Misc. Day – Burial At Sea


Synonymous with Atlantis and the coastal remnants of the brink of an aquatic burial, Clams Casino quickly makes a wave through production and ethereal atmosphere creation. On the 2021 record Winter Flower, this abstraction approach to sound shows sunshine and also a creep through the dungeons of performance.

Opening with “Water Theme,” the cascading synths that bring depth to the record are a fantastic start for the serotonin reserves. Where Clams Casino first made an introduction personally with A$AP Rocky’s Live Love A$AP mixtape. There was this immediate attraction to the percussion and a sense of depth to the instrumentation.

Combining both the fascination of metropolises and the isolation of oceanic currents, Clams Casino becomes the golden standard for atmospheric production. Appearing like this apparition of Good Christmas Past, Clams Casino brings more of an uplifting and reminiscent tone on Winter Flower.

In particular with “Water Theme” where the percussion stomps in but never becomes overwhelming or aggressive. Instead, the heavy-footed display is a characterized embodiment of glory and embellishment from the sunshine.

Later pieces take “Misty” to form a robust framework with these subtle cymbal splashes near the midpoint of the track. The remainder of the instrumentation is this howling mix of wind and desolate use of space. Showing a sense of identity within the work, Clams Casino is almost instantly recognizable for their vocal sampling and fry.

“Misty” continues to be one of the first tracks off Winter Flower that makes a lasting impression on just how much airflow is in the production. With a fairly simple boom-bap on the bass and snare, the main layering of the track comes from the airy synth pads and texture-based sampling.

With most of Winter Flower being this atmospheric think piece of artistic direction, “Emblem” is the track where the mausoleum walls become a museum for the audience. The main instrumentation comes from these Eastern Asian-esque flutes and chimes while harsh waves crash against sea walls and rocks.

The environment that Clams Casino creates with each record and track especially on Winter Flower becomes this widow’s peak where the eye can see what appears to be miles. While sand and sediment pile up near the audience, the curvature of the Earth is less overwhelming and is instead a place marker for sound.

Winter Flower is eight tracks over 16 minutes and there is enough of a gap for the listener to immediately want to dive back under the water again for another swell. Captivating and engaging, Clams Casino appears to be this ghostly icon of lost sound.

Listen To Winter Flower Here!!! – Spotify/iTunes

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