New Music – The Parabola Effect


It seems like a match made for the scammer in hell, Tony Seltzer has been a piece of some of the best tracks from 2020, and KEY! has been involved with the likes of gods lately. So putting them together is like a loosie and a sweet tea, better than peanut butter and some strawberry jam.

They quickly get to work on The Alpha Jerk, like how Jim Fisk and Cornelius Vanderbilt worked on the U.S. Railroads, they divide and conquer focusing on making their ground off each other’s strengths. Tony Seltzer’s 808 patterns and fragments are like a gold plate for KEY! to stand upon. The vocal inflections from the sample on “Like That,” is not only a solid opening track but the performance from KEY! is a marble-bred mix between singing and a charismatic narrative monster.

KEY! describes, “Don’t owe these folks a thing, the Glock is in my DNA, the Glock is in my jeans… I wasn’t born today, or the day before. I’m not freezin’ up, I’m not baby boy.” His delivery here is a doped out angelic savant that quickly drops the hopeful instrumental on ”Like That” and immediately begins to thrive in this mire on “Clinical.”

The flat 808 from Tony Seltzer becomes the signature blend where KEY! has all eyes on him, riding the chaos like a perfectly timed maestro. He shouts, “I don’t let it go, bitch I let it go. Man, our people hurt, they can’t take no more,” as the production around him engulfs like flames to a moth. Here and in similar fashion to the track, “Xylophone,” KEY! thrives in the fast-paced and dirty.

With an infectious amount of flair to the production, “Xylophone” quickly climbs to be one of the strongest standouts for The Alpha Jerk based entirely on the chemistry that invokes both players here. The hook from KEY! holds Tony Seltzer as this back-up man that would rather drive as a wheelman than shoot from the car.

KEY! illustrates, “I’m way too player, I got Cash APP and Zelle. Bonded with my partner, free my partner, he ain’t got no bail. I’m a slumdog and I wants to be a millionaire, a hundred bands in them lil pants, how they fit in there?”

The Alpha Jerk is a fantastic introduction to either KEY! or Tony Seltzer, it opens up the adaptability factor and gives 17 tracks over 40 minutes. Some of the hooks shine like gold, and it feels like the live setting is going to explode when KEY! hits the stage with it.

Listen To The Alpha Jerk Here!!! – Spotify/Amazon/iTunes

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