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Produced By: Tyrus.Diary

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Full Release On: November 26th, 2021

STREAMING // (Video) The Alchemist X ZelooperZ – “Wildstyle”

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Directed By: Zelooperz

Shot By: Devin Williams

Edit By: Keefjojoo

STREAMING // (Album) Bloody Keep – “Bloody Horror”

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Art By: skinnysloth_

Track List: Omen Of The Waxing Moon, Mourning Dawn, Call Of The Twilight Crow, Vampyric & Bat-like Sonar

STREAMING // (Track) Algara – “Todo Me Da Igual”

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Mastered By: Mikey Young

Classic Day – Third Time Charm

Coming out as the third studio release from Harlem’s own Cam’ron, Come Home With Me still continues to be his most successful commercial record and embeds itself among the 2000 Mount Rushmore of sound.

Opening with the simply titled “Intro,” Come Home With Me is a march through the upper 100’s streets of New York City with the strongest narrator from Uptown. Cam’ron rips the top off the verse describing, “Yo, I advise you to step son, ‘fore I fuck your moms, make you my stepson. Y’all be calling me daddy, cause the Rag Muffin, y’all soon say.” As the orchestral stings continue to stir up the tension, timpani drums reveal another line coming in hotter than a pot of powder.

He illustrates, “Y’all fuck around with my brother Num-say, y’all gonna see doomsday. I’m a savage but colder, now I rock karats that I’m older.” The beauty of Come Home With Me is the era before Purple Haze drops in 2004 but still has some of the most iconic hip-hop tracks of any artist.

Tracks like “Oh Boy” or “Hey Ma” were engrained into the radio waves at the time and still to this current day can boost a crowd to stir some movement. No matter the age, “Oh Boy” is able to invoke a smile as soon the chiming and chirping beat slides into the frame.

Verses from Cam’ron and Juelz Santana trade back and forth like a prizefight between Frazier and Ali. Inspiring a generation to start rocking more yellow diamonds, this was a time before the pink mink. The sample of the high-pitched woman’s vocals that describe, “Boy!” as an ad-lib becomes the ending to many lines here between Cam’ron and Santana.

Cam’ron illustrates on the third verse, “Eight or nine on the (boy), holla at your boy, Killa, holla, listen. It’s the D-I-P (boy), plus the R-O-C (boy), you’ll be D-O-A (boy), your moms will say (oh boy).” As Santana dips behind Cam’ron into the fourth verse of the track, the iron fist punches through the audience’s ears and snatches them by the collar. He illustrates, “When they see Cam and his (boy), they say damn (oh boy). Santana’s that (boy) that squeeze hammers (oh boy).”

Later pieces feature production from Kanye West on “Dead Or Alive” where the production is a formidable Diddy-Bop being able to slide back and forth to conquer speakers. While the production is uplifting, Cam’ron is invasive and intimidating behind the mic. He describes, “My nigga hopped out the van real quick, cocked that thang. Reversed the situation, popped his chain, be happy we ain’t pop his brain.”

As Cam’ron’s albums continue to be revisited as time marches on, he could perfectly execute a 3-4 track ending to his records. Purple Haze, Killa Season, and Come Home With Me all end beautifully covered in Canary’s and Pearls, making the audience feel important for a moment in time.

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Misc. Day – Is It Meme Culture?

I mean at this point, why wouldn’t anime and chainsaws enter the stratosphere of grindcore and being one of the strongest releases of the year. Yandere Chainsaw Regurgitation Factory is explosive on Out For Blood, their fifth project of the year.

Surprisingly intricate for the subject matter, Yandere Chainsaw Regurgitation Factory on the sides of production is intense and tension-building machines. With an undeniable strength built into their instrumentation, Yandere Chainsaw Regurgitation Factory is fanatical behind the introductory track “Walls Of Flesh.”

Where breakdowns and blast beats sculpt the foundation for Out For Blood, the kawaii fashion is quickly overshadowed by harrowing shouts and growls combined with ugly beatings. The instrumentation on Out For Blood is some of the most robust and illustrative of grindcore to be found buried beneath Ahegao’s.

Andrew Gonzales who is the sole mastermind behind Yandere Chainsaw Regurgitation Factory uses sampling on the track “Otakultist” where Japanese vocalization can be heard over ripping sonic prowess. Nearly impossible to decipher at the rate that Yandere Chainsaw Regurgitation Factory plays, the harsh and guttural snarls are lit matches to the kerosene factory.

Later pieces like “Deathstruction” have a feature from Tom Draper who is the lead vocalist from Exhale The Plague. The guitars have this chugging nature to them that resembles train tracks to march along to. For something that appears to be so cute, Yandere Chainsaw Regurgitation Factory incites violence in a perfect storm of chaos.

When the cymbals continue to collide and the guitars rip through the audience, there are moments on Out For Blood where a reprieve is necessary. Instead, no forgiveness is granted and punishment subsides over and over again.

The final track of the seven-track EP follows suit as “An Angel By The Neck” which collides through the crowd as an atom bomb. Walls collapse and Yandere Chainsaw Regurgitation Factory becomes the last standing factor in the audience’s way. In one of the longest tracks of the EP, Out For Blood takes “An Angel By The Neck” as the swan song of the ugliest proportions.

Not much in space for areas of recovery, instead “An Angel By The Neck” wants to bleed the audience slowly and almost for sport. The breakdown near the track’s midpoint is covered in grime and leaks to the smell of sulfur and iron. When finally dying out, the sound rages out into an undeniable end.

Seven tracks over less than 20 minutes have never sounded so incredibly ugly but in a complimentary way. Yandere Chainsaw Regurgitation Factory is not only hard to pronounce but is hard to track as the instrumentation and production etches itself into the skull far after Out For Blood stops musically.

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Directed By: Sam Balaban

Executive Produced By: Remember Music + Warner Records

Produced By: Rahel Gebreyes + Sam Balaban

Edited By: Sam Balaban

Animation By: Danaé Gosset, Ellie Moonan, + Miller McCormick

3D Animation By: Vasco Gross

2D Animation By: Alíenor Deporte

Sound Mixed By: Jeffrey Soffer

Colored By: Alex Jimenez

STREAMING // (Track) Roc Marciano X Nicholas Craven – “1000 Mile Stare”

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Mixed By: Parks

Artwork By: Stack Moolah

STREAMING // (Track) The Silver – “Breathe”

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