Misc. Day – Breakbeat Surprise


EDM and dance music as a collective genre is something that never fully appealed to the ears personally, until realizing the energy that it holds in a live setting. Seeing strangers and bodies form to be one giant two-stepping conglomerate still strikes ecstasy into the brain and becomes second nature to move beyond flexibility.

That deep love originally comes from N64 cartridges with some of the greatest percussive stomp sets known to man. NANORAY’s TILT takes those inspirations like Super Monkey Ball or Donkey Kong Country and forces a hand to dedicate space on the ears for sonic regression.

As “Intro” begins with the subtle atmospheric and spacious mapping of sound, NANORAY is gorgeous in the sequencing. The synth keys that range can create humanity to an otherwise synthetic instrumental bout. The sewers of sound are the moments before a final boss fight, the drip of water and sludge through mud is this technic wonderland of imaginative performance.

As the following track “DogWalk2000” spawns from the feedback, the building nature is the title card screen that folds from black into the main game. The meat of the track becomes this frantic breakneck boost of blitzing percussive drum and bass combined with charming tournament-style chimes. The excitement begins with “DogWalk2000” as a motion blur of crowds form around the listener, enwrapping them in cosmic walls of noise.

One of the more standout instrumentals comes as “DesktopBuddy” where the sporadic breaks and sampling of Japanese-esque narration becomes impossible to decipher among the bass that could shatter glass. The body is destined to jump around as “DesktopBuddy” contorts and twists to be this metallic overcoat on a truly turbo beat.

Speed is the name of the game for NANORAY on TILT where another track, “Myzt” spends much of the near three minutes at a constant adapting of clashing percussion steps with 808s that flash in the frame like power-ups. The snare that rattles to be the carrying factor for much of the music on TILT is practically a jungle-esque diving board.

The audience spends time not just playing catch up to NANORAY but is adept at taking time to understand the layering that TILT sets forth. By the 10th listen, it all begins to become cohesive through the sound. No longer pieces of nostalgic love, now the future is all that matters to NANORAY.

Winding down around the final track, NANORAY never seems to falter even after the audience is fatigued by 30 minutes of straight shifting. Going from overdrive to hyperdrive on some pieces, TILT is an instrumental dreamscape where nothing but raves and soundscapes matter.

Listen To TILT Here!!! – BandCamp/Spotify/Amazon/iTunes

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