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Classic Day – Let Them Eat Cake

1977 in London, England, before group called the Sex Pistols were able to emancipate a group of youth forever with a new style of dress and music that would go on to change how society operated. This influence stemmed from another group, The Damned… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Let Them Eat Cake”

New Music – Willow Spring’s Treasure            

The love from Little Rock, Kari Rose Johnson who is better known by her performing alias Kari Faux is one of the better-kept secrets of hip-hop. A pioneer and one of the leading women in a hook-frenzy with glossed production pieces, Faux is deliberate… Continue Reading “New Music – Willow Spring’s Treasure            “

STREAMING // (Album) DJ Lucas – “Big Bleep Music Vol. 2”

Listen Here – Spotify/iTunes DJ! Featuring Ebe Bandz, LUKA, Vinny Fanta, Tony Seltzer, Reed!, SMOK5, Terror, Bhoshots,, Eratt, SIR. MERC, Bekah CC, Koo Wop, KirbLaGoop, Weird Dane, Flake, Luiego, Caleb Stone, and Zacwoods

New Music – A Monster Stack

Your Old Droog has had an incredible past two years between releasing collaborative projects with Ratking’s own Wiki, being compared to Nas, and finally dropping his second, heavily awaited studio album, PACKS. From bringing in a modern twist on a classic style, Your old… Continue Reading “New Music – A Monster Stack”

Misc. Day – Da Walrus and Chessboxin’

  The Beatles, the rambunctious English band from the 1960’s that created a wave of Beatle-Mania, a frenzy that “swept up the youth of the world.” And Wu-Tang Clan, the comprehensive hip-hop group from New York that also spawned a wave of their own,… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Da Walrus and Chessboxin’”

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