Misc. Day – Casting Stones


Jonwayne is an immaculate producer, there is no way around it. His mixed compilation Cassette on Vinyl, is a rhyme-scheme dream that reflects on the consciousness of the Californian capturing of sound. He is not alone however, he moves with Jeremiah Jae, Zeroh, and Oliver the 2nd to accomplish this mix of percussion and straight rhymes that can echo throughout Cassette on Vinyl until the somber end.

Opening with “Gross”, a glorifying vocal mix of a symphony of sound that can shoot down and lay upon the soulful mood of boom-bap beauty. His voice is charismatic, but does not go smoothly over the instrumental. It is a clash of style that is interesting to the ears and almost questionable. The production on Cassette on Vinyl is distant, while Jonwayne’s own voice is closer and almost constricting on the instrumentals that are present. The mix is capturing however, and Jonwayne has a distinctive style that continues over the fluttering and record scratches that make the incredibly layered and deeply floating style of “Gross”, even the transition into “Raw Shit”.

A little deeper passed the surface level lays “Raw Shit”, a morphing instrumental that uses a multi-layering of almost organ-esque chords that shift and vibrate make the breakdowns. There are the sampled and heavily-distorted vocals that Jonwayne and Jeremiah Jae easily introduce their own lyrical styles over. Jonwayne is slightly overpowering through his voice, although he changes the flow and the movement of the production, Jonwayne stays similar in his approach to the plate.

It is where Jonwayne lets the instrumentals take hold and control the emotion, as on the track “Altitude” where the the introduction is smooth and easy-going. Jonwayne is slowly sliding into frame and delivers a touching, but sullen verse that depicts, “I swear to god I saw my dead friends in the sand dunes, the faces blew away in the wind, I knew they had to”. Jonwayne’s style is attractive when he is relaxed, and almost slurred as the production folds the frame and becomes bigger than the box around him.

Cassette on Vinyl is powerful and shows a stance of Jonwayne’s simple, but substantial journey. The mix that he chose from his previous releases is able to stand-out through the strong production and variable filled verses. Jonwayne moves to a structured movement and is able to both produce and rhyme with ease.

Listen To Cassette On Vinyl Here!!! – BandCamp/Spotify/Amazon/iTunes

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