Misc. Day – Harsh Rarity


It is astoundingly rare for an EP to catch such attention as much to warrant a full write-up, but HERIOT from the UK has quickly become a rising star to watch. With only three tracks as an appetizer to the full-length that drops in April; 2022 already has a first-comer for one of the heaviest records.

The beatdown begins with the title-cut “Coalescence” which meticulously sculpts and constricts around the audience. Similar to bands like LEECHED or the Boston hardcore outfit Vein.FM, there is this metalcore base that surrounds around intense riffs and bass grooves. The four-piece has moments of this new coming hell but also experience playstyles where HERIOT instrumentally is incredibly focused and tight.

Especially looking at “Near Vision” where the shortest track, ranking in at just under two minutes has some graceful builds and punishing breakdowns. The bass and percussion get tied into a shouting match where this trifecta is equal parts ugliness, aggressive, and also communicative. Each key component ties together as if the match was constructed with perfection in mind.

Easily one of the more interesting and engaging sounds of hardcore lately, HERIOT takes “Near Vision” and is able to illicit positivity that transposes through Coalescence. While yet to release a full-length project, April heeds to be the marking of territory and excitement.

Finishing the three-track EP with “Enter The Flesh,” HERIOT instills back to these roots of classic beatdown hardcore without clouding the new source material. The guitars are a blitz and walls of death erupt around the audience with feet flying and bodies being piled into mounds. HERIOT seems to balance this with what appears to be two different vocalists, one to handle the growls and one to be a complete jackal on the microphone.

The display from both becomes animalistic and crushing before “Enter The Flesh” slides into this inevitable and foreboding silence.

The entire EP spans seven minutes and 22 seconds which gets the bearings down and instills this gorgeous display of sonic takeover. Without putting too much gas on the fire before the record drops, HERIOT is absolutely a group to keep close eyes on.

Listen To Coalescence Here!!! – BandCamp/Spotify/iTunes

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