This is Matthew Ryan Miramontes and I will be using this as a way of portraying my work and opinions out to the world. I honestly have no idea what I am doing with this, but I have tried to get a schedule of works that I will try to pump out each week. This will be a primarily music focused page, but I will also post pictures of things I am doing or exploring. I will do everything I can not to make it corny, but it is my thing so I can do whatever I want. If you are interested… Keep reading!


Monday – Miscellaneous Day – Most likely going to be the thing I am listening to the most at that time in the week.

Wednesday – Classic Day – This can be an album that I consider a classic, probably going to be some obscure and some popular works.

Friday – New Music Release – If it is a slow week or nothing came out, then we will do something else along these lines.


Like I said, this is my very first own published website, I kinda hate to say blog because it makes me sound like a douche. Anyway, I will do my absolute best to keep to these deadlines, but as everyone will learn we will all fall short somehow. Well thanks to anyone who stumbles upon this garbage and decides to hear my opinion, and hopefully you guys can discover some new music as well. I will also take suggestions (if there are any) in my email which is Thanks again, and enjoy.

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