It’s not very often that I put my personal life onto this page as it was mainly dedicated to highlighting some of the more exciting/engaging artists that I had stumbled on or fallen in love with over the years. Now, after seven years of posting consecutively, seven days a week, near 365 days a year. I am going to be putting Matt’s Music Mine on an indefinite hiatus or more than likely closure as I have now become less interested in posting writing about music and instead wanted to focus on the creation of music as an artist.

I always said that I never wanted to have Matt’s Music Mine feel as if it was a job or something that I had to put effort into caring about. It was a naturally occurring emotional love that I spent countless hours and poured what feels like truly tears and sweat into. I want to happily close this door and open a new one.

Matt’s Music Mine will always stay open as a domain and will remain as an archive for the future of looking back at a particularly wonderful time in my creative life. Rather than simply going through the motions and staying stagnant with posting and acting as if I still have a passion for this project. I instead, want to go out on a high note, explore future creative endeavors, and always keep Matt’s Music Mine in the sunlight, rather than letting it degrade into something straying from the original love and reasoning I started it in the first place.

So now onto the future…

I released an album in June called THIS ART HURT ME under the moniker MERCY. I’ve always had a sincere appreciation for dark and tormented art styles, so with MERCY, I’m excited to be breaking new creative ground and focusing on something that is completely out of my comfort zone.


I am actually dropping a single this coming Friday (time of writing Monday, July 31st, 2023) for my second project titled THE HUNGRY GHOST. Thanks for checking out Matt’s Music Mine and supporting me every step of the way. Hopefully, you can dance or fulfill that wish to die with MERCY as I traverse into a brand new field of art.

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