Classic Day – Gold Records and Teeth

black_cover_01“I Dreamed that I was…hard” describes Andres “Dres” Vargas Titus on the first cut on A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing. The 1991 record coming from Black Sheep, the duo from Dres and William “Mista Lawnge” McLean. A direct affiliate of the Native Tongues, where the Jungle Brothers, A Tribe Called Quest, and De La Soul all lived under a similar umbrella. While Black Sheep’s rhymes might be similar, they stand out for their unique perspective toward abstract production and creative rhymes.

The flood of incoming horns and scratching percussion that has “Have U.N.E. Pull” one of the bumping first entrées coming from Black Sheep. While the record was widely successful before the 2000’s craze of hip-hop, A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing does not get the same respect that A Tribe Called Quest would receive throughout the years. The legacy still lasts through the rhyme schemes with Dres explaining, “I see you grinning I’m beginning to think we’re friends, and if we are friends then we are far from fools…” in that classic, almost corny style. A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing maintains the essence of Slick Rick’s prowess to rhyme and dance. Here, Black Sheep is continually bouncing from up-beat prances to the underground attacks on the boom-snaps.

The 22-track saga gives plenty of variety to choose from and gives more than just a standing ovation from the crowd. The larger hit and monumental bounce comes from “The Choice Is Yours” which still can be heard over speakers at barbecues, sporting events, or even parties.  “You can get with this, or you can get with that,” Black Sheep explains as they trade verses between Dres and Mista Lawnge. The real power comes from the sampling of various jazz records that shape the overall sound of A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.

black_live_01“To Whom It May Concern” follows and stays similar with the snare creating a clasping crunch while the rhymes flow smooth as butter. The saxophone that gyrates gives some sense of soul and variation behind Black Sheep. They are fairly experimental when coming to creating beats and the techniques that went into sculpting the soundscapes. As A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing bumps from one piece to another, the transitions are created to feel almost as if the entire album is being played over a single mix.

Before reaching the mid-point, Black Sheep has displayed diversity behind their craft. Through rhyming or mastering the 1’s + 2’s, A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing remains one of the better hidden hip-hop gems of yesteryear. Not only creating the dance heavy flows that move feet, but the lyrics that shift the gears in the mind and form an intelligent conversation to urban poetry.

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STREAMING // (Video) Soulja Boy – “Trappin Out Da Mansion”

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Directed By: colourfulmula


STREAMING // (Video) Oliver – “Danny Phantom”

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Directed By: Albus

Shot By: Aahj, Trey, and Albus

Edited By: Albus


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Featuring: Cindy Bluray, Magdalena, lonemoon<3, Mister

Cover Art By: Asharah Jyoti Saraswat.
Mastered By: Thomas Dimuzio.

Misc. Day – Disappearing Trees

deer_cover_01As the powerful, ominous synthesizers draw the listener in like Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. Becoming an ever-pressing threat of the unknown, between synthetic and authentic melodies. Before the other instruments can even enter the scope and grandeur, these synths lay the groundwork for what could sculpt an unexpected adventure in Deerhunter’s 2015 epic, Fading Frontier.

There is something draining about the unknown that follows through music. Whether old loves or new endeavors, the first impressions are everything. Through explosive blasts, progressive hits, soft engagements, gentle touches; the first moments are vital. These four-seconds seem to last a lifetime before the acoustic guitars finally break the surface tension. It is detrimental to recognize the tone that engulfs Deerhunter. They are a wet, feverish dream that brands themselves entirely through these folk-influences, but modern aged solutions.

With the increased threats of digital eras, Fading Frontier has a physical depth to it. The record is an inviting forest of slithering intent and hopefulness. As explained quickly in the first track, “All The Same” has Bradford Cox describing “My home, anywhere. Expect no comfort save for air, take it anywhere. I could leave or I could stay, wouldn’t matter much to me.” As the instruments begin to rise and form more affluence in variety, the vocals stay a simple chord-verse structure that leaves more warmth than distance. Fading Frontier avoids the slick, straight-forward approach and desires more as a form of imaginative productions.


With the use of atmosphere and space on “Living My Life”, Deerhunter does much to deviate the performance. Fading Frontier continues to be an ever-shifting piece that shows little in a sense of following patterns. The little hidden gems of The Shining where minute, almost impossible to notice details create this larger than the screen setting, Deerhunter follows suite. They match with significant, but minor details that continue to breathe new life into the tracks even after 100-plus listens. In terms of technicality, Fading Frontier is a record with a personality, something that almost lives and breathes through more than just the speakers or headphones.

Deerhunter achieves what often most cannot. As the life cycle is counting down, Deerhunter stays up-beat and approachable. The details are what makes the album a collective of organs, Fading Frontier has feelings, it bleeds, it lives, and it dies.

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_DSC0730_2993 copy

_DSC0732_2994 copy

_DSC0743_2995 copy

_DSC0748_2996 copy

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Production co: Little Moving Pictures

Director: Mancy Gant

Director of Photography: Tyler McPherron

Producer: Jeremy Summer

Production Designer: Maxwell Smith

Art Assist: Keri Shewmaker, Omid Matthew, Amira Barnett

Sound Recordist: Kevin Crawford

Gaffer: Alan Steinheimer

Grip: Chris Morgan, Vinnie Sooknanan, Sean Ly

1st AC: Dean Snodgrass

2nd AC: Luke Lasley

1st AD: Hilton Day

Wardrobe Stylist: Tori Secretario

Hair/Makeup: Angela Womack

Featuring: Chaz Bear, Anthony Ferraro, Patrick Jeffords, Andy Woodward, Brijean

Editor: Caleb Stumpfl

Colorist: Ayumi Ashley

Sound Mix: Kevin Crawford

Titles: Bijan Berahimi (Fisk)

Wardrobe provided by ReLove Vinage (SF)

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