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Misc. Day – IHeldAGhost

The collaborative efforts of producer Greaf and artistic director and musician BONES stems directly from this sullen friendship linked between two skeletons as if they were two parts of the same anatomy. Leading BreathingExercise to be a precipice of their careers with their side project SurrenderDorothy, the culmination strikes resentment, detachment, and utter absolution for the future.

A quick excerpt of flashing vehicle trails, the rain-soaked concrete, and shattered and stained tombstones all appear on the introductory track “BeCarefulUpThere.” Monumental less in the impact that the track makes from sonic exertion, but is instead linked to the subtlety of the piece.

BONES has a chilling delivery here that is almost familiar as if it was the dead relative instead of some abhorrent apparition. The instrumentation handled by Greaf is linked with somber undertones but keeps the hallowed ground to be a constructive paradise for the pair. Calmly, BONES illustrates, “Freefall death, all the way down. My last scream, no one around. Credits roll, soon as I touch the ground, goodbye everything little thing I’ve found.”

A treasure as the introductory crawl fades into “Lighthouses,” a seemingly elegant track with stripped away layering to accompany a tapping hi-hat to keep tempo. BONES is more vocal here, resulting in a human touch to the overtly ethereal production throughout the rest of BreathingExercise. His vocals are almost a siren song of hymn-style lyrics where they illustrate, “Like light beams off lighthouses, whose shine catches no one’s eyes at night. Sent a bottle and got no reply, my message inside. Sent out a bottle and got no reply, my message inside.”

Coincidentally, “Lighthouses” is able to be seen as a Skinny B-Side, a mixtape BONES released in 2014. The production on Skinny is such a well-received and delivered record that when the instrumentation warps to appear as aggressive as hornets or as soothing as the Ecorse River. Similarly, BreathingExercise stretches itself to fit many hats but is primarily one of calming, and short run time.

The 20 minutes spent with BreathingExercise is actually the longest project that SurrenderDorothy has released as one coherent piece. With nine tracks and some of that bleeding bliss to shower over the audience on tracks like “TendingToTheGarden” or “IfIHadTheWordsToSpeak” which might be the most appealing and caressing of any SurrenderDorothy track.

Simply gorgeous beyond comprehension to a first listen, “IfIHadTheWordsToSpeak” is daunting in its beauty. The track begins with this piano that could fit a wedding or a funeral, spotting the perfect notions for BONES and Greaf. The delivery of both artists trains the ear to be waiting for the hellscape to appear, but “IfIHadTheWordsToSpeak” never does. Instead, the angels carry the audience from the Earth into a safe haven of sound.

BreathingExercise could very well be SurrenderDorothy’s standout project. While NobodyWantsMe is the nostalgic fan-favorite, BreathingExercise is the perfect imagination of what a ghost would appear as. The stabilization of instrumentation and the tears of a past love that reappears from smoke, then immediately dissipates back into the ether.


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SUNDAY SAMPLER // (Playlist) “05/01/2022″

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“A playlist of tracks that were featured on from the week of April 25th – May 1st. From Reviews to Streams, never miss a track with these playlists that are uploaded every single Sunday till I drop dead.”

Featuring: Golden Boy, Saidan, D Smoke, Nia Archives, Type, BabyTron, Emily Francis Trio, Little Beaver, Supersuckers, Darkher, Future, Kanye West, Charles Mingus, BONES, Grayera, No Swoon, Dälek, Pyrithe, White Ward, Louie Vega, Pusha T

Track List: Amen Therapy, I Am The Witch, Glide, Forbidden Feelingz, Cherry Bomb, Type Shit, Backseat Driver, Party Down – Pt. 1, I Can Dig It Baby, Gravity Bill, Love’s Sudden Death, KEEP IT BURNIN, The Man Who Never Sleeps, IridescentArmor, Again, Wait To See, Good, Luminous, Leviathan, Atmosphere Strut, Call my Bluff

STREAMING // (Video) Pusha T – “Call My Bluff”

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Director: Omar Jones

Director: Onda

EP/Producer: David Wept,  Farah Idrees, Mccray Sutherlin

Production: Company Mecca / Muddywater

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New Music – Lay Me Down Easy

Sometimes the finest elements of shoegaze aren’t what the record packs in, but instead what the record lacks, and with No Swoon’s newest display, Take Your Time is the recovery album that personally opens a floodgate of originally and intrigue.

Mentally speaking, low points throughout life take over, but through Take Your Time, No Swoon is this guardian angel that instead of becoming a daunting endeavor, shows some of the glory that life can protrude. The duo led by Tasha Abbott and Zack Nestel-Patt are a formidable force without even raising a fist.

Instead, the hands of prominence fall upward with the title track being the opening, “Take Your Time.” Beautiful but could be mistaken for somber introductions, Abbott on vocalization gives vitality to a seemingly deranged and cascading track. The foundations of “Take Your Time” let the listener down easy, not into the bay of spikes or pigs that could overpower. Instead, the ethereal approach vocally is a fantastic addition to the piece and makes for a slow burn with Take Your Time rather than a mad dash through the doors.

The following “Again” is a bit of a jolt to the system compared to “Take Your Time,” making for No Swoon to become this monster that has human features through instrumentation. Never quite a conquering force, No Swoon is the perfect band for windows drenched in light or the familiar, exciting feeling of an old friend.

Abbott and Nestel-Patt recruit Jonathan Smith on the percussion as well as engineering for the record and feature Jake Aron on guitars, keys, and production for several of the tracks on Take Your Time. The biggest surprise comes from the mastering done by Joe LaPorta who often handles producer and hip-hop heavyweight The Alchemist which grants some overall engagement between the genres.

Tracks like “Otherside” have some upbeat mantra to them and begin to push this level of danceability to the production with these simple but infectious drums. The build-up isn’t entirely based on tension but is instead boosted to new heights with Abbott’s vocals over the already dreamy atmosphere.

Over the 10 tracks and 36 minutes spent with No Swoon on Take Your Time, memories of “Nothing” start to stick out with the advantageous way of stacking layers on top of each other to eventually bury one another. It begins with vocals and a hi-hat click only, then as the synth clicks get added to coincide with the snare and bass, the mix begins to spread out and feel grace to the compound.

fundamentally, Take Your Time is easy to approach but from a glance seems simple enough. Only until getting closer and looking more in-depth at each component here does No Swoon win over the heart through sheer prowess on production and gleam on performance.

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STREAMING // (Track) White Ward – “Leviathan”

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Full Release On: June 17th, 2022

STREAMING // (Track) Pyrithe – “Luminous”

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STREAMING // (Track) Dälek – “Good”

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