Misc. Day – Riding The Psychedelic Current

525848337_1280x720Currents by Tame Impala is a psychedelic rendition through a modern style of The Beatles. That is the easiest way to describe the 2015 album and the best way to describe the bands sound overall. They are like a modern day version of The Beatles with their own unique twist with outstanding production and tracks that leave a lasting impression.

This was the first record I had heard of Tame Impala’s and I was instantly blown away from the catchy and upbeat music, to the pitch-perfect voice of Kevin Parker. I loved every single second of this album and it quickly became a band that I just needed to hear more of. I then instantly bought Lonerism and Innerspeaker, and I haven’t found another band that had a similar sound like this yet.

Tame Impala’s actual sound is so unique and have such detailed tracks that are so flushed out with no one song sounding like the other. The uses of the different instruments, the different overlays of voices, and just how perfect the overall production is as a whole, creates some of the freshest songs of any group around today. I really could not proclaim Tame Impala enough or Currents. I just instantly fell in love with this album and it is a great ride from start to finish.

The tracks on Currents like “Eventually,” “Disciples,” and “’Cause I’m A Man,” are the first tracks that I finished and had to go right back to them. These track were definitely my favorite of the album, and they only got better and better with each listen. The more I listened to Currents, the more I heard and I am still finding things I never noticed even a year later. This was my favorite thing about this album, it was just so detailed and had a reason to come back to it. Currents needed more than just a single listen to fully get a grasp on each song and the true sound of the band.

The guitars, the drums, and the vocals are what resonated with me the most and left a lasting impression on just how production can make or break an album. Each song is produced and mastered so well, and it was amazing to believe this all started with just one person. Now Tame Impala has toured around not just the United States, but around the entire world. The growth of the band is the greatest thing to witness as you can see how their fan base grows and how their music changes through the different experiences in life. It can lead to one of the best sounding albums of not just a year, or a decade, but of all time.

Currents is a 13-track, 51-minute experience through one of the best sounding albums of 2015. I could not recommend this album enough to people who want to hear not just a great album, but to experience a sound that I thought was lost in this generation. It was unfortunate I had not found Tame Impala earlier honestly, as all their music releases have gotten better and better and I can only look forward to what they have in store for any future releases.


New Music – The Twenty-Two Song Saga

Samiyam-Animals-Have-Feelings.jpgAnimals Have Feelings by Samiyam pushes the modern boundaries of the mostly instrumental album. It brings spacious sounds and the use of different era’s sounds to paint the wild journey that is the framework of Animals Have Feelings. Samiyam brings life to the already progressing experimental genre of hip-hop and is a smooth addition into an instrumentalist lover’s collection.

Samiyam is an artist that first caught my attention for his work with Earl Sweatshirt on “Quest/Power,” which was a double track released by two different producers. “Quest” was the beat produced by Samiyam and the other half “Power” was produced by Budgie. Earl and Samiyam would work again as Earl would be featured on Animals Have Feelings with a verse on the song “Mirror” that Earl previously released. Now we are left to hear the rest of Samiyam’s creation as Animals Have Feelings seamlessly blends old and new, using outstanding transitions from song to song, track to track.

The best thing about this album is the combination of 70’s era sounding bass-lines, the 80’s era sounding science fiction background noises, and the hardcore synth work that lays the ground plan for most of the tracks. Every track is unique and features not the most elaborate production, but layered production and keeps a strong level of details which leads to a new discovery after each listen.

There are no break-neck speed songs, the tracks here are on an ambiance level, they are drawn out, and have more of a chilled vibe. I personally like this approach as there are tracks that sound more like lo-fi hip-hop and this is most definitely an experimental record. Samiyam seemed to have total creative control and he used it to his full abilities.

Animals Have Feelings isn’t primarily an instrumental album either, it features Action Bronson, Jerimiah Jae, Earl Sweatshirt and Oliver the 2nd. Every single verse on this record is outstanding and the production behind them match perfectly. I was surprised to see that Jeremiah Jae and Oliver the 2nd had the strongest track on this project overall. I really had no idea who these two were before listening to Animals Have Feelings, but I totally want to hear more from what they have to offer.

Samiyam’s Animals Have Feelings has some great production, but unfortunately there are some songs that are hit or miss, I personally liked the album but some of the tracks do go on for longer than they should have. Overall the album is a little under an hour and with the 22 song track list it seems to be longer than it actually is.

I do think Animals Have Feelings is a great addition and it is most definitely an album that should be listened to in complete darkness so you can envision the space it portrays. Animals Have Friends is a spaced out, and chilled out journey from start to finish.

Classic Day -The Dueling Duo

The cover art of Madvillainy

Madvillain is the dual conglomerate of two of the most influential artists known to hip-hop and to the rap community. MF DOOM and Madlib formed together to bring an experimental, trail-blazing album that practically ignored every way to make a hit album; there was no chorus, no long songs, and no radio hits. But Madvillainy prevailed as one of the stepping stones to experimental hip-hop and into one of my favorite albums ever made.

Madvillainy is focused on the lives of the two main stars, Madlib and MF DOOM. The two supervillains of hip-hop and the power house that surprised and shocked audiences with Madlib’s slick producing and DOOM’s butter rhymes that go so well together it is amazing they did not make another Madvillain record. The two coincide so well and their personalities complement each other through music.

DOOM provides some of his best work on this album, providing such lines like “Living off borrowed time,” and “got more soul/sole than a sock with a hole.” He was at his creative height at this point after coming off of working with MM…Food, Take Me To Your Leader, Venomous Villain and Vaudeville Villain, so it was safe to say that DOOM was a busy man with not only rhyming but also with producing.

Madlib on the other hand was also busy after working and finishing Shades of Blue, Theme for a Broken Soul, and A Tribute to Brother Weldon, which was a primarily Jazz tribute to Weldon Irvine. The two artists were busy with their own projects as well as creating Madvillainy, and after even just one listen, Madvillainy leaves audiences wanting more and to hear it again and again.

Madvillainy is an album that has skits in between almost like an MF DOOM album, but they have a Madlib spin on them. The album skits flow so well with each song and the production on Madvillainy is some of, if not the best on a record today. The different samples used, the constant head-bopping drums, and the iconic flow of DOOM, raised the bar on so many levels and left me even asking “How did they do this,” or “How did they do that?”

The album is just such a fun experience from start to end and it uses samples that are so iconic with the villainous intent of true masterminds. Frankenstein was the first sample I heard and recognized within the first minute of the opening song. It just brings back all those memories of the villains that made all those movies possible. The quote from the first track “The Illest Villains” where the announcer explains “Audiences loved to Hate.” This one quote describes the entire tone of the album; audiences love these villain characters simply because they are so dastardly and outrageous.

Madvillainy has some of the best production, some of the best lines ever spit, and one of the coolest themes that could ever be presented. It covers DOOM’s personal life, allows Madlib to spread his creative genius, and to finally create the Masterful duo that is Madvillain. Talk has been created around a second Madvillain album for years, but I would rather they spread out and do something else with their works. Madlib and DOOM could collaborate again, but Madvillain is something that should be left to stand as a monument in music alone, it does not need a successor or a partner in crime. MF DOOM and Madlib, or the villains did something most could never do, to “Strike terror into the hearts of men.”


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