STREAMING // (Album) Macroblank – “OCCULT”

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Track List: Untitled, Inner Lights, Don’t Let Go, Frozen Lake, Earthlings, Busy Days, Voices In The Dark, Memories, Remember Death, Victim, 0058317


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STREAMING // (Track) Arcade Trauma – “Bamantoon”

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SUNDAY SAMPLER // (Playlist) “11/20/2022″

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“A playlist of tracks that were featured on from the week of November 14th – 20th. From Reviews to Streams, never miss a track with these playlists that are uploaded every single Sunday till I drop dead.”

Featuring: Show Me The Body, Kill Alters, Corbin, Conclave, Toribio, Roc Marciano, The Alchemist, AKAI SOLO, Footshooter, $ILKMONEY, Young Nudy, Strychnos, Heyy Bitch, Single Mothers, DA$H, PnkPantheress, Kendrick Lamar, Kelela, Death Valley Girls, Westside Gunn, Westside Pootie, Molecular, Hus KingPin

Track List: Demeanor, Food From Plate, Lost Rivers, Promise To Me, There’s Enough, The Elephant Man’s Bones, DEMONSLAYER, Turning – Radio Edit, I Ate 14gs Of Mushrooms And Bwoy Oh Bwoy, Ready, A Mother’s Curse, Bitter Cold, Baby Bird, TOMAHAWK, Do You Miss Me?, Rich Spirit, On The Run, What Are The Odds, Mac Don’t Stop, Nigo Louis, Surround, Fantasy

STREAMING // (Track) Hus Kingpin – “Fantasy”

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STREAMING // (Album) Molecular – “Surrounded EP”

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Featuring: MC Gusto

Track List: Acid Funk, Crazy Man, Beanie Roller, Surrounded, Who Goes There

STREAMING // (Video) Westside Gunn – “Mac Don’t Stop & Nigos Louis”

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STREAMING // (Track) Douvelle19 – “Anthem (Skepta)”

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STREAMING // (Video) Kirk Knight – “Walkthru”

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Video Edit: GNO.ETHER

STREAMING // (Track) Death Valley Girls – “What Are The Odds”

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Full Release On: February 24th, 2023

STREAMING // (Track) Kelela – “On The Run”

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Full Release On: February 10th, 2023

STREAMING // (Track) Waterfront Dining – “Starfall”

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STREAMING // (Video) Kendrick Lamar – “Rich Spirit”

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Directed By: Calmatic

Production Company: pgLang, Prettybird

Executive Producers / pgLang: Kendrick Lamar, Dave Free

STREAMING // (Video) PinkPantheress – “Do You Miss Me?”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube

STREAMING // (Track) Da$H – “Tomahawk”

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Produced By: Whitey Bulger

STREAMING // (Album) Single Mothers – “Everything You Need”

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Track List: Enough For You, Nausea, O-Zone, Throw, Soak, Baby Bird, Things, Too Many Choices, Anytime Anything

STREAMING // (Album) Heyy Bitch – “Eternal Pt. One”

Listen Here – BandCamp

Track List: Eternal Pt. One, Derealization, Bitter Cold, Untitled, Melt Down, Untitled Two, Season of The Witch (193 BOM DJ Bitch Mix), The Hole At The Center Of Everything

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