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STREAMING // (Track) ZelooperZ – “Harickjuku Barbie”

Listen Here – BandCamp Featuring: Young Coco Additional Vocals: Jessie Robbie

STREAMING // (Track) ZelooperZ – “Skinny Dip”

Listen Here – BandCamp Featuring: Foushee Produced By: Black Noi$e

STREAMING // (Video) ZelooperZ – “Don’t Leave”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube Produced By: 454 Shot By: Sidd Edited By: Keefjojoo


STREAMING // (Video) ZelooperZ – “Bash Bandicoon”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube Featuring: Danny Brown Produced By: By Dilip Animation By: Myles McGrady

STREAMING // (Album) ZelooperZ – “Van Gogh’s Left Ear”

Listen Here – BandCamp Featuring: Quadie Diesel, RXNephew, Danny Brown, E$, Matrax, Jade Fox, Bmo Produced By: Dilip, Holy Rain, Matrax, WhoTheHellIsCarlo, Melikxyz, Swaya, Skywlkr, 454, Tony Seltzer, Owwwls Track List:  Battery, Van Gogh’s Left Ear, Paranormal Snaptivity, Ticking Time Bomb, Each And Every Moment,… Continue Reading “STREAMING // (Album) ZelooperZ – “Van Gogh’s Left Ear””

STREAMING // (Video) ZelooperZ – “Battery”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube Shot By: Moshpxt + Speeder Directed By: ZelooperZ Produced By: Dilip

STREAMING // (Album) ZelooperZ X Dilip X Matrax – “Valley Of Life”

Listen Here – BandCamp Featuring: Ysr Grams, Kung Fou, + NAK Track List: Fryd, Arugula, McDonaldz, World 2 U, Fooseball, Lowtide, Spicy, One Hand, What 2 Do, Woozy, Regenerated, Just Me, Snowing

STREAMING // (Video) Zelooperz – “Just Me”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube Produced By: Dilip Shot By: Lerado

STREAMING // (Video) Zelooperz – “Mystical Excalibur”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube Produced By: Dilip Shot By: Dev Edited By: Don

STREAMING // (Video) ZelooperZ – “Only Fan (Zodiac)”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube Shot By: Mundo Edited By: Moszel Offline Produced By: WoD

STREAMING // (Album) Zelooperz – “Moszel Offline”

Listen Here – Spotify/Amazon/iTunes Track List: Truth Be Told, 10 A Piece, Babylon, Tomb, Stay Longer, T-Boz, Only Fan, 2, Sensitive

STREAMING // (Video) ZelooperZ – “Tomb”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube Produced By: Wod Directed By: Cylent

Misc. Day – Jimmie Walker

Zelooperz is the walking equivalent of a painter with a twist that is able to combine his love for canvas with the love for rhyming. A member of the Detroit collective Bruiser Brigade, Zelooperz jumps into 2019 with his fifth release, Dyn-O-Mite. Opening with… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Jimmie Walker”

STREAMING // (Album) Zelooperz – “Gremlin”

Listen Here – BandCamp/Spotify/iTunes Featuring: duendita Produced By: Skywlkr, Matrax, Black Noi$e, 16yrold, Nedarb, DJFreakyShit Track List: Pain Aint Mine, Extravaganza Live, Style For Sale, DJ Freaky Zhit, Bounce, Hyphen, Lost Me, 16, Tryna Figure Out Where My Phone At?, On De Mf Head,  Mythical,… Continue Reading “STREAMING // (Album) Zelooperz – “Gremlin””

STREAMING // (Video) Zelooperz – “Kinda Neat”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube Performing: “JayJay-Z” + “Bigger Than Me”

STREAMING // (Video) ZelooperZ – “Hideous”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube Produced By: Black Noi$e Shot By: Cylent

STREAMING // (Video) Zelooperz – “Vivienne No Fendi”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube Produced By: Matrax Shot By: realestphotographerever Edit By: Baby Flex Films

STREAMING // (Video) ZelooperZ – “Going On A Date”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube Produced by: Matraxoffline Shot By: Realestphotographerever

STREAMING // (Video) ZelooperZ – “Tryna Figure Out Where My Phone At ?”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube Produced By: Black Noi$e Shot By: Dev Edit By: Mad

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