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The love from Little Rock, Kari Rose Johnson who is better known by her performing alias Kari Faux is one of the better-kept secrets of hip-hop. A pioneer and one of the leading women in a hook-frenzy with glossed production pieces, Faux is deliberate but understanding. The way that she rides the blissful rhythmic instrumentation from verse to hook captivates, instantly closing the eyes and drifting away to a one-two shuffle.

With her newest piece CRY 4 HELP, she cultivates on all the methods she was releasing previously, but manages to sustain a new model of beauty in only 17-minutes. She performs and effortlessly persuades the listener with her voice of velour, which is still fierce and ready to pounce within a moments notice. As the curtain pulls back to reveal “MEDICATED” where the reverberation on her laugh creates a laidback approach to the simple snare taps and hi-hat rattles. She is in full swing as she repeats “Here we go again, another low again. Here we go again, another high again.” The almost snake-esque shuffles that follow with her sounds are smooth, Faux can turn even the most stressful of situations into what becomes soaring high above the clouds.

CRY 4 HELP touches modern renditions of the secondhand love-making style of RnB. Though Faux may not be an originator of this sound, she does so in a skillfully and reinvigorating way that resembles the remaking of the wheel. With the progressing track “LEAVE ME ALONE”, CRY 4 HELP is simply monumental with these choruses that exclaim through an unfastened seat-belt level of danger “Don’t hit my line, don’t call my phone. And don’t waste my time, leave me alone.” Faux is doing the mental calisthenics game where she bounces between the grace of chorus and verse structures but does so in perfect finesse.

CRY 4 HELP breaks the rules without breaking a sweat, with Faux as the leading wick to the TNT where emotions explode and melt into the speakers. She is active and from even the first glance, appears in some of the most fantastic fever dreams of Southern belle charm. She can work a crowd through hooks that are as catchy as they are relatable. With complimentary visions that flood into her music; Kari Faux jumps into your heart and bounces out just as quickly as she jumped in, leaving nothing but a hopeful apparition following behind her.

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