My name is Matthew Ryan Miramontes

I take photographs, write about things I love, and throw events for the people of New York.

: Here are the categories on my site :

Monday – Miscellaneous Day – Most likely going to be the thing I am listening to the most at that time in the week.

Wednesday – Classic Day – Anything over ten years old that had some impact on my life or is an album that changed someone you may know.

Friday – New Music Release – Pretty self-explanatory here…

Photography – Photography of any artist or show that I have personally attended or hosted

Streams – Music that can be downloaded, streamed, or accessed through the internet for your ears

Merch – Wear the shirts or shoes that I have designed personally

Who Am I? – That’s where you are now, you have read this page and somewhat understand what Matt’s Music Mine is all about. It’s a blog dedicated to the only thing that matters… Music

I am doing my best…

You can email me here… (Please Send Music Requests or Submissions)

A link to some personal posts that I made on Matt’s Music Mine

Thanks again, and enjoy.