STREAMING // (Track) Dana Dentata – “DO U LIKE ME NOW?”

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STREAMING // (Video) Kaytranda – “The Worst In Me”

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Directed By: Arnaud Deroudilhe

Production Company: North of Now

Creative Producer: Daniel Yaro

Line Producer: Matisse Gaillard

Production Manager: Mike Minahan

1st Assistant Director: Constantin Preda

Director of Photography: Xiaolong Liu

Gaffer: Jeffrey Tate

Grip  Jon Brooker

Editor: Arnaud Deroudilhe

Colorist: Joseph Bicknell

Stylist: Rita Zebdi Production

Designer: Tyler Evans Art

Director: Greg Yaro

Music Video Commissioner: Kevin Kloecker

Kaytranada’s Manager: William Robillard-Cole

Kaytranada’s Creative Director: Liam MacRae

Type Design: Studio Jimbo

Post-Producer: Anuar Baz

VFX: Roma Nekhoda

RCA EVP Marketing: Shani Fuller-Tillman

RCA Video Commissioner: Win Smith

STREAMING // (Video) 21 Savage X Metro Boomin- “My Dawg”

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Production: Psycho Films

Assistant Director: EV Salomon

Costume Design: Sofia Celedon

Gaffer: Jihan Casquejo

Key Grip: Joanna Nguyen

Director Of Photography: Philips Shum

Production Designer: Cody Fusina

Edited By: Tyler Sobel-Mason

Produced By: Geenah Krisht

Executive Producers: Sam Canter + Christian Sutton

Directed By: Joe Weil

New Music – Without A Face

The flames of hell are often so polarizing that they appear to burn cold rather than scorch; as bodies turn to shock and begin to decompose, EYES plays the soundtrack. With their debut record Underperformer, pulverizing and being crushed under the weight of your own misery never sounded so clean.

Opening with “Verge,” most of EYES main levels of intrigue comes from their ability to format elements of conflicting genres together as one arching scythe. Combing through rows of notes like fields of wheat, EYES on Underperformer is rambunctious but never appearing to be a complete uncaged animal. All the tracks featured have immaculately precise direction and the fragments of harsh noise and hardcore that blend continues to be a makeshift monument of sound.

Blasting with lyrics that describe, “Now it hides from the sun, now it’s withering on. Used to be up for a challenge, now it’s a challenge every day. Used to be up for a challenge, a small flower wasting away.” The instrumentation here is less gritty in performance as it is packed with dynamite for the emotion. While the mixing and recording of Underperformer is ultimately an immensely clean album, the true grit comes from the delivery rather than the plate it sits upon.

Tracks that follow like “Choke” are delicious however with bass mixed with percussive breaks and sections that obliterate rather than construct. The howls here are lengthy and nestle perfectly with the guitar that is more of a shrieking beast than an identifiable instrument. Describing, “Darkness, embraced by sickness once again. False Friends, surrounded by them time and time again.” The instrumentation shifts to be a wall of noise that stops the listener dead in the tracks as the screams describe, “Choking on my life, choking on my life.”

Almost shrouded in morbid desolation for hope, EYES does their absolute best when the performance is a meat grinder where the audience is being thrown in feet first. Especially on “Swim” which feels more like drowning under tidal waves of abusive instrumentation; Underperformer lives and breathes for these moments. Just the constant hammer and anvil tactic of movement from EYES here is almost an art to how it can seem intricate and delicate, but impossible to destroy.

Less about the joy of life and more about finishing a job, EYES is an undertaker here that does strictly business on Underperformer. They bury the audience with clean production but downright dirty instrumentation progression and carve an initial mark with their debut of hopefully many records in the future.

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STREAMING // (Video) ROLE MODEL – “going out”

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STREAMING // (Album) Wifigawd – “Hot As Hell”

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Produced By: GAWD


STREAMING // (Video) Black Noi$e – “Mo(u)rning”

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Featuring: Earl Sweatshirt

Animation By: Aaron Hymes

STREAMING // (Video) Comethazine – “Derek Jeter”

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Directed by: James “JMP” Pereira

Produced by: Jiorgi ” LIL SABOTAGE” Garlyn

PM: Jordan Timms

DP: Mike Koziel

AC: Kevin Pontrelli

2nd AC: Mike Tursi

Gaffer: Shawn Anderson

BBG: Glenn McDougald

Key Grip: Jaan Utno

BBE: Troy Montgomery

Grip: Leonel Sanchez

Art Dept: Alicia Estelle Simon

Art Dept Asst: Michael Avina

Art PA: Davon King

Casting: Ape Castings

PA: Jennifer Costa

Edit: JMP

Colorist: Gabe Sanchez

VFX Production Co: Dream Bear

VFX Artist: Bradley Crawford

VFX Producer: Evan Brown

Gear: Birns + Sawyer

Production House: JMP VISUALS LLC

STREAMING // (Album) Panopticon – “Live Migration”

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Guitar + Vocals: Austin Lunn

Bass + Backing Vocals: Andy Klockow

Guitar + Backing Vocals: Jake Quitschreiber

Keys + Backing Vocals: Tanner Anderson

Drums: Ray Capizzo

Mixed By: Spenser Morris

Track List: Snow Burdened Branches, Into the North Woods, Capricious Miles, Sheep In Wolves Clothing, En Hvit Ravns Død, En Generell Avsky, A Superior Lament, Watching You, To Make An Idol Of Our Fear And Call It God

Classic Day – Life Is Laughing

It seems like Los Angeles has been the birthplace for some of the better known and underground scenes for every genre even now in 2020. From the hippie subculture to the punk scene of the early 80s, Wasted Youth was right there from the beginning.

Originating in 1979, the band’s first venture was called L.A.’s Wasted Youth but had the same tendencies and originality of packing as much sound into a 13-minute 12-inch record. Their debut under the original name released in 81 blasted in large letters, L.A.’s Wasted Youth, Reagan’s In. Opening with “Fuck Authority,” the record from the first track immediately paints imagery of smashed skateboards and shaved heads as a stance against anyone in the way.

“We can live our own lives, fuck authority. What is wrong, we’ll decide, fuck authority. You need not to fight, fuck authority. Stand up for your rights, fuck authority,” describes Danny Spira on vocals over a boulder of blitzing percussion and strings. Covering the drums is Allen Stiritz and then Jeff Long works on bass to cover with Chett Lehrer on the guitar. Before the first track can resonate and gain some ground to stand on with the audience, Wasted Youth sweeps the leg and moves into “You’re A Jerk.”

With an average track run time of around a minute, the rushed nature is intense but demands for moshing and stage diving kids in a basement somewhere off the Sunset Strip. Other pieces like “Punk For A Day” are more refined and have tension building moments instead of a straight-up fistfight off the cuff.

Once the track ramps up though, Wasted Youth is a machine of well-oiled hardcore aggression. The lyrics that describe, “You will never find me if you want to catch me. Cause you’ll never find me, it’s a game of hide and seek…. Cause now I’m gone for good” but are delivered within 10 seconds near the end of the track so they get lost under the sea of ripping instrumentation.

The last track is almost built to be highlighted as “Born Deprived” is both catchy and exciting as it transitions from the verse to chorus and gives Spira an amazing platform to preach on. Describing, “Raised by money they been deprived, look at them with bleeding eyes. They laugh at the sounds of all your cries.” He continues on later, “You got no balls to break the mold, you have to do as you are told. We are the mindless, useless ones, the ones you shit and spit upon.” It might seem like a desolate response, but Wasted Youth is almost a martyr here, prepared to die amongst the mass graves of hardcore in a raging fire rather than slowly decaying away.

Even while they were just kids when the record would drop, the artwork of Pushead was iconic and the stage dive on the back cover was even more signifying of the coming hardcore tidal waves. From Black Flag to Wasted Youth, Reagan’s In covered the infinite cries of teens that wanted change through sound.

Listen To Reagan’s In Here!!! – Spotify/Amazon/iTunes

STREAMING // (Album) BEATEN TO DEATH – “Laat Maar, Ik Verhuis Naar Het Bos”

Listen Here – BandCamp

Artwork By: William Hay

Graphic Design By: Martin

Track List: If Your Music Were A Blowjob It Wouldn’t Suck, Melankolske Oppstøt, Flatulence Of Emotions, Behind The Remains, Self Defenestration, Så Gjør Vi Så Når Solen Slikker Vårt Kjøtt, Carola (Engulfed By Stormwinds Of Death), But The Night Is Young And We’re All Out Of Nekro, The Old Man And The Internet, Run Move Burn Die, Hallway To Hell, Cunts Of Lulu, Jeg Skal Lage Drakt Av Deg, Rectal Dark Ages, The Dying Egg (Førti År Rett I Dass), Crying On The Outside Living On The Inside

STREAMING // (Video) Freddie Dredd – “Darko”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube

Produced By: Ryan C.

Directed + Animated By: Alex Machin

STREAMING // (Album) PROFANATICA – “Weeping In Heaven”

Listen Here – BandCamp

Track List: Heavenly Father, Weeping In Heaven

Misc. Day – Black Light

The fascination that black metal takes on with death and the occult is less of an unhealthy obsession and more of a realization of the dark arts that transpose history. One of the more unknown masters of the puppet strings hails from Marseille, France, under the disguise of Corpus Diavolis.

While they have been a group since 2008, it was not until their 2017 release of Atra Lumen to where their sound was a springboard for an unquenchable stab into the darkness. As the eight tracks pile over 44 minutes, the experience is a walk with demise but never seems to push to become an overtly aggressive experience. Instead, much the consistent pounding is almost a reprieve before the inevitable silence that follows all pushes toward the other side.

Opening with “Revelations Before Dawn,” the classic sound of scraping strings against cathedral-levels of percussion where echoes are the main carrying factor. The setting is right for a ritual, one with smoke shrouds and white corpse paint. It is slightly disheartening to see that Corpus Diavolis is not seeing much of a limelight even at the time of writing this, their Spotify page has only 12 monthly listeners. Together they seriously outperform a majority in their class and are operating at a level that is surprisingly strengthened as time continues on.

The growls and shrieks here paired with the onslaught of edging armies at the ready is more intimidating than it is pulverizing. There is not a constant weight on the audience, but rather a push toward this unregistered fatality. Shown in “Signs Of End Times” where the mass would be at the final sermon, the minister of destruction uses atmosphere and horrific noise to compile screams and pain through the guitar works of both Lord Khaos and Analyser. Following is IX on the percussion and Daemonicreator through bass and vocals.

Ultimately, the blast beats and harsh strumming here is welcoming by black metal standards and the production is rather clean for a genre draped in shadows. Atra Lumen as a whole is a fairly ordered and uniform record that leaves not much room for surprise, but that aids it in this case. The work here is profound and is arranged as a coherent piece of human sacrifice. The entire time, the listener has to be offered up to the undetermined as time marches on. The door to the dungeon becomes shut and the audience is locked away, forever etched as a victim under Corpus Diavolis’ boots.

Even at the end of the journey through muck and mire, Atra Lumen ends on a positive note; or as positive as black metal could possibly be. It leaves no loose ends and puts all the tarot on the table. As the vinyl burns like an effigy to Lucifer, Corpus Diavolis transforms into an indescribable creature that can slither away back into their eclipsing domain.

Listen To Atra Lumen Here!!! – BandCamp/Amazon/iTunes

STREAMING // (Album) ZEIT – “Zeit”

Listen Here – BandCamp

Recorded By: Luca “Peo” Spigato

Mixed + Mastered By: Paolo Canaglia

Track List: The Embassy, Yellow Sword, The Sitting Man, Whistling In The Hole, My Dear Friend, Love Psalm, Sons, The Piss, Object, Republic

STREAMING // (Video) Junglepussy – “Arugula”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube

Film/Edit/Director: @meowcaity

Creative: @junglepussy

Hair: @andrita

Makeup: @raisaflowers

Sound Producer: @sportinglifeny

Sound Mix: @shybeats

Baker: @munchies_bakeshop

Florist: @fleurotica

PA: @spthebosss

STREAMING // (Video) En Love – “Bodies Carried Over Doves”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube

Shot + Directed By: Jordan Nichols


SUNDAY SAMPLER // (Playlist) “10/11/2020”

Listen Here – Spotify

“A playlist of tracks that were featured on from the week of October 5th – October 11th. From Reviews to Streams, never miss a track with these playlists that are uploaded every single Sunday till I drop dead.”

Featuring: Kryptonyte, Lord Byron, Pink Siifu, Ryan James Ford, Ab-Soul, ScHoolboy Q, Mac Miller, IDLES, SCALP, Wiki, Mauricio Smith, David Axelrod, Ghostemane, Heavy Discipline, Prison Affair, Action Bronson, Hologram, Meyhem Lauren, Soft Kill, Marilyn Manson, Dame, Clipping., Cam + China, Portrayal Of Guilt, EYES, Death Valley Girls

Track List: Knock Knock, Jag, Six Stair, Hunnid Stax, Mr. Motiviator, BASTARD LAND, The Act, El Green Hornet, Holy Thursday, The Mental Traveler, Lazaretto, Mind Cell, Hurt Feelings, Good News, Entre Barrotes, Mongolia, Roses All Around, RED BLACK AND BLUE, PAINT YOU WITH MY LOVE, Bubble Baby, ’96 Neve Campbell, Moral Decay, Underperformer, I’d Rather Be Dreaming

STREAMING // (Album) Primal Brain – “it’s all a game”

Listen Here – BandCamp

PB: Alex, Adam, Ryan, + Garett

Recorded By: Daniel Felton

Mixed + Mastered By: Kale Mouser

Art By: Ross Adams

Track List: primal brain, dagger + cloak, so bent, the joke, real bad dream, nocturnal, low initiative score

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