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HEALTH quickly makes a jump to the multiverse of an alternate future where industrial soundscapes and metallic wars are being fought constantly. Striking some distance with their DISCO tapes that often feature an eclectic amount of guest musicians; HEALTH on DISCO4 :: PART II is in full control of a soothsayer destruction.

False idols can bear witness to the twisted beauty that DISCO4 :: PART II cements into the skull through the guise of POPPY on “DEAD FLOWERS” or the feature of Nine Inch Nails on the following “ISN’T EVERYONE.” Somehow underneath all that hardbody exterior, there is an angelic nature to the chaos and crushing mobility that HEALTH can display.

“DEAD FLOWERS” as an introduction starts strong and is the materialization of harsh synth progression and intense percussion to match. POPPY is almost ethereal to the mix and stands above the smoldering and wilting instrumentation below them.

HEALTH acts not just as a trio for one of the best collections of social media accounts via Instagram but is a triforce of real prowess to production. Continuing to impress from their earliest endeavors, DISCO4 :: PART II is an area where their expertise for collaboration and the ability to pull the best of performances from people continues to inspire.

The track “ISN’T EVERYONE” was released as an early single for DISCO4 :: PART II and besides the obvious connection of Nine Inch Nails and HEALTH being in the same room, the meeting of the minds pays off vividly and was quickly one of the best tracks for 2021. Now seeing it as a complete picture for DISCO4 :: PART II in 2022, the other pieces on the record make this connection seem like a small fragment of this arching puzzle.

Later tracks like “COLD BLOOD” which features Lamb Of God are blitzing and show the adaptability that HEALTH holds in their hands. In a similar way to how Full Of Hell and HEALTH were able to divide and conquer in this hammer and anvil tactic. Lamb Of God follows a similar suit and is unstoppable here, delivering one of their best tracks in years. The addition of HEALTH’s Jake Duzsik on the vocals ties in this perfect blood-stained bow around the mix.

Duzsik on vocals becomes one of the epicenters for HEALTH’s instant recognizability, pairing that with artists like Street Sects or The Body who are better known for their ability to crush and destroy instrumentation; the mix becomes the best of both molds.

“THE JOY OF SECT” is especially interesting to dissect as Street Sects is able to mix these margins of growls, shrieks, and eventually howls into the pipeline with clean vocals over stomping percussion and one-two steps. The fun of DISCO4 :: PART II comes in the transitions however and the following piece with EKKSTACY is a direct change in tone.

“STILL BREATHING” becomes this almost reprieve from the madness and slaughter that is DISCO4 :: PART II. It is unlike any other track on the record and marks a clear distinction sonically for HEALTH.

Amidst all the destruction, all the hell that HEALTH brings on, their melancholy style on “STILL BREATHING” is one of the more approachable and introspective performances on DISCO4 :: PART II. Through the soft vocals and the touching instrumentation, HEALTH appears nearly human for a change of pace. That humanistic tone will immediately disappear after “STILL BREATHING” ends, but the engagement is peaceful for once.

In the final moments, DISCO4 :: PART II is a graceful march toward some unrelenting end of life. While not a shocking demise, HEALTH is creative in their efforts and forces love where there can be hate.

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