Misc. Day – The Horrors Of War

Cobalt’s Gin is an explosive, adrenaline-filled, love letter to metal music and an instantly recognizable golden standard in musical production and the true abrasive nature of musical ability. With only two members, Cobalt quickly rushes onto the scene and makes their appearance more grand than a thousand red carpets, more influential than fifty spoken word…… Continue reading Misc. Day – The Horrors Of War

Misc. Day – Lighting The Fires

Belus is the twisted son created by Varg Vikernes, the mastermind behind the black-metal, heavily-anticipated, long-winded band, Berzum. Originally sprung in the music industry as a producer of his own low-budget, ambient and deathly focused sounding records that Vikernes himself went onto stating, “wanted the worst recording quality possible”. The lo-fidelity works of art slowly…… Continue reading Misc. Day – Lighting The Fires

Misc. Day – The Foundation Grows

Black Marble could have survived in the early 80’s, among the racks of VHS, Laser Discs, and Cassette Tapes; Black Marble is a wonderful piece by piece look into the past, while keeping a progressive forward-thinking future in mind. It is most easily described by Ghostly International, a record company that houses Black Marble, “Black…… Continue reading Misc. Day – The Foundation Grows

Misc. Day – The Empty Skies

Subtly is an important factor when building intrigue and mystery behind a piece of music. Some artists can struggle with this key component and thus their music has no real flare or true depth. Loss is a band that transcends against the grain and builds an entire album on both the fact that their music…… Continue reading Misc. Day – The Empty Skies

Misc. Day – The Richmond Powerhouse

When people think of Virginia, the thought of Colonial America might form, or perhaps images of trees and sprawling forests, maybe the fantastic hills that the “Birthplace of the Nation” has to offer. There is however, a select few people who know the urban legends that spawned from the Richmond underbelly and Nickelus F is…… Continue reading Misc. Day – The Richmond Powerhouse

Misc. Day – Give Into Aggression

Where does the center of punk music lay? Does it have roots dating back to the earliest ages of the ancient Egyptians? Does it spawn from the first days of the missing links? Could it possibly have started with the sudden eruption scientists describe as the Big Bang? I personally do not know, but I…… Continue reading Misc. Day – Give Into Aggression

Misc. Day – Stomping On You

WOODBOOT does not care who they hurt, who stands in their way, the lo-fi duo works together to stomp their way into the scene with their 2015 release, Crime Time. Holding a candlelight to an artist is difficult, but WOODBOOT fills a mold of power, blazing riffs, and a focus on being approachable as a…… Continue reading Misc. Day – Stomping On You