STREAMING // (Album) SPRINTS – “Manifesto EP”

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Recorded + Mixed By: Daniel Fox

Mastered By: Fergal Davis

Artwork Designed By: Tara Lehmann

Track List: Drones, Swimming, Manifesto, Ashley

STREAMING // (Track) Happy Family – “Slide”

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Classic Day – Great Big Heads

While the personal favorite still reigns as Stop Making Sense from the Talking Heads, much of that record’s performance and show material comes from their commercial breakthrough Speaking In Tongues.

A step away from the Brian Eno produced hands, the self-produced Speaking In Tongues gives way to some of the most iconic sounds of funk and dance undertones from the Talking Heads.

One of the most popular tracks ever pressed onto a digestible format, “Burning Down The House” opens Speaking In Tongues like fireworks in a studio apartment. Engulfing the entire mix with these staccato crunches of guitar and synth strings. The lyrics coming primarily from David Byrne illustrates, “Watch out, you might get what you’re after. Cool, babies, Strange but not a stranger. I’m an ordinary guy, burning down the house.”

Byrne who also covers the keyboards, guitars, bass, synthesizers, and percussion recruits Chris Frantz for the drums, synths, and backing vocals. There is also Jerry Harrison on keyboards, synths, guitars, and backing vocals who rounds out the mix with Tina Weymouth who is the primary bassist that supports on backing vocals, guitar, synths, and keyboards.

Much of the prowess that Talking Heads showcase is in their production rather than the actual means of sculpting these worlds. On the track, “Girlfriend Is Better,” there is this subconscious synth rhythm that is almost rattled with paranoia as the band plays along. The swarming synths are almost overpowering at one point while the vocals from Byrne reflect that paranoia.

He describes, “Down, down in the basement. We hear the sound of machines, I, I, I’m driving in circles, come to my senses sometimes.” As his internal screams grow louder and begin to drown out the idea of realization, Byrne shouts “Why, why, why, why start it over? Nothing was lost, everything’s free. I don’t care how impossible it seems.”

Alluding later to the tour name and forthcoming album, Byrne adds, “As we get older and stop making sense, you won’t find her waiting long. Stop making sense, stop making sense, stop making sense, making sense.”

On the final piece, “This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)” the simple melody becomes a point of almost intoxicating love where the entire mix is nearly unreflective of Speaking In Tongues. It becomes this harmonic simile, but the actual song is so much more approachable than the other pieces on the record. This lack of depth, however, only adds to Talking Heads’ style and emotional resonance through sound.

Whether cross-eyed and painless or lacking complete recourse for their actions, Speaking In Tongues is an excellent backdrop to being introduced to Talking Heads. The mixes are clean and ultimately, lead to some true love behind sound.

Listen To Speaking In Tongues Here!!! – Spotify/Amazon/iTunes

STREAMING // (Track) Westside Gunn – “Easter Gunnday 4”

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Featuring: Mach-Hommy + Keisha Plum

Produced By: RZA

STREAMING // (Album) Ron Gallo – “PEACEMEAL”

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STREAMING // (Video) Nickelus F – “Off Top Freestyle”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube

Produced By: Foisey

Engineered By: Kevin McFadden

Mixing Engineer: Rose Image

Directed + Filmed By: Joshua Scott

Edited By: Ayyyyyyyj

STREAMING // (Album) Blindfolded And Led To The Woods – “Nightmare Withdrawals”

Listen Here – BandCamp

Featuring: Karl Sanders + Callum Gay

Guitars: Ben Atkinson + Stuart Minchington

Vocals: Stace Fifield

Bass: Nick Smith

Drums: Tim Stewart

Mixed By: Samuel K Sproull

Mastered By: Alan Douches

Cover Art By: Agreatmass

Other artwork, Layout, + Design By: Nina Morice

Track List: The Inevitable Fate Of The Universe, Black Air,…And Will You Try To Speak, The White Of Eyes, Atop The Wings Of A Magpie, Lucid Visitations, Nightmare Withdrawals, The Obscured Witness, Rorschach And Delirium, Sic Mundus Creatus Est

STREAMING // (Album) Mystical Place Records – “Dungeon Rap”

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Track List: Side A, Side B

STREAMING // (Video ) Strange U – “Arm Leg”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube

Video By: Zygote

Misc. Day – Shedding Skin

Crawling like the mighty king cobra, Haram from Armand Hammer and The Alchemist is a surprising joint record that gives a new perspective to the bi-coastal crushers.

With the shocking cover art of two pig heads completely severed from the body, a butcher shop creates the cloak for Armand Hammer, or rather both billy woods and E L U C I D to thrive under. As they recruit LA’s hip-hop uncle, The Alchemist is able to draw the strings like a smoked-out Wizard of Oz beneath the velvet curtain.

Opening with a sample, “Sir Benni Miles” takes a scene from the film Babylon and determines to fall deeper into the unknown with this glimmering instrumental. billy woods begins the skeletal creep as the warping beat melts over tabs of shine, he describes, “Dreams is dangerous, linger like angel dust. Ain’t no angels hovering, ain’t no saving us.” It becomes instinctual, but the production from Alchemist is ugly mixed with the silver cloth. It is a horror show of muck and mire that is covered with a silk pattern, somehow an elegance to this concrete jungle that the cowboys can step into.

Armand Hammer in the past felt like the hip-hop adaptations of Scorsese’s Taxi Driver, full of speech that covers through that vintage film lens of what New York could really turn into when the roaches and rats scatter. Much like the life of prostitutes and pimps, Haram has the ups and downs. With “Black Sunlight” that features KAYANA, there is an intense high that rides like the Wonder Wheel in Coney.

The instrumentation is a ray of ultraviolet light that politely tans the skin instead of scorching it. Sunkissed and ready for a new approach, Haram hits a complete 180° switch as the sampled vocal is an acapella of full expression while the keys and percussion becomes a hug from the speakers. On the second verse, E L U C I D and KAYANA describes, “Smile niggas, through trials rendered in my full expression, stressor. Pressure cooking then I got your message.”

As the production picks up into this bridge, the new duo illustrate, “I don’t want to explain self, I don’t want to constrict love. I wanna grow kale, I ain’t never hold myself to make the song sell.”

These moments of all-star production carry over into “God’s Feet” that would feel more fitting as a Griselda beat with these low-tuned harp-esque strings that pluck alongside the droning percussion. Sampling again from the film Babylon, this time illustrating, “Say god came along, right? And he created these different people, all different colors, right? Red, brown, black, yellow, white.” Then suddenly another voice on the sample interjects and shouts, “Now wait a minute, white is not a color, you know? You know, see?”

It peels back the framework to Armand Hammer’s inspiration of direction from Babylon and connects their past work like Shrines or even ROME that continued to be illustrative of the constructive power of sound.

While the recruitment of The Alchemist is engaging and outwardly interesting through each track, the mountain of dead pigs lie as a sacrifice to the MPC for chopped religious scrolls.

Listen To Haram Here!!! – BandCamp/Spotify/Amazon/iTunes

SUNDAY SAMPLER // (Playlist) “04/04/2021”

Listen Here – Spotify

“A playlist of tracks that were featured on from the week of March 29th – April 4th. From Reviews to Streams, never miss a track with these playlists that are uploaded every single Sunday till I drop dead.”

Featuring: SOPHIE, Men I Trust, Jimpster, Mannequin Pussy, Sierra Sellers, CharlesTheFirst, Odetta, GRISHKA, Gruesome, Couch Slut, Pink Siifu, Fly Anakin, Chuck Strangers, April + VISTA, Wolf King, Koldovstvo, Westside Gunn, Rico Nasty, Adrian Younge

Track List: HARD, MSMSMSM, Numb (Garage Session), Sanguine, Control, Lonely Feels, Figured U Out, Hard Oh Lord, Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out, Castigation, Hideous, The Mouthwash Years, Oatmeal, Cooperators, The Receiver, Sanctuary, I, Julia Lang, Pussy Poppin, Revolutionize

STREAMING // (Album) Adrian Younge – “The American Negro”

Listen Here – BandCamp

Track List: Revisionist History, The American Negro, The Black Broadcast, Revolutionize, Double Consciousness, Watch The Children, Dying On The Run, Intransigence Of The Blind, James Mincey Jr., Disadvantaged Without A Title, Mama (Will You Make It), The Black Queen, Margaret Garner,  Race Is Fallacy, Light On The Horizon, A Symphony For Sahara, America Is Listening, The March Of America, Paradox Of The Positive, The Death March, Black Lives Matter, Rotten Roses, Jim Crow’s Dance, Patriotic Portraits, George Stinney Jr., Sullen Countenance

STREAMING // (Video) Rico Nasty – “Pussy Poppin”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube

Directed By: Emma Westenberg

STREAMING // (Track) Extinguish – “Unconquered”

Listen Here – BandCamp

Full Release On: April 23rd, 2021

STREAMING // (Video) Westside Gunn – “Julia Lang”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube

Guest Appearance By: Julia Lang

Filmed + Edited By: Revenxnt

STREAMING // (Album) Koldovstvo – “Ни царя, ни бога”

Listen Here – BandCamp

Track List: I, II, III, IV, V, VI

New Music – Inhale… Exhale…

Production from a record is a vital piece to building the atmosphere and world that allows the sound to exist. Whether a noisy assault on the ears or a subtle creep, the subsonic tiers are important to shift the mind from a wandering mess to a focused eagle eye.

April + VISTA border right on the idea of creating the smooth, but almost intimidatingly focused on Pit Of My Dreams that acts like a martyr for sound. The coalition of April George on vocals and composition, as well as MattVISTA as the producer, bassist, and dueling composer gives intense ability from the hands of two of D.C.’s newest personal favorites.

Not only are April’s vocals on the opening “Cooperators” immaculate, but it follows a theme on Pit Of My Dreams that relies on both parties working together to form a hive mind. While the production might be similar to the coffeehouse creep with these low-tuned bass notes and plucked strings, Pit Of My Dreams becomes a personal opium for the listener to sink into.

“What Is Enough” is this subterranean underground sea base with a production line that gives abstraction to the clean lines and vocals. Describing, “Crawling slowly to feel the ground, your words curse me. Repeat aloud, now, I’ve no room to stumble, perfection is law.” With the percussion showering in on rattling hi-hats and these snappy snares, April + VISTA seems multifaceted and gives this feeling of beauty behind the demise.

Then as “The Receiver” hits into the frame, Pit Of My Dreams moves to be this minimalistic sweetheart that boils to an extreme melting pot. Almost every culmination of sonics here adds up to be these whipping strings from April George and the undertones are sensual enough to melt butter through 808s.

Falling deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole releases this verse from Zeroh which is the closest thing to a spoken poetic verse. Switching the beat and giving more to the strings, Zeroh is abrasive here and the switch from April’s vocals becomes daunting. Her smooth and sultry pounces are replaced by a more strict delivery, but Pit  Of My Dreams needs this razor edge to match the production that is so sleek and seemingly effortless.

It’s almost otherworldly when the entire mix comes together and gives April + VISTA this throne of black velvet to sit upon. As cities crumble and ashes rise, an obsidian heaven never seemed closer than spending the night with Pit Of My Dreams.

Listen To Pit Of My Dreams Here!!! – BandCamp/Spotify/iTunes

STREAMING // (Album) Wolf King – “The Path Of Wrath”

Listen Here – BandCamp

Produced By: Cody Fuentes

Mixed + Mastered By: Jack Shirley

Track List: River Of Light, Messenger Of Death, Wandering Soul, Triumph Of The Slain, Sanctuary, The Oath, The Path Of Wrath, Incantation, Grief Portrait, Beholder, Holy Serpent, Eternal Hunger

STREAMING // (Album) Pink Siifu X Fly Anakin – “$mokebreak EP”

Listen Here – BandCamp

Featuring: Chuck Strangers, 3WaySlim, Big Kahuna OG, Fousheé, YUNGMORPHEUS, Zelooperz, MAVI, Koncept Jack$on, Peso Gordon, B. Cool Aid

Produced By: iiye, Chuck Strangers, Budgie, Ohbliv, Graymatter, Ewonee, Ahwlee, Black Noi$e

Track List: $mokebreak, Oatmeal, 3 Dope Boys, Shawty, L’s, Good Word, Tha Divide, Remote Relocation, Blame, $moked Outro

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