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STREAMING // (Album) Knxwledge. – “Koko”

Listen Here – BandCamp Track List: lateonyarent, whoshere, seeeulatr, whynot, tendrly

Classic Day – Long Time Coming

When searching through the internet crates of back catalogs on what records to cover for the following weeks, a record that I continuously revisited seemingly month after month but never discussed was J Dilla’s Donuts. A record that has given many of my personal… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Long Time Coming”

STREAMING // (Album) Knxwledge – “1988”

Listen Here – BandCamp Featuring: NxWorries, Durand Bernarr, Rose Gold

STREAMING // (Track) Knxwledge – “Learn / Howtokope.”

Listen Here – Youtube

Misc. Day – Autonomous Being

A three-piece outfit from Los Angeles, California might be a story heard before, but Automatic is the synth jam band that primarily bends the sound to fit their own framework. As Izzy Glaudini, Halle Gaines, and Lola Dompé combine to incorporate a taste of… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Autonomous Being”

STREAMING // (Video) Blarf – “Boom Ba”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube

STREAMING // (Video) Blarf – “Banana”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube

New Music – Sinking

Through a gleaming gloss, Sudan Archives arrives with the second project being released under Stones Throw Records. It is a mix of plucking violin strings, a grinding motion of percussive instrumentals, and a silky voice to match; Sink is an 18-minute journey of clean… Continue Reading “New Music – Sinking”

Misc. Day – Casting Stones

Jonwayne is an immaculate producer, there is no way around it. His mixed compilation Cassette on Vinyl, is a rhyme-scheme dream that reflects on the consciousness of the Californian capturing of sound. He is not alone however, he moves with Jeremiah Jae, Zeroh, and… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Casting Stones”

New Music – Tubular Times

Samiyam is simply prolific in the way that he can manage to create timepieces with his music, a stance that is glitched and warped at a glance; but at most times is a auditory journey of themes through sound. Samiyam’s newest work, Pizza Party… Continue Reading “New Music – Tubular Times”

New Music – The Abstract Machine

Stones Throw Records is home to some of the most immaculate, off-the-wall producers and musicians that the industry has ever seen, but none are more abstract, more distant from the line of normality than Vex Ruffin. Ruffin has always been wiling to work for… Continue Reading “New Music – The Abstract Machine”

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