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New Music – Grand Illusions

Goodbyes are never easy, especially if you are talking about the long, slow goodbyes of final records that have a designated end. While breaking up is hard to do, People Under The Stairs do so in a way that feels more prideful and hopeful… Continue Reading “New Music – Grand Illusions”

STREAMING // (Album) Mac Miller – Piffsburgh”

Listen/Download Here – DatPIff “How Fly Hip Hop.com presents a compilation mixtape from Mac Miller of tracks never before featured on any of his official projects. All of these tracks have been released over the past few months, most within the last few weeks alone.… Continue Reading “STREAMING // (Album) Mac Miller – Piffsburgh””

Classic Day – Forward Motion

The People Under The Stairs have been a grinding movement in hip-hop since 1997 where the group first formed with Thes One, (Christopher Cesar Portugal) and Double K, (Mike Turner). Two rhyming MC’s that created an independent tidal wave with their debut feature release,… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Forward Motion”

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