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STREAMING // (Album) ZelooperZ – “Van Gogh’s Left Ear”

Listen Here – BandCamp Featuring: Quadie Diesel, RXNephew, Danny Brown, E$, Matrax, Jade Fox, Bmo Produced By: Dilip, Holy Rain, Matrax, WhoTheHellIsCarlo, Melikxyz, Swaya, Skywlkr, 454, Tony Seltzer, Owwwls Track List:  Battery, Van Gogh’s Left Ear, Paranormal Snaptivity, Ticking Time Bomb, Each And Every Moment,… Continue Reading “STREAMING // (Album) ZelooperZ – “Van Gogh’s Left Ear””

New Music – The Parabola Effect

It seems like a match made for the scammer in hell, Tony Seltzer has been a piece of some of the best tracks from 2020, and KEY! has been involved with the likes of gods lately. So putting them together is like a loosie… Continue Reading “New Music – The Parabola Effect”

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