Misc. Day – A Quick One


In this beautiful exploration of revival through Drum-N-Bass, Jungle, and especially the use of the Amen Break in this subculture of internet sound; Dr Bastardo is a breakcore heavyweight through just the use of four tracks.

Death To All False Rave !!! is a 2008 release that holds an immense breakneck speed to the style of juke and rave. Rugs can get serrated into bite-sized pieces by the end of the 20-minute record, and the brass majority of synth horns blasting through the speakers are delightful to the powder-stricken ears.

Opening with “Cocaine Babylon,” Death To All False Rave !!! is just fast enough to be flaunting and attract the eyes and ears before dissipating into smoke. “Cocaine Babylon” especially has a real sense of attractiveness to it. The all-percussive release takes the method of making obscene hits of 808s mix well with authentic percussion.

Dr Bastardo never finds a moment to have silence or stillness in the production, Death To All False Rave !!! This forceful nature is similar to firework displays or the wires of a massive server room catching flame. At times, Dr Bastardo can come off as overwhelming, but using fades to the mix throughout, “Cocaine Babylon” almost entirely is enough to stand for the record.

The complex patterns, the overbearing punch through, and the rapid snares are enthralling and push to this unknown center point of experimental pressure. The following track “Dubplate Assault” is a quick transition into a similar use of force but through different methods.

The glitched and stuttering nature of “Dubplate Assault” is sporadic and holds the listener at more attention to adaptation. Dr Bastardo becomes this warped chaos on Death To All False Rave !!! as the record continues. The stumble through harsh kicks and sudden breaks continues to evolve more and more fluent with each track.

Perhaps the most explosive and utterly chaotic is “Revenge Is A Dish Best Served With A Brick In The Face” where the rising and falling snare tones are hellish over the blown-out bass. Death To All False Rave !!! makes a point to be aggressive and directly in tune with the audience, never stepping out of swinging range.

However, “Revenge Is A Dish Best Served With A Brick In The Face” mixes the action slightly and drops into this agitated EDM swing beat where the breaks are ignored for a moment and the boom-snap of snares and crushed delays become the norm. Dr Bastardo finds no peace within Death To All False Rave !!! and as the title suggests, the comedic beauty of breakcore finds a slumber with the final track “Death Brap”

Still immensely overwhelming as a percussive stance, “Death Brap” has this build-up that becomes intense when the boiling point is reached. With this dwindling mix of consistent 808s on the eighth note, “Death Brap” opens the floodgates at one point and forms this large-scale warfare of sound.

Truthfully gorgeous in sequencing, Dr Bastardo takes one last look into this abyss of breaks and smashes through the glass on Death To All False Rave !!!.

Between the broken and impossible to track at time percussive bursts to then the formation of all puzzle pieces to fit, Death To All False Rave !!! is the remnants of fun on wax in a perfect, bite-sized package.

Listen To Death To All False Rave !!! Here!!! – BandCamp/Spotify/Amazon/iTunes

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