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Misc. Day – Unknown Ether

Detroit was once the pinnacle of an automotive industry but in the backing always had this underlying vein of musical talent that rose to the top as a bubbling cream in a cup of scorching coffee. With the Bruiser Brigade that helped put names… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Unknown Ether”

STREAMING // (Album) Black Noi$e – “Illusions”

Listen Here – BandCamp/Spotify    

STREAMING // (Album) DJ Lucas – “Big Bleep Music Vol. 2”

Listen Here – Spotify/iTunes DJ! Featuring Ebe Bandz, LUKA, Vinny Fanta, Tony Seltzer, Reed!, SMOK5, Terror, Bhoshots,, Eratt, SIR. MERC, Bekah CC, Koo Wop, KirbLaGoop, Weird Dane, Flake, Luiego, Caleb Stone, and Zacwoods

Misc. Day – Modern Day Shakespeare

Michigan is home to some of the world’s greatest acts, especially Detroit. The Motor City has seen more talent in one city than some entire states, countries, or even continents. With Gavin Christopher Tennille, known more professionally by Quelle Chris, there is this storytelling… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Modern Day Shakespeare”

STREAMING // (Album) Black Noi$e feat. Cousin Mouth – “Operatic & Graveyards”

A rare, but odd mix up // Listen Here – Soundcloud Sax and Flute by: Jihoon

Classic Day – Pioneers of Hardcore

Detroit is home to the mecca of the music industry, spanning a long history of both rock, rap, and the obvious, hardcore music that struck harder, moved faster, and took less mercy than any other city in the United States. Able to instill fear… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Pioneers of Hardcore”

Misc. Day – Detroit’s Finest Heroes

  Ugly Heroes, a trifecta rap group from Detroit, Michigan that effortlessly blends classy instrumentals and witty rhyming to create some beauty from the Motor City. Comprised of members, “Apollo Brown” (Erik Stephens), “Red Pill” (Chris Orrick), and “Verbal Kent” (Dan Weiss), who together… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Detroit’s Finest Heroes”

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