New Music – Sinking


Through a gleaming gloss, Sudan Archives arrives with the second project being released under Stones Throw Records. It is a mix of plucking violin strings, a grinding motion of percussive instrumentals, and a silky voice to match; Sink is an 18-minute journey of clean production and heavenly style.

From the first moments of the clamoring chimes that suddenly transition to the shifting bass and warped sense of frame, Sudan Archives takes opens a solid tone that follows throughout the rest of Sink. The self-titled track holds a simplicity factor that makes it approachable as a first impression, but with the deeper layering of synth chords and the bass that eventually starts to flood the atmosphere; “Sink” becomes this opening of the glimmering gates.

“Don’t let me down, just let me drown” Archive explains through this reverbed, almost dream-state where the instrumentation starts to rise her voice up to the foreground. The spotlight and attention is on her voice as the incredibly crisp production starts to fade to the silence that transitions into the following track, “Nont For Sale”.

This is where Archives starts to showcase her ability to create these instrumentals with violins and use different experimentation behind the progression of her sound. In a continuous cycle, Sinkalways wraps around and follows in a pop heavy balance of approachable tracks that have some sort of variation to the mix. Whether changing the way her voice is manipulated to fit a broken mold, the way that the instrumentation flows in tandem to her style, or how Sink just simply rolls through in these quick motions. There is something special behind Sudan Archives’ Sink.

Shown well on the track, “Mind Control” where Archives takes a slowed, more relaxed and sensual approach to her vocals and instrumentation. The down-tempo production starts to reflect some of the more beautiful moments on Sink where the music is the main focus as the vocals start to act more as a background element. The shine is still present throughout Sink, but on “Mind Control” it is less focused and seems more of a simple melody that eventually swallows Archives in the final silence.

Sink is simply gorgeous at times, but it also has a short run time with six total tracks that definitely has some room for more content. It is a quick getaway from the barriers of standard sound and an experiment in creating a shifting background sound.

Listen To Sink Here!!! – BandCamp/Spotify/Amazon/iTunes

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