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Misc. Day – Drone Strikes

The concrete walls never seemed closer than when Sex With A Terrorist unleashes a seven-minute crush down with claustrophobic areas of effect through malicious healing. Over only four tracks, Demo by Sex With A Terrorist carves into the earth in the same way that… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Drone Strikes”

Misc. Day – Three-Ring Circus

In the internet’s age of absurdity that can also reflect almost otherworldly talent through genre-blending. Who knew that comedy and electronic jazz fusions with power violence could be such a digestible meal of 17 minutes. Clown Core, also now known as one of the… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Three-Ring Circus”

Misc. Day – Die Faster

Nothing about Holy Death speaks of rebirth or the passage that a cold demise brings, instead on their new EP Deus Mortis, the desert stretches farther and is more sprawling than before. Tuned low and more into a vein of dooming hardcore, Holy Death… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Die Faster”

Misc. Day – Mechanized Steel

“Are things better? Or worse the second time around,” describes Morgan Freeman over one of the most anticipated records for the past four years since the initial inception of Savage Mode. Both 21 Savage and Metro Boomin might come from an establishment in the… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Mechanized Steel”

Misc. Day – E, A, D, And G

With hands outstretched and strings flex, Christopher Tignor not only is able to assemble a world of sound through one-man-band tactics of production. His atmosphere that is surrounded by both the comfort of familiarity and the uncertainty of the incoming future, Tignor is a… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – E, A, D, And G”

Misc. Day – Foreign Policy

In 2020, the idea of 100 people climbing over each other to grab at a microphone, sweating, and aggressively struggling under scorching stage lights might seem impossibly foreign. But with Hot and Flustered by Cold Meat, they thrive in the chaos where the unexpected… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Foreign Policy”

Misc. Day – Black Light

The fascination that black metal takes on with death and the occult is less of an unhealthy obsession and more of a realization of the dark arts that transpose history. One of the more unknown masters of the puppet strings hails from Marseille, France,… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Black Light”

Misc. Day – Moonrocks

The Dirty Souf might be one of the biggest birthplaces for a unique sound that ties to hip-hop. Born by DJ Screw and Three 6 Mafia as the main benefactors, their influence on the modern age has been from the underground to the mainstream… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Moonrocks”

🅩 Week Of Frank Zappa – Day One 🅩

Uncle Joe Frank Zappa has a catalog that not only requires months to delve through the now 117 official releases but also has a musical ear that can find some of the technique and chord progression closer to jazz or an unidentifiable genre. While it… Continue Reading “🅩 Week Of Frank Zappa – Day One 🅩”

Misc. Day – 2409 Shady Avenue

In a frantic flashback to 2012, the cramped, almost 5×5 bedroom where pot smoke and noise that can resemble a track, but can’t be ultimately pinpointed can be found. The middle school dwelling somewhere outside the city limits of Pittsburgh had 10 to a… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – 2409 Shady Avenue”

Misc. Day – Ovr Yu

The immense disparity that can occur in instrumental music is a turning point to introduce sound that is both fascinating through sonic approach and texture. The layering that Holy Other can encapsulate and then conquer with is not only a fascinating section of land… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Ovr Yu”

Misc. Day – Underneath The Lake

Producing closer for a horror film masterpiece rather than the mosh pits they are accustomed to, Cloud Rat from Michigan has a stance to make with their 2019 release, Do Not Let Me Off The Cliff. An impressive display of sorrow and dark-wave sound taps into… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Underneath The Lake”

Misc. Day – バンシー

Bones has spent years adapting to the woodlands known as musical landscapes and has been able to circumvent the exclusivity of a record contract, creating his own trail through the darkened wilderness. Sometimes by gaslight, sometimes by burning campfires, Banshee is Bones’ versatile predator-prey… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – バンシー”

Misc. Day – Comedic Footprint

Wyatt Shears is not just 1/2 of The Garden with his twin brother Fletcher Shears but also dives into his own separate full-length project with experimentalism as the basis for creation. Enjoy, while being less refined than their joint venture, has staples of surf-rock but… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Comedic Footprint”

Misc. Day – Stygian Dusk

Deserts can be one of the most inspiring pieces of biomes that inhabit not just sprawling landscapes with areas shaped by years of erosion, but the desolation factor is at times, unbearable. Holy Death channels this unsustainable environment, molding much of the Mojave into… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Stygian Dusk”

Misc. Day – Tasmanian Geographic

2011 was a fascinating year for personal growth, but truly the timeframe is iconic for the burst of Death Grips and their debut record, Exmilitary. If going by year, this would have to be the most personally influential record that shattered the borders of… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Tasmanian Geographic”

Misc. Day – Classes For The Occult

Foreboding is a term of endearment to describe the black metal and atmospheric hell that Dark Buddha Rising is able to embody. Like a living, breathing representation of The Testament Of Solomon, a commanding force of spiritual energy of both malicious and infectious comes… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Classes For The Occult”

Misc. Day – Monday Morning

Where the man appears to feel as if he was on Mars, so far removed from the general principle of society is when an artist can dig hands into the dirt and come out with something resembling worth. On LIL BIG MAN, Maxo is… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Monday Morning”

Misc. Day – Synthetic Hell

Machine Girl is the musical equivalent of smashing your dome into the shatterproof plexiglass walls that stands as freedom beyond the inside minds of chaos. Every second on U-Void Synthesizer is loud and bombastic, but a belligerent mess that becomes grimier with each dissection.… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Synthetic Hell”

Misc. Day – Silky Ink

There are moments in a musician’s career where they hit a peak for both popularity and musical expertise in creating a defined sound. With Future, it seems that he has had nothing but peaks throughout his long-spanning onslaught. But it was with his 2015… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Silky Ink”

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