Misc. Day – Inhalation Crystals


A record that seemed to be created for the internet, a glitchy and vaporwave-esque description of sound follows through death’s dynamic shroud in their 2015 release, I’ll Try Living Like This.

Formation which occurs in the ethereal realm, death’s dynamic shroud occupies the early hours of the morning where the thrill is gone and only the consistent desire for rest occurs.

The first noticeable thing on I’ll Try Living Like This is just how shattered and scattered the production is. The collective hivemind of James Webster, Tech Honors, and Keith Rankin attach themselves to the distant but somehow current age of spacious instrumentation that is littered with sampling and vaguely recognizable key fragments of core memories.

With the opening track, “너 땜에 맘이 맘이 맘이 맘이 괴로워요 (Because Of You, My Heart, My Heart, My Heart, My Heart Is In Torture)” becomes this whimsical and distorted melody of chiming crystals and screwed vocals where the pitch is lowered and the sense of smoke can fill the atmosphere. death’s dynamic shroud is not entirely human to the approach and instead feels as if the conglomerate was a distinction and dissection of tangible love.

Especially with the soft gentle caresses on “이보다 좋을 수는 없겠어 (Nothing Can Be Better Than This)” where instrumentally, death’s dynamic shroud is calming and almost has this sentiment to become entirely sentient at one point. When the sampled vocals are introduced, the frame becomes staggered and slurred until the conflict lies with each portion of the album.

This is the theme for I’ll Try Living Like This to become a fractured piece of marble, beautiful to the gaze, but ultimately cracked and has this overwhelming feeling of uneasiness. This uneasiness follows with “내 마음은 떨고 (My Heart Is Wavering)” where the production appears almost as if it was cascading down a flight of stairs. At the bottom of this descent is an easy-to-follow dance routine instrumentally that punches the splintering vocals atop against a grain of harsh synths and warping power.

While I’ll Try Living Like This becomes clocks in almost perfectly an hour at 59 minutes, death’s dynamic shroud is a fantastic addition and introduction into some of the hybrid vaporwave aesthetics with electronic dance flags and whistles attached. The intensity of some of the performances here make the audience to be trapped in this unrelenting, never-ending arcade game where the motherboard has been compromised and the screens are a mess of pixels.

Listen To I’ll Try Living Like This Here!!! – BandCamp/Spotify/iTunes

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