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Better late than never coming, Axe Rash seems to worry less about time and more about the emotion attached. Like a guillotine aiming straight for loose necks, Contemporary Ass is a five-track EP that just barely dusts over the 12-minute mark.

Some hardcore punk from Stockholm Sweden, Axe Rash is a four-piece that immediately erupts through “Gig Life” where each integral piece of the puzzle resembles C4. Explosions ring the ears and in a similar fashion, the shouting from Hilda is animalistic but still cognitive.

The lyricism that orchestrates, “Short rides, gig life. You give change to make change, save cash on your ride things stays the same. Pay change to modern slaves, you’ll never change.” Axe Rash sparks moments of genuine intrigue as the band transitions from being the harsh swelling to sudden impact.

Tension, like most factors, becomes Axe Rash’s most valuable tool as they jump straight from “Gig Life” into the minefield that is “Madonna/Whore.” With a chorus that describes, “I’m the Madonna, I’m the whore, I’m so much more.” The guitar features Jerka while the bass is handed by Agnes. This two-headed monster wouldn’t exactly be the same without Leo on the percussion who create this instrumental tri-force.

Godly but never overreaching, Contemporary Ass has some frankly beautiful moments of sequencing and playstyle. The flurry of fists and limbs crammed into a tiny, D-I-Y venue becomes the home for Axe Rash.

Though only five tracks total, Contemporary Ass splits the atom like a hydrogen bomb and packs enough punch within a small package that delivers on all fronts. The strength comes directly from the energy where Axe Rash reaches into “Buy Your Way Out.”

Opening with growls and howls, Axe Rash instrumentally combines to be a tidal wave of punk performance. Overcoming the enemy like 1000 suns, Axe Rash lets Hilda stand tall enough to crush.

They describe, “Money abroad, the maid in your home. Buy your way out, you’re self-possessed over dead bodies, ideologies dead.” As sonic grenades crash against the bunkers of ears, Axe Rash etches into the walls for everyone in the audience to see.

They shout together, “Your opinions are accessories, you change when they’re out of style.” Overarching into realms not thought reachable, the body contorts and breaks into tiny fragments once Contemporary Ass reaches the end.

Unity is just as important as tension here and Contemporary Ass formats eyes on a leader. Axe Rash takes this newfound leadership and drives the crew into the ground with ripping strings and blitzing passion.

Listen To Contemporary Ass Here!!! – BandCamp/Spotify

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