MISC. DAY – Alice In Neverland


Chicago has been a birthplace for an immense level of expertise and prowess toward music, especially in jazz and hip-hop. From the city’s champions like Kanye or Chief Keef, LUCKI deserves a spot on the Mount Rushmore of sound.

His newest project WAKE UP LUCKI hits right before the year turns over into a new leaf with 2022. Teaming up with Working On Dying’s producer F1LTHY, the team-up isn’t exactly new, but WAKE UP LUCKI is explementary as a continuation of LUCKI’s style.

Opening with “USED 2 BE,” much of LUCKI’s draw is the way that he can ride over these harsh 808s and destructive hi-hats with ease. Especially now being involved in the scene for nearly 10 years, the performance becomes identifiable and iconic at this point.

The production from F1LTHY adapts to be focused and can hunker down on LUCKI, creating this symbiotic relationship. Together, they are living and feeding off of each other as one hand washes the other.

LUCKI has no features either, which is common for his releasees but it is a refreshing moment to have him as the sole narrator for the record. Especially when he illustrates some truly personal lines on “USED 2 BE” that illustrate, “Flawless as I used to be, wondering if you root for me. You look like the reason that I’m rappin’ on this beat. Milligram Matrix, you dish it or you take it.”

As the duo transitions to “NEPTUNE VS. INDUSTRY,” LUCKI becomes more up-tempo and aggressive on delivery. It is a welcome change to the often calm and subdued descriptions from the Chicago native, becoming a boxing match with F1THLY. The piece feels quick, attacking at the forefront and then running to disperse after only a single verse layered between two reworked choruses.

Even though the tracks here seem to fly by on the 27-minute project, 12 songs become the perfect blend of wanting to be revisited immediately after but to also resonate with the audience.

One of the standout pieces, “U.G.K.” is one of the most industrial of all the production here for LUCKI. The bass here is abrasive and conquers over every other element of the instrumental. LUCKI who spends more time illustrating, “Who need them to tell you, you the G.O.A.T.? I was just racing, pouring up to problems I was facing. Cold pillow sleeping with a ghost… Higher than the ones that didn’t make it.”

For an artist so based on their own downfalls and realism of fame at an early age, LUCKI can package and format a superstar emotional draw on the track “SPARKS VISION.” A more rapid beat from F1LTHY pictures running through the city with 5% tint and no cares in the world.

Speeding but still in control, WAKE UP LUCKI is solid but becomes a precursor to something larger, more special that LUCKI has in the vault. He gives but also withdraws himself to be more calming and gentle instead of being a new bruiser.

Listen To WAKE UP LUCKI Here!!! – Spotify/iTunes

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