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New Music – Carnival Of Souls

The weird experiential cousin of hard electronic noise that clashes with the beauty and elegance of indie-rock hits the forefront with SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVE on their newest hellscape, ENTERTAINMENT, DEATH. Opening with the track “ENTERTAINMENT,” the silver-tongued devils enact with walls of bleeps… Continue Reading “New Music – Carnival Of Souls”

New Music – The Slow Melt

One of the newest fascinations with metal sounds and atmospheres comes PUPIL SLICER on Mirrors, a glitchy and primarily distorted throwdown to being trapped in a whirlpool. There are moments of grinding intensity that shocks through the system and collects the marrow as if… Continue Reading “New Music – The Slow Melt”

New Music – Inhale… Exhale…

Production from a record is a vital piece to building the atmosphere and world that allows the sound to exist. Whether a noisy assault on the ears or a subtle creep, the subsonic tiers are important to shift the mind from a wandering mess… Continue Reading “New Music – Inhale… Exhale…”

New Music – Clawing Desperation

Smashing off the 2019 release of their emotionally tense record Dog Whistle, Show Me The Body quickly gave witness to why they deserved their section of concrete. Even while the world seems to slowly disintegrate around them, Survive is the only mantra needed to… Continue Reading “New Music – Clawing Desperation”

New Music – Slam Dunk Contest

Looking like the Ball family when they step on the track, Your Old Droog and Tha God Fahim share even gameday stats on the joint venture Tha YOD Fahim. Like a call back to the victory lap, Tha YOD Fahim is everything exciting about… Continue Reading “New Music – Slam Dunk Contest”

New Music – Unscrupulous Pawn

It might only be 13 minutes, but the newest record from Seattle’s own Regional Justice Center forces a hand of overtly destructive power through sonic oppression. Crime and Punishment takes 10 tracks at around nearly a minute each on average and pulverizes the audience… Continue Reading “New Music – Unscrupulous Pawn”

New Music – Socially Distant

From the extremely British delivery that appears from the lead singer, Shame is immediately enticing through the boyish allure of adolescent sound and outbursts. On their newest 2021 release, Drunk Tank Pink not only refers to the psychology of jail cells but the cell… Continue Reading “New Music – Socially Distant”

New Music – Kraut Pop

More fun than the elements of dance undertones, Billo’s Die Schiefe Bahn – Demo is a 10-minute exciting diversion from the norm of pop-rock. With extremely European influences, Billo is interesting over the six tracks they present, with just a three-piece of positive action.… Continue Reading “New Music – Kraut Pop”


Sometimes, you just wanna see something explode, and for only four-minutes, BLEED OUT is the firework catalyst. As they crack the surface on SPIT PROOF EP, the five tracks are aggressive with a blend of industrial and hardcore that has enough reverb to split… Continue Reading “New Music – IT’S BEEN A PLEASURE”

New Music – A Symmetry Of Pain

“I climb these stairs a dozen times a day and, by the open door, wait, looking in at where you died. My hands become a tray, offering me, my flesh, my soul, my skin.,” describes the poem “The Kaleidoscope” by Douglas Dunn. It may… Continue Reading “New Music – A Symmetry Of Pain”

New Music – Sinking… Dying…

Who knew Salt Lake City could be home to a new grave underneath the mantra of Enemy Lines. The four-piece outfit with more thorns and veins to fit a metallic garden, In Your Grave, makes 15-minutes of fireworks an exciting demise. From the opening… Continue Reading “New Music – Sinking… Dying…”

New Music – The Parabola Effect

It seems like a match made for the scammer in hell, Tony Seltzer has been a piece of some of the best tracks from 2020, and KEY! has been involved with the likes of gods lately. So putting them together is like a loosie… Continue Reading “New Music – The Parabola Effect”

New Music – The 7th Seal

Surprises can come in all types of packages, but with Gatecreeper they decide to go for maximum impact while keeping the serving size small. On their newest release, An Unexpected Reality is an early set star for one of the best records of 2021.… Continue Reading “New Music – The 7th Seal”

New Music – Send A Postcard

Your Old Droog has undergone these musical transitions since first appearing on the personal radar with Kinison. As his 2019 string of trifecta-esque championship run with It Wasn’t Even Close, Transportation, and finally Jewelry; there were always moments of Eastern European flair that never… Continue Reading “New Music – Send A Postcard”

New Music – Paint The Town Red

Man… for a record that seemed to have the entire world on standby just waiting to even sniff out some of the snippets that floated around the internet, Whole Lotta Red splits favored opinions like a red sea. Playboi Carti who rose to fame… Continue Reading “New Music – Paint The Town Red”

New Music – A Christmas Miracle

There are some moments where too many cooks in the kitchen can actually be a positive thing. In the case of Future and Lil Uzi Vert on Pluto X Baby Pluto, the spaceship takes off and seems to be a cascading dream that was… Continue Reading “New Music – A Christmas Miracle”

New Music – Iron Will

Often times black metal relies more on the creation of the still pattern that is steady and more ingrained with the motive of being a séance rather than any sort of intricate work. Akhlys is able to change that and become more frightening and… Continue Reading “New Music – Iron Will”

New Music – Halloween On Christmas

“Candlesticks in the dark visions of bodies being burned” was a bar from Geto Boys that was striking enough to replay in the mind even far after “Mind Playing Tricks On Me” ended. Now nearly 30 years after the initial release, clipping. who has… Continue Reading “New Music – Halloween On Christmas”

New Music – Put Me To Sleep

Public Acid isn’t just what needs to be implemented into the school system but is perhaps one of the more illustrative acts of 2020. For only being available over six tracks and a total of nine minutes, Condemnation EP is a powerhouse of punk… Continue Reading “New Music – Put Me To Sleep”

New Music – The Witching Hour

Somewhere out in the Californian desert lies a coven, or a conglomeration of members known as the Death Valley Girls who were infectious enough to catch the eyes of Iggy Pop and just about any ears they come across. On their newest record, Under… Continue Reading “New Music – The Witching Hour”

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