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Classic Day – Mountains Of Ice

On the cusp of a new millennium, Sigur Rós captures the essence of both the isolative factor of being completely alone in a crowd and being encapsulated by awe-inspiring views of the tips of the Northern Hemisphere. As sunlight seems to drown out and… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Mountains Of Ice”

STREAMING // (Album) Tuba Skinny – “Mardi Gras EP”

Listen Here – BandCamp Cornet: Shaye Cohn Trombone: Barnabus Jones Clarinet: Craig Flory Resonator Guitar: Max Bien-Kahn Guitar + Vocals: Gregory Sherman Tuba: Todd Burdick Snare Drum: Robin Rapuzzi Bass Drum: Magda Boreysza Recorded + Mixed By: Max Bien-Kahn Artwork By: Magda Boreysza Track List:… Continue Reading “STREAMING // (Album) Tuba Skinny – “Mardi Gras EP””

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