen Here – BandCamp

Mastered By: The Zenker Brothers + Klaus Arnold

Artwork By: Lara Köcke

Track List: Nvivo, Stone Cold 369. LFO, Rdvnedub, CZ3000 Dub, DJ Camo Bro, Collapse Causal, Breathing Method, Ozone, Rio Dub, Testo BC Mashup, Dolan Tours, Absence, 60681z, Crosssection, Harrison Ford, Pepper Boys, Fourth

STREAMING // (Tracks) Kaidi Tatham – “7Inch Nails”

Listen Here – BandCamp

Written, Produced, + Mixed By: Kaidi Tatham

Mastered By: Marco Zangirolami

Track List: Feeling Happy, Sooner Or Later

STREAMING // (Album) David Begun – “The PharTribe”

Listen Here – BandCamp

Track List: PharTribe Intro, Pass It Along,  Sex On The DL, Runnin’ In El Segundo, Check That Type Of Rhime, An Officer And A Scenario, Can I Kick Yo Mama?, Butter Bullshit, Oh (Shit) My God, Find A Groupie, 4 Better Or 4 Suckas, Soul Clap, Dropped Again, Stop The B Boy, Otha Verses, Stressed Out Ending

STREAMING // (Album) Stahlijazhamur – “Heraldic Hersey”

Listen Here – BandCamp

Track List: Fientlig Flagg, The Seer And The Sorcerer, The FInal Fullmoon, Under The Triumphant  Wyvern Wings, Enchanted Shrine

STREAMING // (Track) Soccer96 – “Dopamine”

Listen Here – BandCamp

Featuring: Nuha Ruby Ra

Full Release On: September 10th, 2021

STREAMING // (Video) Vinnie Paz – “Guilty Remnant Cigarettes”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube

Video Directed, Shot + Edited By: Jimmy Giambrone

Song Produced By: Esoteric

Special Thanks: RAME + Enemthagreat

STREAMING // (Album) KIDNAPPED – “Nowhere Is Sterile”

Listen Here – BandCamp

Recorded, Mixed, + Mastered By: CHAZ

Track List: Bled, Underwhelmed, Divisive, Nowhere Is Sterile, Circling The Drain, Pedestal, Compassion, Buried, Herd, Unwound

Misc. Day – Absent In The Brain

As if time wasn’t confusing enough, POW! orchestrates a sound that can be placed in the style of the early 60s of experimental flower power but also stranded in a future where machinery becomes the new sonic ability.

On their 2017 release Crack An Egg, POW! is exhilarating from the jump. They open with “DNS” which proceeds through a cascade of muddied synth notes that resemble a glitched choir, only to snatch the rug and reveal a more upbeat punch. The Onomatopoeia which gives POW! their name is somehow a fitting and appropriate title with some stretch of the imagination as the group is poppy and eye-catching.

The flash only adds to the mix of the 12 different tracks like with “Castle Of Faith” where the strings and percussion are a tandem bicycle of both construction and destruction. On one hand, the instrumentation piles these layers and desires to the pot,  stewing like one giant conglomerate of impression. Suddenly,  the synth chords are divided like delicate spice from the rack, ensuing this manifestation to be more than just a collective of noise.

Other later pieces like “Cyberattack #3” are formative in the way the percussion becomes clockwork-esque through consistent quarter notes. The other instrumentalists are contributing small rhythms which becomes almost reminiscent of a DEVO track where the ambiance and atmosphere is air-tight. POW! immediately gets the neck jolting and the legs to twist to the beat.

Crack An Egg is less about taking away and more about keeping this format of rhythms together as one fluid object. Each additional component of the instrumentals are like a hidden code inside one arching and sprawling spiderweb of numbers and letters. POW! becomes this pop art monument of style and sound where the warped corners become more customary and are signs of identity.

Especially on “Hello” where the instrumentation is only present for a mere minute, the style is changed entirely to accommodate a much slower, more methodical idea to the madness. The one-two step isn’t fast enough to be danced to, but it isn’t nearly slow enough to fall asleep to either. In this strange limbo, POW! uses “Hello” as a unique transitional period in Crack An Egg.

As time changes, so do POW! who opts with the final title track “Crack An Egg” to be one of the last steps in the trailing saga of performance. Hands curl back to their skeletal structure while the synths are slowly warped to become this method of percussive combination. The twisted and bent material is somehow unable to find a vein of groove, but this only makes the last seconds of Crack An Egg more expressive and engaging to the ear.

Where words fail, POW! creates one of the more interesting steps into the dreamscape of machine and human love. The touches of synth keys and pads work to be underlying majorities to construct a necessary, but eager revamp of a classic style.

Listen To Crack An Egg Here!!! – BandCamp/Spotify/iTunes

STREAMING // (Track) Joe Armon-Jones – “Pray”

Listen Here – BandCamp

Keyboards, Vocals, + Production: Joe Armon-Jones

Bass: Luke Wynter

Drums: Morgan Simpson

Engineered By: Gilles Barrett

Mixed By:  Oli Barton-Wood

Mastered By: Frank Merritt

STREAMING // (Album) Unknown Caller – “Midnight Deluxe”

Listen Here – BandCamp

Track List: Moonbeam, Reservation, Beautiful Night, Dreaming, Leisure, High Rise, 4AM


Listen/Watch Here – Youtube

Shot + Directed By: Bailey Goldsborough, Andre Thompson, + Bruno DiCorcia

Edited By: Bailey Goldsborough

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