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Diversity in sound, specifically jazz and funk becomes an element that is irreplaceable to each record. With Telemakus on The New Heritage, much of that newfound beauty comes from the guest instrumentalists and improvisational skills that each member withholds.

They begin the 14 track LP with “Awaken – Intro,” featuring only Telemakus here, the multi-multi-multi-instrumentalist handles a plethora of sounds here. Everything from the piano and synth bass to the clavinet, and drum production; even the arranging and compositions were completed by Telemakus.

The whimsical nature of “Awaken – Intro” stems almost directly from the use of the Rhodes and Wurlitzer electronic pianos that work to be these stretched-out pieces of sound that represent a glimmering atmosphere. This same atmosphere transitions into “You Ready” which features Marcelo Soler on the percussion and Tane on guitars and bass. The grouping together illustrates a straight-forward and direct line into the indirect with freeform jazz.

“You Ready” is blitzing at points but continues to push and punch through this sound barrier with loop delays and tape effects as if it was pressed in the 70s. The riff lines from Tane become second nature to follow and the grooves from Soler are rapid and almost cut through the soft play styles until the midpoint where a drum and bass tonality is introduced.

The breakbeats in which Soler creates are elusive and snap the body into movement almost involuntary. Pieces that follow like “All Of This” obtain a different range and strike less on being avant-garde and instead opt to be more narrow in the scope of sounds used. There are more featured artists, but also a better instructive plan on directions to be taken into account.

Ted Taforo features on the Tenor Sax and compositions while CARRTOONS clashes through with the bass. A lyricist is introduced, Gavin Grant who is one of the only uses of vocals on The New Heritage.

Personally, the record thrives on such a huge instrumental focus and almost indirectly becomes this catchy earworm. Tracks transition from one to another without any sense of missing the segue. Telemakus orchestrates beauty to the hands and transpires the speakers to become more of a tool to the ears than ever.

Spacious but somehow full of life, gorgeous, and still keeping an edge to the sound, The New Heritage comes in this golden age of sensibility that can directly transport listeners to another place in the universe.

Listen To The New Heritage Here!!! – BandCamp/Spotify/iTunes

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