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a0821797768_10Through the frantic radio static and horrendous sampling that leads to the descent into madness; Gost is more than a satanic apparition. Gost is the musical embodiment of mental anguish and spiritual murder. Shown well in the 2018 release Possessor, Gost is a feverish dream of sampling, death growls, synthesizers, and originality that is unmistakably recognized for the frightening nature and otherworldly sound.

Horror is the key motive behind Gost as the stage presence and the occurrence behind the screaming invokes some sense of malicious intent. Ultimately, Possessor is at the surface level a disturbed graveyard creep, but at further inspection and through a much brighter lens, Gost is truly an artistic visionary. Painting only what can be called as macabre, Gost demands the listener’s attention with the self-titled track “Possessor”. Focusing on the revolution of Satan’s grasp on the world, Gost is a dark magician that begins to slowly form cold dead hands wrapped around the listener throughout Possessor. The way that they are dragged down through the chilling words of “I will be avenged” as the following track, “Garruth” jumps into frame with headstrong guitar chords that line up in front of a drum machine to deliver the backbone.

Rigid, twisting, and ultimately destructive, “Garruth” is as terrifying as it is intriguing and the way that Gost mixes in the sampling is a perfect segue throughout Possessor. As well as the entire production line holding this sense of authenticity behind the instruments being used. It is also important to note that Gost holds a multi-genre album dsc_0479-copy_1161in its hand. At one aspect of the spectrum, Possessoris an electronic synth-based record that relies on the consistent snare and bass combination that floods a large portion of each track. Then at other times, Gost’s Possessor is a story based concept album of death metal that simultaneously destroys and rebuilds from the ashes.

There are moments when the death howls and harsh vocals are pushed to the outer edge and cleaner vocals are introduced. This again, moves the furniture of Possessor around and complements well within itself. At times, Gost is a punishing mess of noise that hurts and takes as it pleases, then other times, Gost is a docile creature of musical limberness that bends without breaking. The album almost tests the limits of just how far a record can go before it becomes an experimental and directionless movement, Possessor is close to that dotted line.

This warped realization of the multi-layered and deeply rooted record is quick to reaffirm the interest throughout. Gost adapts to the darkness and makes a home where there is despair. Without the movement of midnight cemetery synthesizers and the ritualistic howls, Possessor would be without the magic that makes it just so bleak.

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New Music – Philadelphia Torch Bearers

cover_1526316039001801The long awaited debut studio album coming from Philadelphia’s rising hardcore stars Jesus Piece, wants to inflict some damage. Only Self is a record that combines the earliest elements of their raw animosity and attributes some incoming tools of atmospheric work, punishing ability, and the relentless nature of a destructive spirit to make Jesus Piece a hurricane of hurt.

“Lucid” is the opening track that grinds up with a spacious use of reverb and then the sudden hammer coming down in the form of low-cut guitars and percussion that is as belligerent as it is exciting. Jesus Piece has been on the hardcore radar as of late for their way that they can remix the format of the genre and start to form their own cuts within the jagged edges of style. They stand as the newcomers with Only Self, taking some notions from their previous releases and making an impact with a refined core. The breakdowns have more weight, they can pulverize and almost cripple a track directly as shown well on the following “Workhorse”.

One of the better implementations of variation within the performance, there is this build and rush type of delivery that forms walls around the listener that suddenly close and cut out the lights. As the lines, “Break… Break… Break… Suffer” start to engulf around the sadistic and ultimately twisted approach, Jesus Piece makes it quite clear that they take no prisoners through Only Self.With the incredibly violent cast of Aaron Heart, David Updike, Luis Aponte, John DiStefano, and Anthony Marinaro, Philadelphia has never had a bigger crisis than when Only Self breaks into the multiple stages of despair.

Jesus-Piece-11-1With the lumbering push of “In The Silence”, this is actually one of the first tracks that takes the usual sucker punch and eases into it. It is a gradual dip into the pit, but a substantial one as it allows Jesus Piece to have this level of breathing room coming from the inside out. The bass is the real highlight of “In The Silence” as it forms the backbone to the seguing motions between the rapid runs and the daunting breakdowns to end the track.

The experimentation comes from the two part tracks both, “I” and “II” that allow Jesus Piece to have some solace within their death. The almost gentle, but still ghostly apparition puts the forefront of the adaptability and the real awareness of “I” at Jesus Piece’s finest moments. Then as “II” starts to form, the sound is then explored fully as the almost droning and immense caliber of space starts to use these hellish pieces of a puzzle. It forms a nice even break within Only Selfand leads off into the final track that shoots right back into the distraught and ugliness of abuse within a musical sanction. “Oppressor” takes Jesus Piece back into the darkness that illustrates the mosh pits and the overcoming sense of aggression. That within only mere minutes can take a crowd and have the venue crumble to ashes.

In one of the better displays from Jesus Piece and one of the best releases off Southern Lord Records to date, Only Self is a piece of work that wants to cause mayhem. They take the best elements of aggression, intensity, and experimentation and move them to the forefront of Only Self, causing an explosion of intrigue within the Jesus Piece name.

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STREAMING // (Video) Junglepussy – “All Of You”

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Director – Vashtie

Director of Photography – David Wept

Makeup Artist – Raisa Flowers

Producer – Adam Ben

Assistant Producer – Ricky Zanders

VHS – Snap

Gaffer – Shaunese Crawford

Edit & Color – David Wept & Bobby Lee Palmer

Assistant Camera – Jordan Serraf

Production Assistant – Finn Dickinson

Song Production – Kashaka & Shy Guy

STREAMING // (Video) Tyler, The Creator – “See You Again”

// Listen/Watch Here – Youtube


DIR: Wolf Haley

DP: Luis Panch Perez

PRO: Happy Place

Featuring Kali Uchis,



STREAMING // (Track) Freddie Gibbs – “Burn Rubber”

Produced By: The Colleagues // Listen Here – Youtube

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STREAMING // (Album) Young Nudy – “Slimeball 3”

Season 3 // Listen Here – Soundcloud/iTunes/Spotify/Youtube

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