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Flying off the rails of one of my favorite team-ups in 2021, Boldy James and The Alchemist jump together not playing a two-player game of Madden, but as an arcade duo going gold on Tecmo Bowl.

Games aside, the newest project from Boldy James and Alchemist holds Super Tecmo Bo as this extended release, hot off the stirred stoves of Bo Jackson. Over nine tracks, both Boldy James and Alchemist feel as if they were at the height of creating touchdowns like Brady and Gronk.

Throwing deep on the first introduction, a hut 1 is called and the ball is flipped back to Boldy. Full of relaxed spite, “Level Tipping Scales” is a beautiful beat from Alchemist that Boldy knocks down like a weakened defender.

Describing, “I talk choppers, been heartbroke since I lost Moxy. First half a mil’ niggas did it off of all Roxies. Can never be Big Meech, in love with tippin’ scales.” As the production slides into a stutter step of disguised keys hidden behind a smokescreen of stomping snare rumbles, Boldy James continues on.

The quick transition to “No Laughing Matter” is less of a freight train and more of a reflective display from Boldy James over a more uplifting and optimistic creation from Alchemist.

Beginning with a whirlwind of strings resembling a tornado of sound, Boldy James keeps the audience grounded with his verse. He illustrates, “If I ain’t got it, then Double’ll tote it, we got the same vices. Same prices that them hustlers quoted. Can microwave, open the stove and over the sink. Dropped out of Cooley, but in this street shit, I got double promoted.”

Nothing cuts as deep as the production on Bo Jackson, but Super Tecmo Bo uses the third piece, “Hot Water Tank” to resemble this doped-chopped bass line.

Running through the sidelines like a frantic wide receiver, Boldy James recruits ICECOLDBISHOP for the only feature on the project. Their higher-pitched delivery is a clear diversity within Boldy’s often freezing and low vocal approach.

Crystals appear in the eyes of ICECOLDBISHOP who is able to illustrate, “Back and forth, shell casings scattered across the concrete. Pass the torch, bullet fragments splash across your mom jeep.”

As stated previously, the production from Alchemist on “Hot Water Tank” becomes an instant favorite and head-moving device. The low tuned bass is a slug compared to the rushed whistles that chime to the ears. Similar to ICECOLDBISHOP and Boldy James, the instrumentation coincides with the differences to be one of the strongest team-ups in performance for Super Tecmo Bo.

Again, Boldy James and Alchemist work seamlessly to orchestrate on Super Tecmo Bo just as they did on Bo Jackson. 2021 seemed to be the year of the Bo as 2022 turns to be a hopeful year of favoring the bold.

Listen To Super Tecmo Bo Here!!! – Spotify/Amazon/iTunes

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