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Goodbyes are never easy, especially if you are talking about the long, slow goodbyes of final records that have a designated end. While breaking up is hard to do, People Under The Stairs do so in a way that feels more prideful and hopeful toward a reflection of outstanding hip-hop notoriety.

Their terminal record, Sincerely, The P is a callout to the fans, long nights, and unbelievable longevity within their sound. Taking a West Coast flair with rumbling bass lines, a boom-bap beat, and the way they run their sound from the LBC to highway 101. People Under The Stairs have an indefinite nostalgic factor to their music that makes them feel so approachable between the rhymes to the beats and production behind the voices. There is something that knocks the head around and creates a whirlwind of emotions between the conclusion disguised as a record.

Sincerely, The P displays a cover art that shows both artists, Thes One and Double K, acting as pieces of art to be observed behind a warm red velvet rope. From the first track “Encore” that pulls the curtain back on the record, embracing the personal touches that rely on sampling and authentic instruments to create a soundscape. Power is the main influence here as the depth behind the record-scratches, overdriven guitar, or quick punches of drum bass hits take the breath away.

There are moments where People Under The Stairs have been able to create a smooth flow, between the midnight hours of what would become piano keys over jazz beats, “The Effects of Climate Change on Densely Populated Areas” steps in to take over on the role of conscious but groovy. From the double entendres from being both hot in the Los Angeles area, and to the “heat” of illegal activity is creative coming from People Under The Stairs who emphasize a literal sound to their style.

A Rolodex of ambiguity is important as a rhymer, and with two artists who rely more on wordplay than flashy instrumentation is vital as a dichotomy in music. Hearing those flashes that take the listener back to what would feel as the 90’s where all black attire was essential to move a message, when LA was harsh but the music was powerful and had a real edge to it.

Cutting samples, digging crates, sampling hip-hop show crowds all form to sculpt the world of People Under The Stairs. Masters of a relatively misunderstood craft, Sincerely, The P gives a last platform and near perfect send-off into the unknown void that is the future for the basement-dwellers.

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