New Music – Please Hate Me


In just the first three minutes spent with LUSTSICKPUPPY on their newest EP AS HARD AS YOU CAN, the brain is reduced to a steaming pile of atomized mush. Vaporized beyond recognition, AS HARD AS YOU CAN is a quick five tracks over 12 minutes of electronic punishment.

Based in the realm of an audience’s favorite BDSM fantasies, LUSTSICKPUPPY is aggressive, frantic, but more collected and progressive in sounds. Adapting from the singles dropped leading up to AS HARD AS YOU CAN, instrumentally this is LUSTSICKPUPPY’s best work.

To match the onslaught of ripping sounds, narration from LUSTSICKPUPPY jumps and bites at the audience like a well-trained guard dog. Opening with the title track, “AS HARD AS YOU CAN” is immensely fast to follow and transitions through almost three different planets in one swoop.

Tension is LUSTSICKPUPPY’s best friend here and turning the gears to become a lord of chaos, LUSTSICK thrives in it. The instrumentation is a stomping and pounding mix of 808s and warping synths that crush as much as they change.

A lyrical mosh pit enforces while LUSTSICKPUPPY describes, “I’m just lost in all the body heat, the sheets I’m gripping, holding on I’m slipping. Feel me dripping, cut me open, kill me.” With elements of drum and bass beginning to flood the frame, they return to continue on. LUSTSICK becomes increasingly intense, describing, “I just wanna feel you, I want you to feel me. Feel me, eat me. Treat me like I’m filthy, feed me, feed me. I want you to need me, I want you to need me.”

In the following track, “BOTHERED” is a hyper mix of amazing build-ups and use of control. Featured is none other than Bonnie Baxter who recently has been flying high on the radar for her work in Prolaps and Kill Alters.

This team-up transposes just a simple featured verse and instead shows prowess in technicality for aggression and delivery. “BOTHERED” acts as if it was a mantra to be repeated and revisited time and time again. The hook that illustrates, “Have to act like it doesn’t bother me, have to act like it doesn’t bother me, have to act like it doesn’t bother me” is just enough repetition to engrain within the head.

Catchy but still a dangerous flash, LUSTSICKPUPPY takes AS HARD AS YOU CAN to be a perfect tea-time date with belligerent EDM. In an almost beautiful way, LUSTSICKPUPPY pulverizes through sonic ability and leaves a wake of crushed egos and bruised bodies in the remnants.

Listen To AS HARD AS YOU CAN Here!!! – Youtube/BandCamp/Spotify

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