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“It demands our attention,” coming from the opening track “Beneath The Earths Crust” might be the most fitting description of the New Jersey mutant squad, Ho99o9 (Horror). The genre-blending group of two (Eaddy and TheOGM) but often times three (includes Brandon Pertzborn) is a perfected blend of punk roots that stem from rapid-fired riffs and percussive two-steps to the electronic subsections of modern hip-hop or even the grand finale settings of creature features.

No matter the subject matter, on Blurr, their newest 10-track endeavor, Ho99o9 is a generational gap between the harsh noise and the abrasiveness of heated instrumentation that slowly forms to a skin-suit of absolutely twisted mental hell. With samples of Heaven’s Gate to conclude that the “Earth is about to be recycled.” Your only chance for survival is to create a Stockholm syndrome with Ho99o9 as they illustrate a burned urban landscape where only the fittest can continue.

Later tracks like “Hydro Break” are based entirely on the energy and delivery from the guttural vocal shouts that appear over an instrumental that is closely related to a chilling 80’s slasher. The synth work that is a mix of chiming keys that reverberate over distorted vocal samples coincides within fight or flight response. Almost crafting and sculpting an industrial wasteland, it feels as if a toxic life form is going to come creeping out through “Hydro Break” and slime begins to ooze out of the speakers. They follow this same sense of instrumental flow onto “Sleep Paralysis” which samples Nightmare On Elm Street as the introduction.

When the track begins to kick off, the 808 bass percussion is a grand slap to the head where the eyes rattle to the back of the brain. Sight seems lost as the instrumental that is disguised as the bladed pendulum swings back and forth like a metronome focuses entirely on sinister sensibility.

The white candles that go out one by one as the delivery shudders and describe, “Please come close, don’t be afraid… stay awake, don’t test yo fate, or you might see me in yo dreams.” Deeply disturbing is the phone ring that acts as a pacemaker keeping the beat moving as the warping paint on the walls begins to peel and smolder.

Not nearly as refined as 2019’s Cyber Warfare, instead Blurr is a different animal and the more jagged edges opt to cope with the audiences’ lack of awareness for what’s next. Ho99o9 are both the man we love and the monster we fear, two sides of the coin that operate to bring the ugliness of art to the forefront.

Listen To Blurr Here!!! – BandCamp/Spotify/Amazon/iTunes

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