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New Music – Too Loud For Us To Hear

“It demands our attention,” coming from the opening track “Beneath The Earths Crust” might be the most fitting description of the New Jersey mutant squad, Ho99o9 (Horror). The genre-blending group of two (Eaddy and TheOGM) but often times three (includes Brandon Pertzborn) is a perfected blend of punk roots that… Continue Reading “New Music – Too Loud For Us To Hear”

STREAMING // (Tracks) King Nine – “Paradise” and “V.R.C.F.”

Listen Here – BandCamp Full album “Death Rattle” is out November 16th, 2018

Classic Day – Get Up and Go

Minor Disturbance is a near ten-minute fireball that uses raw percussion, shouting vocals and an emphasis on anger to produce one of the shortest, but most memorable sounds of hardcore of the 1980’s. With the combined efforts of Nathan Strejcek on vocals, guitarist Geordie… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Get Up and Go”

Misc. Day – The Everlasting End

From the city of champions, Eternal Sleep reigns with an iron fist that attacks full-frontally without a shred of mercy. Their debut release, Dead Like Me is a rampaging powerhouse that smashes its way to the hearts and ears of mosh pits everywhere. While… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – The Everlasting End”

Classic Day – Pioneers of Hardcore

Detroit is home to the mecca of the music industry, spanning a long history of both rock, rap, and the obvious, hardcore music that struck harder, moved faster, and took less mercy than any other city in the United States. Able to instill fear… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Pioneers of Hardcore”

Classic Day – Forward Motion

The People Under The Stairs have been a grinding movement in hip-hop since 1997 where the group first formed with Thes One, (Christopher Cesar Portugal) and Double K, (Mike Turner). Two rhyming MC’s that created an independent tidal wave with their debut feature release,… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Forward Motion”

New Music – Double The Excitement

Instead of writing my usual review of two albums, I instead wanted to share them upon the world as one is entirely new, coming out only less than three weeks ago. But the other has come out a little over half a year ago… Continue Reading “New Music – Double The Excitement”

Classic Day – Trying Something New…

Instead of my usual review, I am going to post a link to what I was originally going to talk about. This album is older, released in 1982, but still impactful to this day. The Boston hardcore band SS DECONTROL and their hardcore musical… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Trying Something New…”

Misc. Day – Victim Of The Void

Hailing from Fort Worth, Texas, No Outlet is a five-piece hardcore band that borders between a rock and a hard place. No Outlet uses punishing percussion from Trey Pemberton, ripping bass from Sean Waters, grinding guitars from Eric Mejia and Austin Johanningmeier, and vocals… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Victim Of The Void”

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