Classic Day – Bathory Motives

A revolution has been coming for a long while, everything has a life cycle and this extends into the foregrounds of music where even the most experimental of albums have a lifeline. A place where geniuses are forgotten about, a place where a sound can be replicated a million times and never be remembered, a…… Continue reading Classic Day – Bathory Motives

Misc. Day – The Foundation Grows

Black Marble could have survived in the early 80’s, among the racks of VHS, Laser Discs, and Cassette Tapes; Black Marble is a wonderful piece by piece look into the past, while keeping a progressive forward-thinking future in mind. It is most easily described by Ghostly International, a record company that houses Black Marble, “Black…… Continue reading Misc. Day – The Foundation Grows

New Music – My Graduation

In Honor of me graduating high school today… I am not writing anything serious and I am just going to throw out a list of bands that I have been listening to on repeat for the last few weeks… Most of these bands have already been mentioned on this site and have been reviewed/showcased… Well…… Continue reading New Music – My Graduation

Classic Day – Seeing Red

The legacy of punk music is a vast and extensive list of aggression, community-based organizations, and a focus on originality and identification. Minor Threat is not just another addition to the vast majority, they are one of the corner marks of music and there can not be a conversation about punk music without bringing up…… Continue reading Classic Day – Seeing Red

Misc. Day – The Empty Skies

Subtly is an important factor when building intrigue and mystery behind a piece of music. Some artists can struggle with this key component and thus their music has no real flare or true depth. Loss is a band that transcends against the grain and builds an entire album on both the fact that their music…… Continue reading Misc. Day – The Empty Skies

MMM’s Musical Exhibition Band Showcase Number Five – Javed

If the 90’s could be reimagined and repackaged through a modern age, Javed would come the closest to making a time machine of sound and one of the dopest records to come out of hip-hop in a long time. The level of class that Javed reinvigorates into his music and which then, in turn creates…… Continue reading MMM’s Musical Exhibition Band Showcase Number Five – Javed