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New Music – Face In The Gutter

Fairly well-known for the ability to constrict and bend audiences to his will by sheer instrumentation and rhyme schemes, Lil Ugly Mane from Richmond is an ambidextrous force of nature. In his newest record VOLCANIC BIRD ENEMY AND THE VOICED CONCERN, Lil Ugly Mane… Continue Reading “New Music – Face In The Gutter”

New Music – Sequel Blues

They say, “A sequel is never as good as the original.” I don’t know who “they” are, but it’s apparent that they have never heard This Thing Of Ours 2 from The Alchemist and his merry group of super friends. This Thing Of Ours… Continue Reading “New Music – Sequel Blues”

New Music – Fruition Of Damage

There are not many bands that can crush and fracture bones quite like Full Of Hell in the chamber of isolative noise. Through their newest 2021 release, Garden Of Burning Apparitions is a quick but memorable beating through 20 minutes and 12 tracks. Opening… Continue Reading “New Music – Fruition Of Damage”

New Music – The Anti-Album

Always well known for bordering on the obtuse and indirect for hip-hop, Injury Reserve was one of the genre’s most exciting underdogs of a three-man weave that trades in the sonic cityscapes for twisted deserts of sound. Records like 2016’s Floss was one of… Continue Reading “New Music – The Anti-Album”

New Music – Sounds of Confusion

Gunfire, smog, death, annihilation; all continuous notions that The Bug can collide with on their newest record, Fire. While it may be the musical equivalent to a city being coerced to ash, the inhabitants represent the fear on those 14 tracks. Space becomes The… Continue Reading “New Music – Sounds of Confusion”

New Music – Roll The Clocks Back

Sometimes change can really orchestrate a split in a fanbase and either leave audiences with wide-eyed faces of frozen fear, or pure joy. In Deafheaven’s case with Infinite Granite, the change is welcome and becomes almost an entirely new band. Always well known for… Continue Reading “New Music – Roll The Clocks Back”

New Music – April 20th, 1889

Since the birth of Richard Mille watches and Margiela split toes, Westside Gunn has been tapped into the fashion and confrontation of hip-hop while maintaining this ability to combine a strict regimen of consistent drops. Nearly a militia at this point, Griselda Records quickly… Continue Reading “New Music – April 20th, 1889”


As a waning wax melts against the glass tables of Fabergé and cathedral candles, a lone red light spawns from the windowpane where images of blood and Christ reflect. At the head of the mass, LINGUA IGNOTA is harrowing but beautiful. A soul trapped… Continue Reading “New Music – A PLACE TO BURROW”

New Music – Heisman Trophy

Based on the range of creating action from storytelling, Boldy James is captivating; especially when The Alchemist is on the production side of things. While this is not their first meeting together, audiences can only pray that it is not the last either. There… Continue Reading “New Music – Heisman Trophy”

New Music – Homecooked Meal

Since the dawn of time and sound, it seems that Pink Siifu has had this underground smooth legacy that was almost an urban legend hidden behind the guise of the internet. Now, after seeing him live what seems like every week, hearing him discuss… Continue Reading “New Music – Homecooked Meal”

New Music – Sink Into Silk

It’s been a long time coming to hear from King Woman once again, and delivering a world of woe and thunder; their 2021 release Celestial Blues is as dangerous as it is blindingly beautiful. Early in the record’s 40-minute runtime, Celestial Blues takes a… Continue Reading “New Music – Sink Into Silk”

New Music – Mourning Sun

As castles crumble and the horrible night is vanquished by the morning sun, Dawn Ray’d instead opt to thrive within that darkness and resemble some true period pieces of black metal style on their 2021 release, Wild Fire. Consisting of only two separate tracks,… Continue Reading “New Music – Mourning Sun”

New Music – Uncle Ricky’s Dead            

How many records does that make for BONES now, I mean we have to be well into the hundreds since his first initial inception from the grave. From the foundations of forming TeamSESH which has become an underground hip-hop army at this point, InLovingMemory… Continue Reading “New Music – Uncle Ricky’s Dead            “

New Music – Long Beach Legend

Vince Staples, the album by Vince Staples is an album about Vince Staples. While digesting the Long Beach, California native rhymes over the production coming once again from Kenny Beats, there is a fascination that comes from the seaside burial that Staples develops. Growing… Continue Reading “New Music – Long Beach Legend”

New Music – Nowhere To Run

Encased in the ice and hidden beneath the snow flurries of Montreal, Backxwash takes a momentary step back, further adapting into becoming the maiden of the tundra through darkened, industrial beats and delivery. Tracks like “PURPOSE OF PAIN” are entirely based on the eeriness… Continue Reading “New Music – Nowhere To Run”

New Music – The Fucking Progress

It is impossible to talk about the progression of an artist and to not bring up Tyler, The Creator, someone who is able to capture an audience as a shocking performer to now being a cultural hero for more than just the strange skater… Continue Reading “New Music – The Fucking Progress”

New Music – Punch The Clock

“It’s been a long time coming,” describes Your Old Droog on Tha YOD Fahim, his collaborative project with Tha God Fahim. It might take some time to notice his foreshadowing, but Droog takes a collective look at the abstract and the physical on his… Continue Reading “New Music – Punch The Clock”

New Music – Devil May Cry

Cut your hands and weep as the blood drains from those shallow palms and begins to paint prisms of somber decadence, Rabbit Rabbit Radio is the sadistic soundtrack to a demise. On their newest collection of sorrow, Rabbit Rabbit Radio, Volume 4 – The… Continue Reading “New Music – Devil May Cry”

New Music – Happy Friends

It may not seem like it from the cover art on Contradicciones, but the instrumental fashion and work from Las Hiedras are electrifying. Like a childhood drawing, the ability here of Las Hiedras is colorful, loose, and done in entirely crayon. Opening with an… Continue Reading “New Music – Happy Friends”

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