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Misc. Day – Bad Acid Trip

Though only a duo, consisting of Brian Gibson and Brian Chippendale; the Thrill Jockey incorporated group Lightning Bolt is electrifying on their sixth studio record, Fantasy Empire. Like an indescribable bad acid trip, Lightning Bolt has to be experienced to really get a grasp… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Bad Acid Trip”

Misc. Day – Obsidian Ambitions

Vegyn has perpetually been involved with being the outsider on most of the recent spins for records as an associated artist that is related to the main personal inflow. Whether JPEGMAFIA or Archy Marshall, there is something underlyingly connecting about the oxygen tank that… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Obsidian Ambitions”


Like a panic attack waiting to happen, LINGUA IGNOTA is based entirely around tension. Similar to a third-act of your favorite horror movie, CALIGULA is the anxiety built up and prepared to explode on the screen, capturing both the glimmer of knives and the… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – BLEEDING MADONNA”

Misc. Day – Melted Wicker

Through the stained iris of Baton Rouge’s Thou and Los Angeles’ Emma Ruth Rundle, there is a real beauty to isolation. Their 2020 release May Our Chambers Be Full was one of the strongest releases of the year and came through to hold an… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Melted Wicker”

Misc. Day – Love One Another

From the inception of the ravaging percussive crunch coming from the backburner of HEALTH’s metallic and synthetic world, VOL. 4 :: SLAVES OF FEAR is meant to inflict pain; but not on the listener. Surprisingly, HEALTH actually is able to break the chains set… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Love One Another”

Misc. Day – Training In Dakar

There is more to be said about the history of Blue Note Records than there can be said about the importance of American History. The way that the record label operated and opened in 1939 and was home to Cannonball Adderley, Art Blakey, Miles… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Training In Dakar”

Misc. Day – Fall Into A

Future; the place where Cities Aviv resides, sometimes borders on both the avant-garde and reality. Where paint melts but at the same time creates a rippling effect of distorted beauty. On their 2015 collaborative project with Collect Records, Your Discretion Is Trust becomes unique… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Fall Into A”

Misc. Day – Let Hell Purify

Across the pond lays Thy Dying Light, a trance of devotion to the dark arts that begins from the start of 2016 to the end of time. As their June 2020 self-titled release marches down against the tides of war, Thy Dying Light has… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Let Hell Purify”

Misc. Day – East Village Wizards

In this overexpanding age of punk influence that clashes like metallic boulders into rap and electronic production, Bob Vylan holds a special mantle in the hearts of crust everywhere. Originating from London, the extremely British accents that shine through the microphone like Ian Dury’s… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – East Village Wizards”

Misc. Day – Tenement Kings

Precursors to punk rock and new wave are able to form the foundation for bands like Shitty Life that combine the free-based writing and guitar work on their 2018 release Switch Off Your Head similar to the work of screaming gods. Opening with 12… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Tenement Kings”

Misc. Day – Lavender Swirl

Don’t let the fast breakneck bass and percussive combination fool you, at first glance; Hunger For A Way Out by Sweeping Promises is smooth to the touch and immediately an injection of serotonin from the cold world. The bedroom pop begins from the inception… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Lavender Swirl”

Misc. Day – Atlanta’s Snowman

Yeene-enno that when Jeezy is able to step through the hallowed concrete cemetery disguised as Atlanta and into the living room of the listener on Trap Or Die 3, he is able to establish himself as the alpha male in the room. With a… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Atlanta’s Snowman”

Misc. Day – Unknown Ether

Detroit was once the pinnacle of an automotive industry but in the backing always had this underlying vein of musical talent that rose to the top as a bubbling cream in a cup of scorching coffee. With the Bruiser Brigade that helped put names… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Unknown Ether”

Misc. Day – Desecration

From the initial inner workings of the harsh building synths and atmospheric percussion that is more spacious than the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, Altar Of Plagues on their third and final recorded venture are able to constrict and nearly abolish light on… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Desecration”

Misc. Day – Drone Strikes

The concrete walls never seemed closer than when Sex With A Terrorist unleashes a seven-minute crush down with claustrophobic areas of effect through malicious healing. Over only four tracks, Demo by Sex With A Terrorist carves into the earth in the same way that… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Drone Strikes”

Misc. Day – Three-Ring Circus

In the internet’s age of absurdity that can also reflect almost otherworldly talent through genre-blending. Who knew that comedy and electronic jazz fusions with power violence could be such a digestible meal of 17 minutes. Clown Core, also now known as one of the… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Three-Ring Circus”

Misc. Day – Die Faster

Nothing about Holy Death speaks of rebirth or the passage that a cold demise brings, instead on their new EP Deus Mortis, the desert stretches farther and is more sprawling than before. Tuned low and more into a vein of dooming hardcore, Holy Death… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Die Faster”

Misc. Day – Mechanized Steel

“Are things better? Or worse the second time around,” describes Morgan Freeman over one of the most anticipated records for the past four years since the initial inception of Savage Mode. Both 21 Savage and Metro Boomin might come from an establishment in the… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Mechanized Steel”

Misc. Day – E, A, D, And G

With hands outstretched and strings flex, Christopher Tignor not only is able to assemble a world of sound through one-man-band tactics of production. His atmosphere that is surrounded by both the comfort of familiarity and the uncertainty of the incoming future, Tignor is a… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – E, A, D, And G”

Misc. Day – Foreign Policy

In 2020, the idea of 100 people climbing over each other to grab at a microphone, sweating, and aggressively struggling under scorching stage lights might seem impossibly foreign. But with Hot and Flustered by Cold Meat, they thrive in the chaos where the unexpected… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Foreign Policy”

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