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Classic Day – Terror Squad Rep

Off sheer size alone, Big Pun had a terrifying presence to him. The rapper that gave Biggie a blow for blow comparison, Pun was quick to make his debut record one of the strongest displays of vocal delivery and breath control. Capital Punishment is… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Terror Squad Rep”

STREAMING // (Albums) C. Scott – “Transmissions + Conjugations”

Listen Here – BandCamp (Transmissions)/BandCamp (Conjugations) Track List (Transmissions): About Time, Straight Up, Pass To, Can’t Stop Now Track List (Conjugations): Intro, Unique, Dissociate, Rings, It Doesn’t Matter, Body Strong, Caliban Dollar Bin, Falling, Unison, Outro

STREAMING // (Album) Cookin Soul – “MF DOOM Tribute”

Listen Here – BandCamp Track List: Intro, Everyday Is DOOMsday, Mos Def Skit, A Villainous Adventure…, 303 Skit, Kingdom Of Latveria, Mask Skit, Face Made Of Metal, Planet DOOM, Madlib Outro


Listen Here – BandCamp Featuring: Bruiser Wolf, Danny Brown, Fat Ray, Quentin Ahman DaGod Produced By: Skywlkr, Raphy, Black Noi$e, Gulley, Squadda B, Cartie Curt Artwork By: Zelooperz Track List: Intro, Table Service, Kash Doll Type Beat, Brown Noise, Twilight, God Goku Jay-Z, PPP, Destiny,… Continue Reading “STREAMING // (Album) J.U.S. – “GOD GOKU JAY-Z””

Misc. Day – East Village Wizards

In this overexpanding age of punk influence that clashes like metallic boulders into rap and electronic production, Bob Vylan holds a special mantle in the hearts of crust everywhere. Originating from London, the extremely British accents that shine through the microphone like Ian Dury’s… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – East Village Wizards”

STREAMING // (Album) DREGS – “Built To Rot EP”

Listen Here – BandCamp Recorded + Mixed By: Nikolaus Preglau Mastered By: Sasha Stroud Cover Artwork By: Dima Track List: Intro, Mourn The Dead, Intoxicated, Curse/d, Built To Rot, Dust To Dust, Death Threat

STREAMING // (Album) Escante – “2020”

Listen Here – BandCamp Vox: Christian Gabriel Bass + Vox: Boria Guitar + Vox: Omar Elsafty Drums: Miggy Alvarado Vox: Reptilian Deluxe Track List: Intro, Grande Criminales, Lo Que El Mundo Evita, Señor Oficial, Irritación Social, Cárcel Artificial

New Music – Halloween On Christmas

“Candlesticks in the dark visions of bodies being burned” was a bar from Geto Boys that was striking enough to replay in the mind even far after “Mind Playing Tricks On Me” ended. Now nearly 30 years after the initial release, clipping. who has… Continue Reading “New Music – Halloween On Christmas”

Misc. Day – Mechanized Steel

“Are things better? Or worse the second time around,” describes Morgan Freeman over one of the most anticipated records for the past four years since the initial inception of Savage Mode. Both 21 Savage and Metro Boomin might come from an establishment in the… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Mechanized Steel”

Classic Day – A Bitch To Contain

Live records are not usually featured as the results from most artists do not obtain major changes in the production or reproduction from the original records to the live settings. With Rock ‘n’ Roll Animal by Lou Reed, he is this phantasmic caricature of… Continue Reading “Classic Day – A Bitch To Contain”

Classic Day – Not My Homie

Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ was the first hip-hop record I ever saw in a store and could remember the cover for. The shattered glass fixated on 50 Cent’s rosary piece, to the intimation factor that came from the bold letters shouting “50 CENT”… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Not My Homie”

Classic Day – Goodfellow Falls

For a grindcore record that can immediately shatter the speakers is not a feat of misunderstanding, but to strike a nerve of utter fear through instrumentation and lyrical narration is something The Secret can thrive under. Their 2008 record Disintoxication is the sacrificial lamb that peels back… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Goodfellow Falls”

STREAMING // (Album) Master P – “No Limit Chronicles: The Lost Tape”

Listen Here – Spotify/iTunes Featuring: Maine Musik, Krazy, BlaqnMild, Romeo Miller, Moe Roy, Shootie Wild, Gangsta, TEC, Peewee Longway, Kirko Bangz, Magnolia Chop, Master P, Playbeezy, Decarlo Track List: Intro, Need To Know, Real Ones, Make It Out, Still Remember, Believe, Aint Coming Down, Cursed… Continue Reading “STREAMING // (Album) Master P – “No Limit Chronicles: The Lost Tape””

New Music – Inside The Glass

To be trapped, exiled, or even ignored, captures this sound that Entry is able to blast through on their Southern Lord debut, Detriment. The 14 minutes over nine tracks is quick; blink and the moment might be missed but the aftermath leaves piles of… Continue Reading “New Music – Inside The Glass”

STREAMING // (Album) C. Scott – “Shur Save Flips 2”

Listen Here – BandCamp Produced + Mixed By: C. Scott on the MPC2000XL + SP404A Cover Art By: Dante Lombardi (Derty Bird) Track List: Intro, Gotta Get Up!!!, Systemic, I’m Not There, One Chance, Stacy Adams Fedora, U Are The Reason, What U Are, On… Continue Reading “STREAMING // (Album) C. Scott – “Shur Save Flips 2””

New Music – Year Of The Brat

2020 has been quite the wild ride, but it is a perfect mate to the newest record from Rat Cage. The Screams From The Cage is a record that simply wants to fracture skulls and puncture eardrums. From the overtly beaten and shrouded in… Continue Reading “New Music – Year Of The Brat”

Classic Day – I And I Survive

Pitting the two standout records from punk rock monuments has its difficulty. On one hand, the Bad Brains were this overpowering force stemming from positive messages that were influential for years following, on the other, they crafted a stage presence that was bigger than… Continue Reading “Classic Day – I And I Survive”

STREAMING // (Album) Withstand – “Withstand”

Listen Here – BandCamp Withstand: Alan Popoli, Scott Muir, + Trevor Machinia. Engineered, Recorded, + Mixed By: Thomas Costello Mastered By: Will Killingsworth Track List: Intro, Stress Response, Disengage, Lines, Thresh

STREAMING // (Album) Skepta X Chip X Young Adz – “Insomnia”

Listen Here – Spotify/Amazon/iTunes Featuring: Dirtbike LB Tracklist: Mains, Golden Brown, Waze, Demons, St Tropez, Insomnia Interlude, Star In The Hood, Mic Check, Traumatised, Sin City, High Road, Intro

New Music – Paid in Full

The past three years have been impossible to avoid the takeover that Griselda Records has had through impeccable rap projects, controversial artistic drive, and sinful nature that is humanistic under the callous exterior. Now when one of the bosses in the army, Conway The… Continue Reading “New Music – Paid in Full”

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