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New Music – Reflected Glass

Angel Olsen is an artist that no matter the record can have a distinct undertone that both absorbs the blow of loneliness, but also creates a deeper layer of isolation. On her latest 11 track record, Whole New Mess is less about falling apart,… Continue Reading “New Music – Reflected Glass”

New Music – Too Loud For Us To Hear

“It demands our attention,” coming from the opening track “Beneath The Earths Crust” might be the most fitting description of the New Jersey mutant squad, Ho99o9 (Horror). The genre-blending group of two (Eaddy and TheOGM) but often times three (includes Brandon Pertzborn) is a perfected blend of punk roots that… Continue Reading “New Music – Too Loud For Us To Hear”

New Music – We Used To

The reflective past that Griselda Records can hold through their main staples Westside Gunn, Conway, and Benny The Butcher are slowly becoming households name in hip-hop. There is another lyricist though that lives amongst the Detroit thunder and crashing of machine, Boldy James, and… Continue Reading “New Music – We Used To”

New Music – Drown In Blood

As the iron-based substance pours over your head, Gulch is ritualistic in their ability to submerge the listener in torture from start to finish. With their newest eight-track LP, Impenetrable Cerebral Fortress is just as deadly as a lethal injection but saves the audience… Continue Reading “New Music – Drown In Blood”

New Music – Inside The Glass

To be trapped, exiled, or even ignored, captures this sound that Entry is able to blast through on their Southern Lord debut, Detriment. The 14 minutes over nine tracks is quick; blink and the moment might be missed but the aftermath leaves piles of… Continue Reading “New Music – Inside The Glass”

New Music – Harlem Raised Dog

Don’t let the cutesy style for a cover art fool you, DOG is a record that belongs is the confusion of rampaging production and quick spit lines that fly by like the Lexington Avenue Local train. Kahlil Blu who has been a voice in… Continue Reading “New Music – Harlem Raised Dog”

New Music – Hand Crafted Horror

Skeleton is a cinderblock curb stomp through 27 minutes and 11 tracks on their newest, self-titled debut release. Every second spent with the Austin, Texas rangers leads to this deadly sense of killing ability that transposes more into forming cracks of the whip against… Continue Reading “New Music – Hand Crafted Horror”

New Music – Side Of Sauce

“My nuts dropped, first I got money and then power. Bitch I’m in this shit, like Burberry shirts at baby showers,” describes the rap game magician, Freddie Gibbs through a cloud of gun smoke and ash fit to suit a Francis Ford Coppola film.… Continue Reading “New Music – Side Of Sauce”

New Music – Indefinite Power

There is something fascinating about a New York narrator as he stands among the walls of a concrete jungle with iron horses and sounds of steel crunching around him. The grind of dusk hours to the smells of street life that erupt from the… Continue Reading “New Music – Indefinite Power”

New Music – L.A. in Ashes

California outfit Trash Talk has been flirting with disaster their whole careers spanning a deeply rooted stance in hardcore punk rock that borders on the intensity of a kerosene factory and the unity of a book of matches. When teaming up with the hip-hop… Continue Reading “New Music – L.A. in Ashes”

New Music – Corrosive Entity

Like lambs to a slaughter, the livestock in this case is the audience that has their balance teetering in END’s hands. In any way possible, Splinters From An Ever-Changing Face wants to obliterate the ears and rebuild a new species from the ashes. From… Continue Reading “New Music – Corrosive Entity”

New Music – Fading Ash

Mark Lanegan has a voice that is somehow coarse, but comforting. Relating mostly to a cigarette in the wounded morning, it burns and kills over the long time but in the moment, an effigy to emotionally distraught narration and conflict within one’s self. Accompanied… Continue Reading “New Music – Fading Ash”

New Music – Sharks In The Water

Where the waters and sands meet of thrash metal and a running leg drop, DRAIN would make Hulk Hogan proud based on their full sprint into the murky, shark-infested waters where the Santa Cruz natives thrive. From the initial moments, California Cursed is a… Continue Reading “New Music – Sharks In The Water”

New Music – East Coast Champs

Through the past nearly four years that Matt’s Music Mine has been established, there has always been this gravitation toward the artists that can manipulate an underground following into something more destructive and captivating as time progresses. Trailing WIFIGAWD and producer Tony Seltzer through… Continue Reading “New Music – East Coast Champs”

New Music – Solitary Confinement

Take the urge to burn anything that is established with the thundering hammers of 10,000 hard-body sucker punches, and essentially the lovechild of Fawn Limbs newest record, Their Holes Aroused By The Splinters Carved From Their Teeth will be born. Enchanted and resurrected from… Continue Reading “New Music – Solitary Confinement”

New Music – Year Of The Brat

2020 has been quite the wild ride, but it is a perfect mate to the newest record from Rat Cage. The Screams From The Cage is a record that simply wants to fracture skulls and puncture eardrums. From the overtly beaten and shrouded in… Continue Reading “New Music – Year Of The Brat”

New Music – Paid in Full

The past three years have been impossible to avoid the takeover that Griselda Records has had through impeccable rap projects, controversial artistic drive, and sinful nature that is humanistic under the callous exterior. Now when one of the bosses in the army, Conway The… Continue Reading “New Music – Paid in Full”

New Music – Amerikkkan Zombie

“What has America done for me, nothing… but made me a zombie,” describes the sample used on Nvsv’s 2020 release, What Have YOU Done. The opening track acts as a mirror that is not so much a broken reflection, but instead a cracking apparition… Continue Reading “New Music – Amerikkkan Zombie”

New Music – Boundless Beings

If being stabbed in the ears by syncopated grinding while nearly angelic voices carried over the subject, easing out of consciousness onto the unrelenting black death that follows, that picture painted would be by Sightless Pit. A trifecta with members Lee Buford of The… Continue Reading “New Music – Boundless Beings”

New Music – Don Kobold

Kiss My Super Bowl Ring is the newest endeavor from twins, Wyatt and Fletcher Shears who make up one of the more interesting duos of music. The Garden houses the brothers under a helm of protection that balances and teeters between punk rock and… Continue Reading “New Music – Don Kobold”

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