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STREAMING // (Album) Action Bronson – “ONLY FOR DOLPHINS”

Listen Here – BandCamp/Spotify/Amazon/iTunes Featuring: Yung Mehico, Hologram, Meyhem Lauren Produced By: The Alchemist, Budgie Beats, Daringer, DJ Muggs, Harry Fraud, Samiyam, Tommy Mas Track List: Capoeira, C12H16N2, Latin Grammys, Golden Eye, Mongolia, Vega, Splash, Sergio, Shredder, Cliff Hanger, Marcus Aurelius, Hard Target

STREAMING // (Album) Samiyam – “I got shit to do”

Listen Here – BandCamp/Spotify/Amazon Mixed and Mastered By: Jon Wayne

Misc. Day – No York!

Hailing from the golden halls of Los Angeles, the sunset mornings of some of the West Coast’s golden opportunities; Blu is the authenticity in a city full of actors. His 2013 release York is a collective of beautiful and futuristic boom-bap hip-hop that is… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – No York!”

New Music – Tubular Times

Samiyam is simply prolific in the way that he can manage to create timepieces with his music, a stance that is glitched and warped at a glance; but at most times is a auditory journey of themes through sound. Samiyam’s newest work, Pizza Party… Continue Reading “New Music – Tubular Times”

New Music – The Twenty-Two Song Saga

Animals Have Feelings by Samiyam pushes the modern boundaries of the mostly instrumental album. It brings spacious sounds and the use of different era’s sounds to paint the wild journey that is the framework of Animals Have Feelings. Samiyam brings life to the already… Continue Reading “New Music – The Twenty-Two Song Saga”

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